DRL Light Honda Accord: What Does it Actually Mean?

DRL Light Honda Accord is one of the latest advancements in technology that drivers can benefit from in their car. The Daylight Running Light feature is found on the dashboard of the Accord, and Honda is one of the first manufacturers to have it.

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If your Honda has the DRL technology, it comes with an advantage over other vehicles on the road and would help you avoid accidents. In this guide, we take a closer look at the Accord DRL feature and how it works.

What Does DRL Light on Honda Accord Mean?

The DRL light on Honda Accord means Daytime Running Lights. The DRL is a light that automatically comes on when you put your Accord in drive mode. Once you start driving, the headlights would come on automatically and remain until the car is in park.

You can also turn the front-lighting functions of your car with one button in the car. If you want to change lanes suddenly or accelerate quickly, you can turn the DRL on or off while the car is still running.

You can always control the DRL feature inside and outside your car. Regardless of where you are, you can control the light and you won’t need to take your hands off the wheel. Simply open a door and click on one of two switches.

The location of the switches depends on the car you are driving. Manual transmission cars have the switch near the front tire while automatic transmission cars have a lever that is placed in a reachable position. The daylight running light can also improve your safety at night.

What Is the Purpose of the DRL Light in the Accord?

The purpose of the DRL light in the Accord is to make your car more visible on the road and reduce the risk of accidents. It works by automatically switching on the low-beam headlights when the engine is started, whether it is during the day or at night.

Also, when the high beams come on or the headlight switch goes off, the system would turn the DRL off. The main advantage is that the DRL makes the car more visible to other drivers, allowing you avoid accidents. But it can also enhance your visibility in the early morning or evening.

DRL Light On Backside of The Car

Despite this, there are some downsides of the day running light. For one, DRLs can increase the wear and tear on your headlights. It might also not be legal in some countries, and if you leave it on for a longer time, it would drain your battery.

Accord DRLs come in different sizes, colors and types, so it would meet your needs and style as the driver of the car. You can go for a unique color on your Accord and make it look different.

Why Did Your DRL Warning Light Come On?

Your DRL warning light came on because there is a problem with one of the computer’s circuits. If you notice that your DRL warning indicator is on, you should check for fuses that might be blown or damaged, or loose and defective bulbs related to the DRL system.

Sometimes, the DRL warning indicator can come on because of faulty relays or damaged parts near the DLR circuits. This can cause a problem with the DRL system and it won’t work like it is meant to.

DRL Warning Light on A Black Sport Car

If you notice that your DRL warning indicator is on, you should visit a mechanic that is good with automotive repairs and diagnostics, or the dealer that is related to your car’s manufacturer. Also, maintain your car regularly to prevent problems with the daylight savings light.

Can You Drive When the DRL Light Is On?

No, you cannot drive when the DRL light is on. It is not recommended to drive with your DRLs on, as it increases the risk of getting into an accident. When driving, you should have your tail lights turned on so that you are visible to other drivers.

DRL Light in Night

If the DRL warning indicator is on, you should avoid driving but instead ask a mechanic to fix it for you. But the DRL is not enough to use when driving, as your headlights and taillights should be on.

If you’re driving and you see someone driving without the lights or with only the DRL on, you should try to grab their attention. That way, you can stay safe and keep those around you protected too.

How Long Do DRLs Last?

DRLs last between 550 and 700 hours depending on your usage. The day running light system would last longer if you change the bulb every 750 hours, or you use them sparingly. You should only use the lights when needed and not drive with them.

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If your DRL is working with halogen headlights, you should replace the bulbs with long-life versions every 500 hours to extend the life. When you’re buying a new bulb for your DRL, you should check with an authoritative source like the manufacturer specifications. This allows you to buy the exact bulb for your car.

Also, other factors can affect how long the DRL will last. If you don’t install the DRL lights properly the first time, it would end up getting damaged or it would not last as long as it is meant to.

Will the DRL Tech Drain the Battery?

No, the DRL tech will not drain the battery. If you’re using the Day Running Light system in a BS4 headlight, it will not drain the battery. That is because DRL LED bulbs don’t have a lot of power to affect the battery.

LED lights use less power than the normal incandescent headlights, and so it will not drain the battery unnecessarily. If you notice that your car battery is reducing too fast and you suspect that it is due to the DRL technology, you should ask a mechanic to check the system for you.

