Ford Fusion Oil Reset: All You Need To Know About This

Ford Fusion oil reset is what many DIY enthusiasts want to know about and the good news is that it is very easy. Turn on the ignition, navigate to the “Settings” menu, scroll and choose the “Oil Life Reset” option and then select the “Set to 100%” option. Ford Fusion Oil Reset The steps differ a bit, depending on your model, but there is nothing to worry about because we have got you covered. Check out our guide below for details.

How To Reset a Ford Fusion’s Oil Life Tracking System?

To reset a Ford Fusion’s oil life tracking system from 2013-2020, you must turn on the ignition. Next, navigate to the “Settings” menu using the button on the left-hand side of your steering wheel. Now, scroll and choose “Oil Life Reset,” then select the “Set to 100%” option. Ford vehicles have an intelligent oil monitoring system that determines oil change service intervals based on specific factors. These include your vehicle use, operating conditions, and the time since your last oil change. It will calculate the oil life remaining in percentage for your better understanding. The system will notify you when maintenance is due by turning on an “Oil Change Due” light on the instrument cluster. Typically, the light will illuminate when your Ford Fusion oil life percentage drops to less than 10 percent. Once you have serviced your engine, you must perform an oil life reset so the system will continue to give you accurate readings. On most Fusion models, the oil change light will illuminate once again after you have covered about 3,000 miles. As mentioned, resetting oil monitor is easy and does not require any tools. We take you through the detailed steps based on different model years. Let us start with models from 2013 to 2020.

1. Put the Key Into the Ignition and Turn It On

Ensure you have parked your vehicle on a flat and solid surface. Insert your Fusion key into the ignition and turn it to the position ON. That will only turn on the dashboard lights and vehicle electronics. You do not need to turn on the engine.

2. Choose the “Oil Life Reset” Option From the “Settings” Menu

Using the buttons on the left steering wheel, navigate to the “Settings” menu. Press the OK button. Now scroll and stop at the “Vehicle” menu, then press OK. Continue to scroll down and choose the “OIL Life Reset” option, and hit the OK button again.

3. Set the Oil Life to 100%

Under the “Oil Life Reset” screen, choose the “Set to 100%” option and push the OK button. You just did reset the oil indicator! Now turn the key to the position off and restart the engine. That will be to verify that the check engine light or the indicator light is off.

How To Reset the Oil Light on Ford Fusion 2010 to 2012?

To reset oil light on Ford Fusion 2010 to 2012, turn on the ignition and repeatedly press the “Setup” button on your steering wheel until you are prompted to press “Reset.” Resetting Oil Light on Ford Fusion 2010 to 2012 Hit the “Reset” button and then continue pressing the “Setup” until “Oil Life” appears. Hold the “Reset” button.

. Turn on the Ignition

With the car off, insert the key into the ignition and turn it into accessory mode. The dashboard lights turn on but not the engine. The “Oil Change Required” message is on the instrument cluster.

2. Press the “Setup” Button

You’ll press the “Setup” button on the left side of the steering wheel repeatedly until the screen displays the “Press Reset to Clear” prompt. So, press the “Reset” button to take you to a different menu. Press the “Setup” button repeatedly until the menu cycles to “Oil Life.”

3. Hold the “Reset” To Reset

While on the “Oil Life” sub-menu, you will need to hold the “Reset” button until the screen displays “Oil Life Reset to 100%”. Once you have done that, you can switch off the ignition and start the engine. Holding Reset Button of Ford Fusion Confirm that your 2012, 2011, or 2010 Ford Fusion oil change reset is successful and the oil indicator is not on.

How To Reset Ford Fusion Oil Indicator on 2008-2009 Models?

To reset Ford Fusion oil indicator on 2008-2009 models, press the gas and brake pedals simultaneously and turn on the ignition. Continue to hold the pedals for 15-20 seconds. The message on the instrument panel will change from “Service: Oil Reset in Progress” to “Service: Oil Reset Complete.”
As you have noted, resetting the oil change indicator on Fusion 2008-2009 is simpler than on the newer models. Here are the detailed steps to better understand the process:

1. Turn on the Ignition

Climb onto the driver’s seat, press the gas and brake pedals simultaneously, then turn on the ignition. Ensure you do not start the engine; only the dashboard lights must be on. You will see the message “Service: Oil Reset in Progress.”

2. Hold the Gas and Brake Pedals To Reset

Do not release the pedals yet. Hold them for about 15 to 20 seconds. After that, the screen will change to “Service: Oil Reset Complete.” Now release the accelerator and brake pedals and turn the key to position off. Holding Gas and Brake Pedals To Reset You can start the engine to confirm that the oil indicator is turned off. That is how you do a 2008 to 2009 Ford Fusion oil reset.

How To Check Oil Life Remaining on Ford Fusion Hybrid?

To check oil life remaining on the Ford Fusion hybrid, start the engine and navigate to the “Information” menu through the left button on your steering wheel. Scroll down to the “System Checks” sub-menu. Press the OK button to display the percentage of the life remaining on your oil. The above steps will help you find out how to check oil life on 2018 Ford Fusion hybrid. But that also applies to the 2017 and all other newer models. Check out the detailed steps:

1. Start the Engine and Head to the “Information” Tab

Put the key into the ignition and start the engine. With the dashboard lit up, press the left button on the left-hand side of the steering wheel. That will take you to the vehicle menu. You will need to scroll down and choose the “Information” option.

2. Scroll to “System Check” and Press Ok

Once you hit the OK button (the button at the center of the arrow buttons on the steering wheel), “Oil Life” will appear at the top of the screen. At the extreme right, you will see the percentage of the life remaining and act accordingly. Scrolling to System Check of Ford Fusion Take note that resetting the oil monitor is essential. If you do not do it, your vehicle may indicate that you require another oil change sooner than necessary. Besides, it is hard to remember when you should change the oil if your vehicle constantly alerts you at the wrong time.

Is There a Way to Bypass Ford PATS Without a Key for a Ford Fusion?

Yes, there is a tried and tested bypass method available to bypass the Ford Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS) without a key for a Ford Fusion. It involves using a specialized device that overrides the security system, allowing you to start the car without a key. However, it is important to note that attempting such a bypass may violate the law and void your car’s warranty.

Can the Ford Fusion Oil Reset Process Be Done Using the Ford Sync System?

The Ford Fusion oil reset process can indeed be done using the Ford Sync system. To reset Ford Sync system today, simply access the system’s menu, navigate to the vehicle settings, and find the option to reset the oil life. This convenient feature allows Fusion owners to easily manage their oil maintenance through the integrated functionalities of Ford Sync.


You’ve got the answer to the “how to reset engine oil life light Ford Fusion 2008 to 2020?” in our guide above. Here is a summary of some crucial points:
  • You must reset your Fusion oil indicator every time you swap the oil
  • To reset the light, you must turn on the ignition without starting the engine, which applies to all Fusion model years.
  • Once you’ve reset the system, turn off the ignition and then switch on the engine to confirm that the procedure was successful.
You now know what you need regarding resetting the maintenance light on Ford Fusion models 2008 and later. So, sit in the driver’s seat and apply the knowledge.
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