Does Discount Tire Do Alignments? What Services Are Offered?

Does Discount Tire do alignments?” is a common question among car owners. That’s a good question to ask, considering that the company may very well be the largest tire retailer on the planet.

Discount Tire Alignments

Given how important alignment is, this is a question that is certainly worth considering in great detail.

Does Discount Tire Offer Wheel Alignment Services?

No, Discount Tire does not offer wheel alignment services, despite the numerous wheel services they provide. Instead, their main service is to offer you the best deals when it comes to tires. Discount Tires also makes the tire purchase process a lot easier than many other tire retailers.

Given how closely associated the company’s name has grown with tire services, the fact that Discount Tire doesn’t provide wheel alignment services may come as a surprise to many car owners. However, finding a location for a wheel alignment is not a difficult process, as many tire retailers and service centers offer wheel alignment.

If you need to get one, you can check online for a tire store around you that offers the service. Talking with your car engineer or mechanic is also advisable. This is because they are usually in a prime position to point you to where you can get the best alignment service for your vehicle.

What are the Services Discount Tire Offers?

Services that Discount Tire offers include tire pressure examination, flat repair, rotation and balance, winter studding and changeover, rim repair, heat cycling, installation, and road force balancing. The common goal of these services is to make tires perform better and longer.

Tire Sales

Thanks to the availability of several well-known brands, customers may select tires that are best suited to their vehicle type, the driving environment, and their driving style.

Tire Installation

Discount Tires employs knowledgeable employees who can assist with mounting and installing the tires quickly and effectively.

Tire Installation on Car

Proper installation is necessary to ensure a secure fit of the tires and the rim. If done wrongly, the risk of an accident is greatly increased.

Rotation Services

This is simply periodically altering the position of each of the tires on your car. The primary aim of rotation is to ensure an even wear of tire tread. This service has many benefits, ranging from better traction to keeping performance steadily high and prolonging the tires.

Tire Balancing

Balancing entails adding small weights to the wheel to correct any uneven weight distribution brought on by tire and wheel variations. This can significantly improve the useful life of the tires.

Flat Tire Repair

Discount Tire can frequently fix a small puncture, such as one caused by a nail in the tire. However, the company is not just concerned about getting the tire back to working condition but also doing so in a safe manner that poses little risk to drivers. So, after repairing the puncture, they determine if it can still be used safely.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Maintenance

Also known as TPMS, the tire pressure monitoring system has the sole purpose of alerting the car owner when tire pressure is too low and could be potentially unsafe.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

This is a crucial safety feature in tires, and Discount Tire can assist you in maintaining and fixing any TPMS difficulties. If need be, the entire monitoring system may be replaced.

Winter Changeover and Studding

Discount Tire provides tire changeover services as the seasons change for customers who have separate sets of winter and summer tires. This ensures that your vehicle has the proper tires for the weather conditions.

Storing Tires

Some Discount Tire stores allow you to store your tires. It is especially beneficial when two seasons’ worth of tires are involved. By storing your off-season tires in a secure, climate-controlled area, you may conserve room while still keeping your tires in good condition.

When Should You Get Tire Alignment for Your Car?

You should get tire alignment for your car when you notice certain symptoms of a faulty alignment, including steering wheel vibration, uneven tread wear, loose vehicle handling, strange noise when driving, and drifting and pulling of your car to different sides.

Unstable Steering Wheel

The weight of an automobile is not equally distributed over all four tires.

Unstable Steering Wheel

When one or more of its wheels are out of alignment, the driver may feel the vibration of the car in the steering wheel as a result. In the end, the ride’s comfort and smoothness suffer.

Uneven Tread Wear

When one wheel is out of alignment, one tire may wear out faster than the other. Uneven tread wear can be identified by examining the tread blocks of the tire. Aligning your wheels can solve this and further limit the uneven wear of tires.

Loose Vehicle Handling

If your car feels very loose and it is especially unstable when entering into turns, there may be an issue with the wheel alignments. Unsurprisingly, this is not a safe driving condition and can potentially cause accidents.

Strange Noise When Driving

If you notice strange noises when driving your car, like a rubbing or scratching noise, there may be a problem with the wheel alignment. However, all odd noises should not be attributed to wheel alignment, as there may be deeper issues with your car.

Car Drifting and Pulling

If you notice your car starting to pull to one side of the road or there is excessive drifting, it is a sign that you need to check your wheel alignments.

Car Drifting on Road

It goes without saying that a car that moves without a prompt is a risk to you and other cars on the road. This symptom is most noticeable when driving straight.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should You Get a Vehicle Wheel Alignment?

You should get a vehicle wheel alignment every two to three years. However, there is no harm in getting a wheel alignment much more frequently, with some mechanics even recommending getting one every time you change the oil of your vehicle.

Considering that a wheel alignment is essential for the safety of the vehicle on the road, you should not wait till you start noticing symptoms of a faulty alignment before getting a wheel alignment. If you are following the recommendation of getting an alignment every time you change your car oil, then you could be looking at a wheel alignment once a year.

What Is the Average Cost of a Wheel Alignment?

The average cost of a wheel alignment is between $50 and $150. The exact amount you spend depends mainly on the alignment type. Basically, there are two types of alignment – front-end and front-wheel. Front-end alignment costs between 50 and 75 dollars, while four-wheel alignment is between 100 and 150 dollars.

Cost of Wheel Alignment

Aside from the type of alignment, other determining factors of the cost of a wheel alignment include location, the price of the wheels, vehicle type, and the model of the vehicle. A combination of these factors will inform the ultimate price of the alignment. While it is tricky to save as much money as possible, ensure to get the best quality for optimal safety.

Can You Do a Wheel Alignment Yourself at Home?

Yes, you can do a wheel alignment yourself at home, but you need to be familiar with the process and the tools necessary for doing one. Given the importance of wheel alignment to driving safety, you should only do it yourself if you are experienced and knowledgeable about it.

Even if you can do a wheel alignment yourself, note that it may consume a lot of your time. A regular wheel alignment service takes around one hour with professionals, depending on the vehicle type and the alignment issues. If you do it yourself, you can spend more than double that time.

What Services Does Discount Tire Offer for Chevy Vehicles?

Discount Tire offers a range of services to cater to Chevy vehicles. Their tire motor system Chevy explained specialists can assist with tire installations, rotations, and replacements. They also provide tire inspections and recommend the most suitable options for your Chevy vehicle. With their expertise, Discount Tire ensures your Chevy stays on the road with top-notch tire performance and safety.


This post answers one of the most often-asked topics among car owners: does Discount Tire offer wheel alignment?

Here are the major aspects of the article:

  • Discount Tire does not offer wheel alignment, despite the company’s extensive tire services
  • Services that Discount Tire offers include tire air pressure checks, rotation and balance, installation, flat tire repair, tire pressure management system maintenance, changeover, studding, and tire storage
  • You can get a wheel alignment from various tire stores and centers around you, but ensure you get the best quality for your buck
  • Although you can do a wheel alignment in your backyard, it is not an easy process and will consume a lot of your time, not to mention that there is a risk you do it wrongly
  • Pointers that you need a wheel alignment include steering wheel vibration, uneven tread wear, loose vehicle handling, strange noises while driving, and drifting or pulling to one side

Now that you know Discount Tire does not offer wheel alignment, it is left to you to find a suitable shop or store that does. However, keep in mind that a wheel alignment is essential for maintaining safety on the road, you should prioritize quality always.

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