FCW System Failed on the Car: Meaning, Reasons and Repair

FCW system failed on the car is a warning that appears on Honda cars that are unable to detect the distance of other cars in front.

FCW System Failed on the Car

This collision warning system can fail due to weather conditions or worn-out parts. This article dives into the details to come up with all possible reasons.

By the end, you will be able to diagnose and fix the system. 

Why Does the FCW System Failed Notification Appear?

The FCW system failed notification can appear due to intense weather or blockage of the detecting components. Replacing genuine Honda parts and software failure are also common reasons. But in some cases, the system fails because of natural wear out or physical damage by a car accident.

– Extreme Climate Restricts the FCW System

Most of the time, bad weather is the reason for the failure of the FCW system. This driver safety system comprises a camera and sensors. The hindrance of both or one of these components can be the reason for FCW failure.

Rainy or snowy weather can block the camera due to water, hail, or snow. And even if the camera is clear, the sensors can fail to access a snow-covered road. A sandstorm or heavy fog can have the same effect. 

Moreover, a heatwave or internal heat buildup can heat the components of the FCW system. It is not very common, yet it can impact the proper functioning of the system.

– Windscreen Replacement 

If you have installed a new windscreen on your car to replace the worn-out one, an ‘FCW system failed’ message can appear. It is not a serious problem because it can be diagnosed and fixed easily. 

– Unclean Detector or Camera 

Dirt or other particles from the road can block the detector or camera view. So if you have been traveling on muddy terrain, there is a chance that your car needs cleaning.

Why Does the FCW System Failed Notification Appear

Even if that is not the case, the windscreen gets polluted with time and would result in FCW system failure. 

– Using Non-OEM Headlights

Replacing genuine Honda lights can also be a reason. It can happen if the FCW system is compatible only with a specific light intensity

A very bright light can also interrupt the functioning of this system. The addition of such aftermarket headlights commonly hinders the system from working. 

– Certain Driving Situations Cause FCW System Failure

Sometimes the ‘FCW system failed’ notification appears when everything seems perfect. That is because the system only suits specific driving conditions. And when you drive out of those limits, the system stops working.

You might see the notification while driving on narrow or covered paths such as tunnels. Also, if there is a traffic blockage, your car will be too close to the car in front. In that case, the system could give a false message.

– Normal Impairment of FCW System Components

You can get an error message if any component wears out. It can be the camera, sensors, or the wiring connecting the whole FCW system

That is normal and does not always happen after an accident because car parts can wear out with time. But you can avoid these issues if the car gets regular service.

– FCW Software Malfunction

A failed FCW software can also be the reason for the notification. Sometimes only updating the software can solve the issue, while other times it develops a bug. The software comprises VSA and ABS modules that might develop errors.

– FCW and Engine Failure

If the FCW system failed, check engine light might also turn on. This problem is not very common, and if it happens, you should never ignore it. 

Fcw and Car Engine Failure

Stop driving immediately and check for engine failure. Some failures are easy to repair and do not take much time. But, sometimes, the engine gets badly damaged. In such cases, you should stop driving the car until you fix it. 

– Physical Damage to FCW System Parts

Like other parts, the FCW system would also damage in a car accident. So failed FCW sensors or cameras would alert you so you can fix it as soon as possible. 

FCW System Failed, How To Fix It?

You can fix the FCW system if water droplets, snow, or fog block the camera view or sensors. But, if the problem emerges due to software malfunction, engine failure, or an aftermarket part, you should hire a professional. Fixing the system might cost you nothing or above $1000.


Fixing FCW System Failed

– Easy Fixes Without Professional Help

Sometimes the FCW error notification appears due to simple reasons. So it is better to take care of it on your own rather than hire a professional. 

For example, if you have a dirty windscreen, clean it to see if the FCW failure resolves. Similarly, cleaning the screen during bad weather can also be helpful. 

If you are driving in an area with very high temperatures, try cooling down the windscreen by turning on the AC. And if you receive the notification while driving, stop for a while to turn off the engine. 

Let it rest for 5 to 10 minutes, and then start the car. If it still does not fix the FCW system, hire a professional to reset or recalibrate the software for you. 

– Hire a Honda Professional

There is no reset FCW button or option available to fix this problem. Thus you should contact the Honda service to get help. Hiring a local mechanic can be useless because the diagnosis requires a car scanner. 

You can save your time and money by directly going for Honda service. They will try to reset the system. If that does not help, resetting ECU may control the FCW system.

Moreover, if you replaced an old part with a new one, the system would need recalibration. Once you diagnose the problem-causing component, it will be easier for the hired help to fix it. 

Also, try updating the software from time to time. Some users do not take their cars for regular service, which could cause FCW system failure. If there is a software malfunction, it can cost you more than $1000.

– Fix FCW System Failed (Honda Accord 2014)

If your 2014 Honda Accord FCW system failed, fix it by using the solutions mentioned above. But if it still does not work, and there is no worn-out part, then you can turn off the system. For that, you can go to vehicle settings, find the ‘FCW distance‘ option in the ‘All’ tab and turn it off.

– Fix Failed FCW System (Odyssey)

If you are getting a message that says, FCW system failed, Honda Odyssey 2014 is warning about a crash. So instead of ignoring it, you can check for the possible reasons and fix them.

This notification might appear while driving at high speed or too close to other vehicles. If everything seems fine, try disconnecting the car battery for a few minutes. If the FCW system failed, 2016 Honda Odyssey can be reset like Accord. Otherwise, clean the car, especially the areas around the camera and sensors. 


1. Can I Drive With FCW System Failed?

You can drive with an impaired FCW system, but we do not recommend that. The system provides a great benefit to users by prioritizing their safety. So if you are getting this alert, figure out the root cause and repair it as soon as possible. 

But if everything looks fine, you can temporarily turn off the system. Contact the manufacturers and get a car service from professionals.

2. What Is FCW System Failed?

FCW system failure means that your car can no longer predict collision chances. This notification stays on the dashboard until you fix it. Since it is a safety system for drivers, neglecting it can be risky. It indicates that your car will not give collision warnings before the car crash.

The FCW system works to protect drivers from crashing into vehicles in the front. This system uses sensors that are present on the front side fenders or grille of Honda cars. 

These sensors analyze the distance between the closest object and your car. They use laser or radar technology to scan the path ahead of the car. The system is also supported by a camera that is present behind the windscreen. 

These two components help check the risk of collision based on your driving speed. The system gives three different signals to warn the driver. It is a sign for drivers to slow down to prevent any accidents. 

So if the whole system fails for some reason, you will not get a visual or audible alert unless you fix the system.

Details of FCW System Failed on the Car

What Could Cause the FCW System to Fail on a Mercedes Car?

There are specific reasons for Mercedes Blind Spot Assist Inoperative in certain situations. Factors such as a faulty radar sensor, blocked sensors due to dirt or debris, electrical malfunctions, or a software glitch can cause the FCW (Forward Collision Warning) system to fail on a Mercedes car. It is important to address these issues promptly to ensure the safety features are functioning optimally.


These details are all you need to know about FCW failure.

Let’s look at the key points before you start fixing the system. 

  • FCW system warns about collision possibilities using sensors, cameras, or lasers.
  • The system may fail due to environmental conditions, aftermarket, or worn-out parts.
  • You can fix it by cleaning the car or contacting a Honda professional. 

Now that you understand the FCW error message, you can troubleshoot and fix it. Otherwise, take your car to a dealership to ensure your safety. 

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