Chemical Guys vs Adams: Is There Really a Big Difference?

This Chemical Guys vs Adams car care products comparison guide will show you the differences between these two brands, including the products they offer.

Distinction Between Chemical Guys vs Adams

Even though car detailing can sometimes seem arduous, using the right products makes everything easier and stress-free. If you want to find out the main differences between these two brands, continue reading this guide until the end!

Features Chemical Guys Adams
Liquid type 100 percent carnauba wax based liquid Advanced liquid carnauba wax based liquid
Texture Wet reflection and brilliant glowing shine Deep shining glowing effect
Mode of application Hands or rotating applicator Hands or rotating applicator

What Are the Differences Between Chemical Guys and Adams?

The main difference between Chemical Guys and Adam’s Polishes is in their consistencies and prices. Chemical Guys are popular and have been around for a longer period than Adams. They are popular across various social media platforms, which gives them an edge over Adam’s Polishes.

These two brands share a lot of similarities, especially with respect to their products and appealing scents. Despite that, there are some basic differences between these two brands as well. In addition, Chemical Guys are located in Los Angeles, while Adams is located in California.

– Cost of Both Brands

A lot of people consider detailing products unnecessary and expensive, and they tend to put them off. However, these products can protect your paintwork for a long period, and they are not completely expensive, especially for Chemical Guys and Adams.

Chemical Guy’s standard cleaning and detailing products are generally affordable, and these are products with a unique formula. When it comes to the quality of the products they offer, there’s no brand that can match theirs.

Adams is a trusted brand with products that many consider being perfect for their cars. Their prices are equally very affordable, and the difference with Chemical Guys is very little.

– Range of Products Offered

When it comes to the variety of products offered, Chemical Guys aren’t left behind. They have a large range of products, with more than 20 car wash shampoos and soaps. Their shampoos are made with a large number of soap surfactants, which allows them to clean off dirt without damaging the paint or coat surface of your car.

In addition to the large number of shampoos they offer, Chemical Guys also offer different types of detailing products like upholstery and fabric cleaners, waterless car wash, butter wet wax, wheel gels, microfiber wash mitts, and leather cleaner. Interestingly, these products all have great and amazing scents.

Adams provides a large collection of exterior and interior products, and they are mostly known for their Graphene ceramic coatings. These products are expensive, and they require meticulous application involving the use of a UV flashlight to assess and inspect the application.

Even though both brands offer a range of products, the difference between the two is that Chemical Guys products are easy to use for beginners and professionals. On the other hand, Adam’s products are more professional and can be intimidating for beginners to use.

What Are Chemical Guys Characteristics and Specifications?

Chemical Guys’ characteristics and specifications are that they specialize in producing quality machines, accessories, buffing pads, and car care chemicals. They are a globally recognized company that takes pride in meeting the car cleaning needs of people. As such, Chemical Guys offer many products that are suited for different purposes.

Characteristics and Features of Chemical Guys

This includes car detailing, car washing, decontaminating, paint protection, quick detailing, and paint correction.

– Car Detailing Products

Chemical guys have different products to meet different car detailing needs. Car detailing is more than washing your car. It involves more specific activities like quick detailing, waxing, protective coating, paint correction, and chemical decontamination.

Whether you’re planning a straightforward or a more thorough clean, you can rest assured that Chemical Guys has the right detailing products for you.

– Car Washing Products

Whether it’s a maintenance wash, deep cleaning, or decontaminating wash, Chemical Guys have the right products for these purposes. Their gloss enhancers and pH-neutral shampoo are the ideal options for a maintenance wash. Examples of some of these products are pH-neutral auto wash and glossworkz.

Maintainance wash helps to keep the car clean and shiny while maintaining the protective coating of the car, and this is what their products are designed to achieve. The interesting thing is that you can use these products on newly waxed or painted cars.

Deep Clean helps to break down grit, grime, and other contaminants on a car. Their citrus-based shampoo is the best option for this purpose. You can use this option to leave your car clean and shiny.

For decontaminating wash, the clean slate shampoo is the best product to use. The product helps to remove existing paint layers like sealants and wax. A decontamination wash is usually done before waxing or polishing.

