Check VSC System Toyota Camry 2007: All You Need To Know

Check VSC system Toyota Camry 2007 is an indication that something is wrong with the car and it should be attended to immediately. Failing to do so could put both the driver and the car as well as other road users at risk. The VSC is a system of small sensors that track the car’s direction and speed to ensure that you don’t run into pedestrians or other vehicles.

Check VSC System Toyota Camry 2007


This article will look at what VSC on the 2007 Camry is, the factors that can affect the Camry’s VSC, and how to fix them.

What Is Check VSC System Toyota Camry 2007?

Check VSC system Toyota Camry 2007 means Vehicle Stability Control and it includes a group of sensors that monitors the Camry’s traction and stability to ensure that the car doesn’t slip. It is the light on the Camry’s dashboard that illuminates once a fault in the VSC system is detected.

– Explaining the Check VSC System

Also known as electronic stability control (ESC) in other vehicles, VSC makes sure that the car’s traction is top-notch. Traction is the car’s ability to grip the road, thus if the vehicle loses traction it would skid and endanger the life of the vehicle and the integrity of the car.

When the VSC system detects that the car is losing traction and has begun to slip, it’ll take measures to maintain the vehicle’s stability. This system is available on some Toyota cars including the Toyota Sienna and has helped in the reduction of several road accidents, especially during rainy or snowy days. The VSC system can be turned on or off on the car’s dashboard according to the whims of the driver. However, it is advisable to turn it on when on slippery surfaces, especially during rain or snow, to help prevent road accidents. 

The VSC works in tandem with the ABS to ensure that traction is restored to the tires of your Camry during emergencies. This helps prevent the tires from locking and enables the driver to steer the vehicle clear of danger. If the VSC light goes off, it means that the traction control will fail to work when the car loses grip on the road. 

– How the VSC System Works in a 2007 Camry

As we’ve already discovered, the VSC system kicks into action once it detects the car skidding or about to slip. It does this by constantly monitoring the speed and direction of the car with the sensors installed in the tires. The sensors are connected to the Powertrain Control Module (PCM), also known as the “brain” of the car, which controls several other functions. Thus, when the car begins to skid, the VSC sensors communicate to the PCM which decreases the speed of the engine and provides braking power to the tires that require it the most. 

How the VSC System Works in a 2007 Camry

This helps the vehicle to regain its grip on the road while helping the driver to maintain control of the vehicle and steer it clear of danger. As mentioned earlier, the VSC system works with the ABS to ensure that tires are not locked when the driver applies the brake abruptly. However, take note that the VSC doesn’t kick into action until the car hits speeds of over 20 mph or 32 km/h.

Where Is VSC button on Toyota Camry 2007?

The VSC button on Toyota Camry 2007 is located on the right side of the steering wheel on the dashboard. It is usually indicated by a car with two curvy lines attached to the wheels. However, take note that not all 2007 Camry models come with the VSC button. 

Where is VSC button on Toyota Camry 2008? The button is located on the same side as in the 2007 model. If you don’t find it, then look around the steering wheel or near the gear level.

Turning Off VSC System Toyota Camry 2007

First, park the car and if your vehicle has automatic transmission, shift the gear into park. Otherwise, put the gear in neutral for manual transmission vehicles. Then press and hold the VSC button down for about 5 seconds which should illuminate both TRAC OFF and VSC OFF lights. That is how to turn off the system.

What Are the Reasons Why the VSC Light Will Illuminate?

The reasons why the VSC light will illuminate or light up include a damaged ABS sensor, problems with the engine, a damaged brake light switch, accidentally pressing the VSC button, issues with the car wiring, or adverse and extreme weather conditions.

Apart from the VSC light indicating that the system has been activated, it is also a warning sign that there could be other problems with your vehicle that will need attention. We provide some reasons why your Camry’s check VSC light will illuminate.

– A Damaged ABS Sensor

The VSC system uses information from the ABS sensors located in the wheels of each tire and their job is to measure the speed of the wheels. They then feed this information to the VSC, which uses it during an emergency. The location of the ABS sensors means that they are exposed to dust and water, which can damage them. Thus, when they are faulty, they could send wrong signals to the VSC system causing the light to come on.

Also, the ABS reluctor rings, which help the sensors to measure the Camry’s speed, could be faulty and therefore communicate wrong information to the VSC system. A problem with the wires that connect the ABS control module to the sensors to the sensors could also illuminate the VSC light. The steering angle sensor which measures the position of the steer could be faulty and cause the light to come on.