A Battery of Car While Charging

Also, the DRL is only illuminated whenever the engine is running, and it is turned on and off automatically. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn the DRL off and draining the battery due to this. It also works with low power and has no impact on your battery life.

The only time that a DRL will drain your battery is if it’s not working well. If it is not functioning properly and it remains on for a long time, it would continue to consume your battery. Aside from that, the daytime running light will increase your fuel consumption.

Are DRL Lights Automatic?

Yes, DRL lights are automatic although it depends on the manufacturer, make and model of the car. There is no driver input needed when using the DRL so it is meant to work automatically. All vehicles that have the DRL are meant to have them on.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot turn the daylight running light by yourself. You can manually turn the DRL of your car on or off using the switch in your car. You can read the user manual to know more about where it is located. You can turn it on or off during the night or when you’re parked at a spotlight.

If your car did not come with factory installed DRLs, you can purchase one in an aftermarket accessory kit. This way, you won’t be left in the dark. It’s important to note that some states don’t have laws that require you to have DRL while others don’t allow you to own them. You should check the laws before buying the car or the DRL for your car.

What Are Common Problems With the Honda DRL Technology?

Common problems with the Honda DRL technology include the DRL staying on when the headlight switch has been turned off or the DRL not turning on even when the engine has been ignited. The DRL technology is not perfect and so owners have reported different problems with it.

Some owners have reported that the DRL is staying on even after switching off the headlights. Others have also stated that the DRL is not coming on when the car was turned on. Or, the DRL will stay on even after you’ve turned off the car. This would cause it to drain your battery overnight. Another problem is having DRLs flickering constantly.

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You can repair the common problems with the DRL by yourself but in the worst cases, you would have to contact a mechanic or go to the Honda dealership. For instance, if the day running light is remaining on while the headlight switch is off, it could be because the DRL relay is faulty. You should replace it to fix the problem.

Also, if the daylight running lights are flickering or dim, the cause could be a corroded ground wire or loose connections. You should check the wire connections for damage and replace them or clean the connections. Also, in some Accord models, the DRL is integrated into the headlights. So if the headlight isn’t working, the DRL won’t work and you have to replace both.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Honda Cars Have DRL?

Honda cars that have DRL include Accord, Civic, Odyssey and CR-V. These Honda models come equipped with the DRLs. If your car does not come with the DRL, you can purchase it as an aftermarket feature and ask a mechanic to install it for you.

Where Is the DRL Fuse Located on a Honda Accord?

The DRL fuse on a Honda Accord is located in the under-hood fuse box. Once you locate the fuse box that is under your fuse, you would find the fuse labeled DR Lamp. You can then check if the fuse is damaged or loose and replace or fix it.

Fuse Box of Car

Can You Install DRLs in Your Honda City?

Yes, you can install DRLs in your Honda City. You can add daytime running lights to your Honda City car by purchasing the aftermarket kit or the DRL strips online. The installation process is quite long and stressful but you can get the benefits of increasing visibility.

Can a Honda Dealership Change Your DRL Lights?

Yes, a Honda dealership can change your DRL lights but it depends on the specific dealership that you visit and the make and model of the Honda. Some dealerships offer the service but others will not, so you should ask them before making your decision.

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What Does the DRL Light on a Honda Accord Actually Mean?

The DRL light on a Honda Accord is an essential feature for safe driving. It stands for Daytime Running Lights, and its purpose is to enhance visibility during daytime conditions. By automatically illuminating the headlights and taillights, it ensures that other drivers can spot your vehicle easily. Understanding and decoding TC signs for safer drives goes hand-in-hand with this feature, as it helps drivers interpret and respond to traffic control signs effectively.


The DRL Light Honda Accord is an important fixture on your car that would reduce accidents and add more style to your car. Here’s a summary of our review on this feature:

  • The DRL in Accord means daylight running light and it is a light that come on when you put your Honda in drive mode.
  • The purpose of the DRL in the Accord is to increase visibility while driving and reduce the chances of an accident.
  • Your DRL warning indicator might come in if the DRL is faulty or the computer circuit is damaged.

If you notice anything wrong with the DRL light, you should contact a mechanic or check the fuses, bulbs and relays. The warning indicator might also be letting you know that the DRL is on.


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