The general recommendation is to wash your car using these products every two weeks. However, this is only if you don’t always go through heavily dirty roads or areas with salt on the highway. This is also under normal circumstances.

A key thing to note is that your car does not only require cleaning during summer but also in winter seasons. You’ll need to wash your car more frequently during winter, especially if you live close to the ocean. Salt can cause your car to rust, which is why you’ll need to clean it regularly during winter.

– Decontaminating Products

Decontaminating is an important detailing process because it enhances the effectiveness of other processes. It helps to remove contaminants on the paint, and this can be done chemically or manually.

Chemical guys have different light-acid-based cleaners for the decontaminating process. An example is the Decon Iron remover.

– Paint Correction Product

Another important part of car detailing is paint correction, and the condition of your paint determines the type of product you use. Car paint in good condition does not require paint correction. V38 final polish is great for a moderate paint condition. Another option is the one-step scratch and swirl remover and their cutting polish.

Bad paint conditions require two-step paint correction. A product you can use for the first step is V32 or V34, while the second step can be done with a finishing polish. Their V36 cutting polish is a great option for the second step of paint correction.

– Paint Protection Products

Protective layering can be done via different routes, and Chemical Guys has the right products for each route. For instance, they have different glazes, which are temporary solutions to imperfect or flawed car paint. Their fillers and gloss enhancers can also serve this purpose.

They also provide a ceramic coating that can last for up to a year. This is a durable protective coating that creates an additional protective layer on flawed paint. It’s worth noting that ceramic coating should only be used on decontaminated and washed car surfaces.

Wax is a natural protectant that is used for paint protection. Chemical Guys offer carnauba wax that can be used to remove UV rays and other contaminants. These waxes are designed to last for up to 5 months with proper maintenance.

Paint sealants offer long-term protection, thanks to the advanced technology used in their manufacture. They form a strong layer over your paint. Chemical Guys offer different paint sealants that you can use. For example, the Jetseal durable sealant and protectant keep UV rays, dirt, water, and grime away.

– Quick Detailing Products

The last car detailing process is quick detailing, and you need the right product for this process. Chemical Guys offer quick detailers that you can use to remove contaminants after all the processes above.

– Benefits of Using Chemical Guys

The benefits of using Chemical Guys’ products include the following:

  • Chemical Guys products are long-lasting.
  • They offer glowing and deep wet reflection.
  • The products feature high-quality carnauba wax that is blended with a sealant tech.
  • Chemical Guys products offer protection from UV sunlight, bird droppings, bugs, water spots, contamination, pollution, and more.
  • Their products are budget-friendly, with different scents.
  • These products come in different bottle sizes, so you get to choose which is best for you.

However, even though these benefits are amazing, it’s important to note that you may require more products if you have more cars, and this can be a bit pricey. Also, they have many similar products, and their scents can be overwhelming.

What is Chemical Guys’ Bestseller?

Chemical Guys’ bestseller is the Honeydew Sown Foam Car Wash Soap. This product is made of strong soap surfactants that allow it to remove grime, dirt, and grease easily. It’s a handy product that can help you keep your car’s paint shiny.

Chemical Guys have a range of products that are known to deliver exactly what is written on the tin. Their products are all designed to make life easier and better. Even though they have so many products on the market, this soap is the best-selling product.

What Are Adam’s Polishes’ Characteristics and Specifications?

Adam’s Polishes’ characteristics and specifications involve producing ultra-slick, pH-neutral, and high foam car care products. These products are gentle on the car and won’t dry the trim or remove your wax. Adams also offers different products such as car shampoos and soaps.

Attributes and Factors of Adams

Here’s an in-depth overview of these products.

– Car Shampoo

Adams offers thoughtfully formulated shampoo that can be used on different car surfaces. These shampoos are designed to enhance quick and effective cleaning with much foam for the removal of contaminants and dirt.

There are many benefits of using the car shampoo from Adams. Their shampoos are pH-neutral, making them gentle and safe for use on car surfaces. The shampoos are also made of ultra-slick solutions that combine surfactants and lubricants to remove pollen, dust, debris, and other contaminants.