– Problems With the Engine

Engine problems are the most common reasons a VSC light will turn on. This is especially true when the VSC light comes on with the check engine light. However, it will be difficult to immediately tell what engine problem caused the light to come on because the 2007 Camry engine is fitted with many sensors and actuators. To tell the exact problem in the engine that caused the illumination of the VSC, you’ll need to read the error code stored in the engine control module (ECM).

This is because whenever the engine develops a fault, it stores information on the exact nature of the fault in the ECM. Therefore, if you need to know the precise problem with the engine, just check the ECM. Here are a few common engine problems that will illuminate the VSC light:

  • Bad oxygen sensor: When the sensor that measures the amount of unburned oxygen leaving the exhaust pipe becomes faulty, it could illuminate both the check engine and VSC lights.
  • Damaged camshaft position sensor: The Camshaft Position Sensor communicates the speed of the Camry’s camshaft to the ECM. Thus, if the sensor is damaged it could trigger the VSC light.
  • Faulty MAF sensor: This happens when the mass air flow sensor fails to properly measure the amount of air going into the engine. This can cause the vehicle’s engine to run rough or vibrate when the car is idling.
  • Fouled crankshaft position sensor: The crankshaft position sensor monitors the rotational speed of the crankshaft and relays it to the ECM. If the sensor goes out, it can cause the Camry’s engine to stall, which is when your car’s engine stops working abruptly.
  • Loose fuel cap: A fuel cap or gas cap prevents dirt and water from getting into the fuel and it also keeps the fuel vapors trapped in the fuel tank. Therefore, when the fuel cap is loose, it allows these vapors to leave the tank causing an error in the emissions control system which will illuminate the check engine light and cause the VSC light to turn on.
  • Faulty throttle: If your Camry’s accelerator pedal develops a fault, the electronic throttle control system will be alerted, which will cause the VSC  light to come on. 
  • Faulty spark plugs and wires: When some components of the ignition system develop faults, it could cause the engine to misfire. A misfiring engine could lead to rough handling and idling, which will cause the engine light and the VSC light to illuminate and alerting the driver that the engine has developed a fault. 

These are not the only issues that can cause the illumination of the engine and VSC lights on the dashboard of your 2007 Camry. Always remember to use the scanner to read the codes and interpret them properly so you can fix them.

– A Damaged Brake Light Switch

The brake light switch switches on the brake lights at the back of the Camry whenever you apply the brakes. This switch is located on the brake pedal and it also alerts the VSC system that the brakes have been engaged. When there is a fault with the brake light switch, it will send a bad message to the VSC, causing its light to illuminate.

A Damaged Brake Light Switch

– Accidentally Pressing the VSC Button

This is not always the case that the VSC light indicates that there’s a problem with the system. It could also happen that you mistakenly touched the VSC button and the light came on. In this scenario, all you have to do is to turn the VSC light off and you’re good to go – no need for any professional intervention.

– Issues With the Car Wiring

The 2007 Camry comes with many wires, several of them connected to the VSC system. Any of them could develop a fault and send an error message to the VSC causing the light to illuminate. The worse part is that it is difficult to diagnose the wiring issues on your own, therefore you’ll need a professional to help you out.

– Adverse Weather Conditions

Since the VSC is designed to come on when the surface is slippery, don’t be surprised that you see the light on during rainy or snowy days. This is no cause for alarm as the VSC system may have noticed that the car is sliding and has kicked into action to save your life and the vehicle.

How Do You Fix the VSC System on Your 2007 Camry?

To fix the VSC system on your 2007 Camry, you can try checking the error codes, making use of the VSC reset button, examining the brake lights, checking the level of the brake fluid, examining the fuel cap, or asking a professional for help.

Since several problems can trigger the VSC light, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to solving it. Therefore, you’ll need to check the scanner to identify the error code and diagnose the exact cause of the VSC light. You can also check the accelerator, brake pedal and brake lights to ensure they are not the problem. Here are a few steps on how to fix check VSC system, Toyota Camry 2007:

– Check Error Codes

The 2007, 2008 and 2009 Camrys come with many sensors that are connected to several control modules. These sensors and modules monitor various parts of the car including the engine and communicate with the power control module known as PCM. Thus, if there’s any fault with any part of the vehicle, these sensors would pick it up, convert it into a code and store it in the related control module. This means you can check VSC system Toyota Camry 2008 or check VSC system Toyota Camry 2009, depending on the year of manufacture. 

