Evo X Wing Delete Kit: Enhancing Aerodynamics and Style

Modifying a Mitsubishi Evo X by installing a wing delete kit is a trend that’s gained traction within the car enthusiast community.

For those who prefer a sleeker silhouette or are aiming for a subtler aesthetic, removing the factory-installed rear wing is a go-to option.

Wing delete kits not only provide a clean look but often improve the car’s aerodynamics.

Such kits usually come with everything required for a smooth transition, including plates to cover the holes left by the removal of the factory wing.

Evo X Wing Delete Kit: Enhancing Aerodynamics and Style

Our experience with carbon fiber wing delete kits specifically designed for the Evo X suggests that they offer an ideal combination of style and functionality.

These kits, while lightweight, manage to maintain the structural rigidity required to handle the turbulent air flow at high speeds.

Moreover, carbon fiber options cater to those who do not want to compromise on durability and seek a more high-end finish compared to standard materials.

Shipping for these kits needs to be handled with care, given the delicate nature of carbon fiber components.

Oftentimes, suppliers will offer reinforced packaging to ensure that the kit arrives without any damage.

Additionally, manufacturers might provide varying shipping options to cater to the urgency of customer needs.

It’s always advisable to verify the shipping process with the supplier to ensure that your upgrade journey begins on the right note.

Product Overview

When considering the enhancement of the Mitsubishi Evo X’s appearance and performance, wing delete kits and aftermarket parts offer customization options that cater to both aesthetics and aerodynamics.

Mitsubishi Evo X Features

The Evo X is a high-performance vehicle from Mitsubishi, celebrated for its dynamic handling and aggressive styling.

Varis Aero Enhancements

We recognize Varis as a leading manufacturer of high-quality aero parts, including the Varis cooling bonnet, rear diffuser, and gt-wing, all of which have been tailored to improve the aerodynamics of the Evo X.

Aftermarket Parts and Accessories

From front bumpers and side skirts to canard sets, our recommendations cover a full gamut of aftermarket parts that elevate the Mitsubishi Evo X’s aesthetics and performance.

Custom Fabrication and Materials

Top-quality composites like carbon fiber and FRP define the makeup of many aftermarket enhancements, providing a perfect blend of lightweight characteristics and durability.

Overview of Trunk Components

The intricacies of trunk components, including the lightweight trunk lid and wing mounts, are essential for those seeking a wingless look. Our parts ensure a seamless appearance and optimal weight savings.

Installation and Maintenance

When it comes to enhancing the aesthetics and performance of an Evo X, modifications like a wing delete kit, rear diffuser, and GT wing are popular choices.

These modifications not only improve the visual appeal but also contribute to vehicle aerodynamics.

Proper installation and regular maintenance ensure their longevity and functionality.

Guide to Trunk Lid Replacement

Revising the rear profile of our Evo X starts with a wing delete kit, which provides a sleek, clean look by removing the factory spoiler. The process:

  1. Removing the factory wing: We start by delicately taking off the stock wing from the trunk lid, ensuring not to damage the trunk’s paint or the wing, which could be reused or sold.

  2. Prepping for the wing delete kit: Carefully clean the surface where the wing was attached to remove any residual adhesive or debris that could affect the wing delete kit’s fitment.

  3. Applying the wing delete kit: Adhere to the kit’s instructions for alignment and securing the delete plugs or caps. This typically involves direct replacement of where the factory wing once sat.

Installing Varis Rear Diffuser and Brackets

Upgrading the underbody aerodynamics with a Varis rear diffuser can significantly alter the performance and stance of our car. Here are the steps for this installation:

  1. Remove the rear bumper: The rear bumper is carefully detached to provide access to the existing diffuser (if applicable) or to prepare the area for the new one.

  2. Aligning and fitting the diffuser: The Varis rear diffuser installation kit comes with specific brackets for precise fitting and alignment, matching up to factory points for an impeccable install.

Mounting the Varis GT-Wing

The final touch for an aggressive rear-end presence involves mounting the Varis GT-Wing, designed for improved downforce and stability at high speeds. The installation includes:

  1. Securing the brackets: The Varis GT-Wing mounting bracket kit is engineered to fit onto predetermined chassis points, ensuring a structurally sound mount that can handle the wing’s aerodynamic loads.

  2. Attaching the GT-Wing to the brackets: Once the brackets are in place, bolting the GT-wing onto the brackets is straightforward, carefully following the provided torque specifications.

Ordering and Shipping Information

When purchasing an Evo X wing delete kit, familiarize yourself with the specific ordering procedures and shipping policies.

We prioritize clarity and efficiency to ensure a smooth transaction from selection to delivery.

How to Order Made-to-Order Parts

Step 1: Select your desired Evo X wing delete kit from our online catalog.
Step 2: If the item is marked as “made-to-order,” please note the expected production time. Production times can vary, especially for parts crafted in our Japanese warehouse.
Step 3: Complete the purchase through our secure checkout process.
Note: Custom-made items may require additional time before shipping.

Shipping Policy and Procedures

Our shipping policy is designed to get your product to you quickly and in perfect condition. Once your order is ready:

Domestic Orders: We use trusted carriers with tracking services. Estimated delivery is provided at checkout.
Packaging: All items are securely packaged to prevent damage during transit.
Shipping Confirmation: You will receive a shipping confirmation with a tracking number once your order is dispatched.

International Shipping Options

For our international customers, we offer a range of shipping options to cater to your needs:

For products shipped from our Japanese warehouse or special order items, expect longer transit times. We provide all the necessary customs paperwork for a smooth delivery process.

Our shop is committed to transparency in tracking and fees. Shipping costs and times will vary based on your location and the shipping method selected. International shipments are subject to local import duties and taxes.

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