Disable Ford GPS Tracking: All You Need To Know

Learning how to disable Ford GPS tracking to avoid people who are trying to track you is essential nowadays, and this guide will help you out. However, we will advise against constantly keeping the GPS off because you might find it difficult to trace your vehicle in the event it is stolen.

Disable Location on FordPass GPS

The FordPass GPS doesn’t only help you locate your vehicle but enables you to lock or unlock it. Find out how to keep the GPS turned off and other useful information about FordPass in this guide.

How Do You Disable Location on Your FordPass GPS?

To disable location on your FordPass GPS tracker, you’ll need to access the main menu of the app and tap the “vehicle” option. Once that is done, select the “GPS” tab and set the location by toggling off the location button and you’re good to go.

1. Access the Main Menu

The first step is to scroll to the FordPass GPS app on your phone and open it to access the app’s main menu. The main menu tab is located on the top-left corner of the screen when the app is opened.

2. Toggle the Location Services Button

Next is to scroll down to the “Settings” tab, select it and then tap the “Location Services” button. This opens a window that features a button next to the “Enable Location Services.” Tap on this button to toggle off the “Enable Location Services” option and you’ll see a prompt that will ask you to confirm whether you want the service disabled or not. Confirm by tapping on “Yes” to indicate your compliance and that’ll be all.

Once you’ve disabled location tracking, you can’t use some features on the app that’ll need to access your location to help you when you’re in need. For example, features like “Find My Car” which enables you to locate your vehicle if it’s stolen and “Vehicle Status” can’t be used.

You won’t be able to ignite or start your vehicle from a distance with the “Remote Start” feature or Unlock your door with the “Lock/Unlock” feature. However, if you need to change your location services settings, then follow the next few steps.

How To Change Your Location on Your FordPass GPS?

To change your location on your FordPass GPS, follow the steps needed to disable the location services where you access the main menu and navigate to “Enable Location Services.” There you’ll toggle the switch near the “Enable Location Services” button, change your location, and confirm your choice.

1. Tap the Main Menu

First, tap the Main Menu of the FordPass GPS tracking app, which can be found on the top-left corner of your phone screen. Take note that you’ll need to download the app and install it before you can use it.

2. Change the Location

You can now change the location by tapping on “Settings” and navigating to “Location Services.” At the “Location Services” window, you’ll notice the “Enable Location Services” tab next to a toggle button.

Change Location on Your FordPass GPS

Tap on the toggle button to either enable or disable location services and you’ll see a prompt that asks you to confirm your choice. If you choose to enable location services, then your location should automatically update.

How To Turn on Vehicle Location FordPass GPS?

To turn on vehicle location on your FordPass GPS, you can try either logging out of the app or deleting the app and downloading it again. Sometimes, simply logging out will help the app refresh and get the location feature back in order again.

If your location on FordGPS stops working, then you may not know where your vehicle is when it goes missing. Thus, you’ll have to make sure the “Vehicle Location” feature is always working. Here is how to reset the feature if it stops working:
  • Open the App and Log Out

Open the app and then log out of your account after answering the prompt that asks you whether you’re sure you want to leave. Wait for a few seconds and then log back into the app. This should reset the “Vehicle Location” feature and get it working again. However, if this procedure doesn’t work, then try the next step.

  • Delete the App and Download it Again

In this process, you try resetting the feature by deleting the app from your phone and downloading it again. After you download the app, try reinstalling it with the same credentials you used for the first one. This is almost guaranteed to get your “Vehicle Location” feature back up and running. However, if you do this and the feature does not work, then contact the company for assistance.

How To Manually Update Your Location on FordPass GPS?

To manually update your location on your FordPass GPS, you can try refreshing the app, accessing the vehicle location feature, and checking for FordPass updates. If these methods are not working, you can then bring your device to a professional for a quick check up.

Manually Update Your Location

When your location on the FordPass GPS refuses to automatically update, you can do so manually to ensure maximum protection for your vehicle. Here are a few steps to make sure your vehicle’s location feature is updated:

1. Refresh the App

Open the app and head over to the tab labeled “Vehicle,” which has all the options related to the location of the Ford motor. You can then tap the “Press to Refresh” button and give it a few seconds to update the location. When you see the “Updated Just Now” message, it means that your job is done and your vehicle’s location is up-to-date.

If the message refuses to appear, first perform a simple test of locking and unlocking the car with the app to ensure there’s communication between the app and the modem. If the vehicle doesn’t respond, then there’s an issue between the app and the modem on the car. If your vehicle does respond, then you can move on to the next step.

2. Access the Vehicle Location Feature

Navigate to the “Vehicle Location” option to try and locate your vehicle. If you see the message “Unable to Locate,” then ensure you’ve enabled all the app permissions. However, if all the app permissions are enabled and the problem still continues, move on to the third step.

3. Check for FordPass Updates

You may be using an outdated version of the app, which is why the Vehicle Location feature is not working, thus check for app updates. To do this, search for FordPass in your respective app store and download the latest version.

Check for FordPass Updates
You can recheck for app updates to be extra sure you have the latest version. This should update the vehicle’s location on the app, but if it fails that you’ll need to contact tech support at Ford for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

– How Do You Deactivate FordPass GPS on Your Phone?

To deactivate Ford Pass GPS on your phone, simply navigate to the Delete Account feature on your phone and tap it. A confirmation message will appear for you to confirm your choice. Take note that deleting the app or uninstalling it won’t delete your FordPass account.

– How To Turn off FordPass GPS on Ford F150?

To turn off FordPass GPS on Ford F150, open the app and navigate to the Main Menu tab. From the main menu, tap the “Vehicle” option and tap on the GPS tab to enable you to turn it off or on. Turn off the GPS by toggling off the button. This should disable the GPS and make your car untrackable.

– How To Remove a FordPass Account Holder To Disable Location Tracking?

To remove a FordPass account holder to disable location tracking, Find the “Account” landing page and select the “Charge Station” option. There, you need to tap on the “Station Sharing” feature. Remove the account of the person you want to take out and a confirmation message will appear.

Can You Disable Ford GPS Tracking by Resetting the Odometer?

Resetting the odometer does not disable Ford GPS tracking. The purpose of the odometer is solely to track the distance traveled by a vehicle. It does not affect any tracking devices integrated into the vehicle’s system. To disable GPS tracking, different measures need to be taken, unrelated to reading a vehicle’s odometer correctly.


We’ve reviewed the practical steps to disable location on your FordPass GPS if you want to protect your privacy.

Here are some highlights of what we’ve discussed:

  • To disable the location on FordPass GPS, access the Main Menu on the app and scroll down to the “Settings” tab.
  • Click on the “Settings” tab and navigate to the “Location Services” button and tap on it.
  • This will open the “Enable Location Services” window, where you’ll find a toggle button enabling you to turn off the location.
  • However, take note that turning off the location means that you won’t be able to use certain features such as “Find My Car” and “Remote Start.”

Thus, there’s no way your vehicle can be tracked if you lose it so be extremely sure you want to do this before ever attempting it.

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