– Ultra Foam Shampoo

This is a superior washing solution from Adams, and it’s designed to clean vehicles within a few minutes. With ultra foam shampoo, you won’t have to worry about damaging or removing your surface wax.

The benefits of using ultra foam shampoo are many. They produce a thick foam that effectively removes layers of mud, dirt, and dust. The solution is also slick, thanks to the advanced polymers and cleaners used for its manufacture. This helps in creating a slick feel on surfaces.

Another benefit of using ultra foam shampoo is that they are very easy to use and guarantees perfect cleaning without harming your sealant and wax layers.

– Strip Car Wash Soap

Adams strip car wash soap is designed to remove old sealants and waxes from car surfaces. This product removes old layers by deep cleaning. Like the ultra foam shampoo, it also has thick suds that help in the removal of dirt and dust layers on the car’s exterior surface. With the strip car wash soap, you can easily remove layers at have accumulated for years and make your car appear brand new again.

Another impressive thing to note about this product is that it’s not supposed to be used more than two times a year. Doing this can damage the natural protective layer of your car.

– Detail Spray

Car detailing sprays are designed to reduce the time taken to clean a car. It also helps to reduce other elements like dirt and grime while maintaining the shiny appearance of your car. The duration of the detail spray depends on the brand that you use, and detail sprays add an extra level of protection to the car’s finishing. Most detail sprays are designed to last for weeks, and some can last for months.

For example, Chemical Guys detail spray can last for up to four weeks, but Adams detail spray continues to remain a favorite option among new and old users. The spray is designed to extend the life of sealant and wax coating. Adams detail spray can last up to two months to offer longer protection for your car’s surface.

– Arsenal Builder Car Cleaning Kit

This is a complete high-quality package from Adams, and it contains all the products for external and internal car cleaning. The kit is comprised of a wheel and tire cleaner, interior detailer, glass cleaner, spray wax, car shampoo, and tire shine.

You can restore shine using the spray wax in the kit because it has carnauba wax, which adds a layer of protection to the car’s surface. Also, the wheels and tire cleaner offers SIO2 protection and shine to tires.

Adams arsenal builder cleaning kit is perfect for deep cleaning and car washing. The kit has a high-quality shampoo that produces a rich foam to remove different contaminants.

In addition, the interior detailers offer antimicrobial protection. It also provides protection against UV rays that can cause surface fading, discoloration, and cracking.

– Benefits of Using Adams

The benefits of using Adams include the following:

  • The products are designed to act like armor and offer protection to the exterior surface of your car.
  • They make car colors stand out.
  • Adams products are 30 percent infused with SIO2.
  • They offer good shining with reflection to make your car appear brand new.
  • Their products utilize graphene and other innovative technologies.

Despite these amazing benefits, it’s important to note that Adams products are quite expensive, and they dry out quickly. You’ll also need to prepare more before using their polishes. In addition, the fragrance of their products is sometimes overwhelming to the users.

What is Adams Bestseller?

Adams bestseller is Adams Graphene Tire Dressing. This is an easy-to-use spray product that will leave your tires appearing fresh and looking like new. This innovative product also prevents slings that can cause imperfections in your vehicle’s paintwork. Simply spray the product on your tires and you’re done!

Adams has so many unique polishes on the market like no other. Most of their products have graphene, which is a 2D carbon lattice. Graphene confers anti-corrosive properties on surfaces it is used on.

Another amazing thing about Adams products is that they come in different sizes and fragrances. The scents of these products range from watermelon to pink passion fruit and other fruity scents. You have many options to choose from.


We have highlighted everything you should know in this Chemical Guys vs Adams comparison. With everything above, you can see that both brands offer a wide range of amazing products. These products appeal to people differently, depending on whether you’re only a car owner or a professional.

Consider getting Adams’ products if you’re a professional detailer because they are mostly applied by hand and designed to last longer. However, if you want to do the job yourself, then the Chemical Guys’ products is the best option for you because they are easy to use and can make your car spectacularly clean.

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