In this case, the Toyota Camry VSC and check engine light will all turn on, indicating that either the VSC system or engine or both have developed a fault. All you have to do is to scan the error code on the control module and you can check exactly what has gone wrong in what part of the car.

If the VSC system or any related system has a fault, just perform a scan with an OBD2 scanner which would tell you the component of your Camry that needs fixing. This would save you a lot of time and trouble as you can tell the exact fault and what to fix. To do this, connect the OBD2 scanner to the OBD II port of your car and switch the scanner on. Look for the option for the clear error codes option and follow the instructions.

– Make Use of the VSC Reset Button

Your 2007 Camry has a VSC reset button that is close to the steering wheel. When this button is engaged, the VSC system goes off automatically which might put you in trouble when you drive on slippery surfaces. You’ll need to reset the VSC system to get it functioning properly again. First, turn the engine on, press and hold the VSC reset button for about three seconds until the VSC light goes off.

Make Use of the VSC Reset Button

This should reset the VSC system and keep you and your vehicle protected from accidents.

– Examine the Brake Lights

If all these fail to work, you can also check the brake pedal and lights to ensure they are not the problem. Start the engine and have someone press down on the brake pedal while you check whether the brake lights will come on. If the brake lights are not working, then they could be the reason why the VSC light is on. You can get a technician to work on the brake pedals to ensure they are in optimum condition.

Sometimes the brake lights will work but the VSC light will still be on, thus you need to check the brake lights switch. Drive to a recognized Toyota car mechanic and let them check and replace the brake light switch if it is needed.

– Check the Level of the Brake Fluid

You can also check the level of your brake fluid because low brake fluid triggers several issues with the ABS of your Camry. The ABS can also affect the VSC system and cause the light to illuminate. Therefore, examine your brake fluid and make sure it is refilled to correct the VSC system failure.

– Examine the Fuel Cap

A faulty fuel cap could cause the fuel emission sensor (Oxygen sensor) to send an error code causing the VSC light to illuminate. This normally happens when you don’t tighten the fuel cap after refilling or you leave the engine running while refueling.

Examine the Fuel Cap

Thus, tightening and using the OBD 2 scanner to clear the error codes should solve the problem. However, remember to check the O-ring of the fuel cap to ensure it is not broken and if it is, consider replacing it.

– Ask a Professional for Help

If all else fails, don’t hesitate to seek professional help in dealing with the VSC system and its light on the dashboard. Taking matters into your own hands could worsen the situation and eventually lead to vehicular accidents. You can drive to any Toyota-accredited service agent or auto shop and have them thoroughly check the Camry’s engine and other components for any faults. 

Can a Malfunctioning VSC System Cause Car Windows to Not Stay Up?

When faced with the question of whether a malfunctioning VSC system can cause car windows to not stay up, it is important to address the possible car window position fixes. A malfunctioning VSC system might affect the power supply, leading to issues like windows not staying up. Professional assessment and repairs are crucial to resolve these problems and ensure a safe and functional vehicle.


This article has looked at the meaning of VSC, what constitutes a faulty VSC system in a 2007 Camry, and how to fix the error. Here is a recap of all that we’ve discovered so far:

  • The VSC simply stands for Vehicle Stability Control, which kicks into action when the car is skidding to help the driver steer the car away from danger to safety.
  • Thus, check VSC means that the VSC system has developed a fault (which illuminates the VSC icon) and needs immediate attention to rectify the situation.
  • Aside from developing a fault, there are several reasons why the VSC light will illuminate including the bad oxygen sensor, damaged brake light, and accidentally turning on the VSC light.
  • The VSC light can be fixed by using the OBDII scanner to read the error codes to diagnose the precise component that is causing the problem.
  • Other ways the light can be fixed is by checking the brake switch and brake fluid, examining the fuel cap, resetting the VSC system, and if all else fails, consulting a certified technician to help out.

The VSC system is designed to start working when the vehicle hits 20 mph or 32 km/h and will keep your vehicle from skidding on slippery surfaces. Thus, always make sure that the VSC system of your 2007 Camry is working to keep you and your vehicle safe, especially in unforgiving weather conditions. 

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