Can You Flat Tow a Mini Cooper Without Destroying It? 

The question “Can you flat tow a Mini Cooper?” has been asked by many people who own this brand of vehicle. This is because the Mini Cooper is one of the best vehicles that you can carry along with your Recreational Vehicle for some outdoor fun.

Can You Flat Tow A Mini Cooper

Well, we asked our automobile team about their opinion and they have shared their expertise on the subject. We’ll also explore other options for towing the Mini Cooper safely.

Can You Flat Tow Your Mini Cooper?

Yes, you can flat tow your Mini Cooper provided you follow the safety precautions to protect the integrity of the vehicle and its transmission. Also, make sure you have the Mini Cooper flat tow kit such as safety cables, a flat tow bar and a base plate.

However, take note that the manufacturer of the vehicle advises against flat-towing the vehicle. This is because if it is not properly done, the Mini Cooper’s transmission could be damaged and the car’s insurance warranty voided.

Instead, they recommend that the fuel-powered mini-coopers should be towed with a tow truck or tow dolly while the electric ones should be towed with a flatbed truck. However, if you find yourself in a situation where you can’t get access to tow vehicles, then the following instructions will come in handy.

– Flat Towing a Mini Cooper

The Mini Cooper comes in two transmissions (manual and automatic) and the procedures for flat-towing each of these are different from the other. However, here are general guidelines that you can follow on how to tow a Mini Cooper before we get into the specifics

Flat Towing a Mini Cooper

Always ensure that the transmission is in neutral and the parking brake is disengaged. This enables the vehicle to move freely and it protects the transmission from damage. If you’re using a tow truck, then check if the towing vehicle is insured, and then block the wheels of the vehicle with a chock. If you’re towing it yourself, then do not over speed because doing so could cause problems when you’re decelerating.

– Flat Towing a Mini Cooper Countryman

Knowing how to flat tow a Mini Cooper now leads to another question, “Can you flat tow a Mini Cooper Countryman?” Well, the Mini Cooper Countryman can be flat towed if only it’s a front-wheel drive and has a manual transmission. However, if your Countryman is an all-wheel drive, then it can’t be flat towed or even transported by a dolly, but by trailer.

Flat-towing a Countryman all-wheel drive could damage the transmission and void the warranty of the car. We won’t recommend the Mini Cooper Countryman for RV owners who might want to carry it along. If you’re considering a small vehicle that you can carry along on your road trips with your RV, then the best among the two is the regular Mini Cooper.

How Do I Properly Tow A Mini Cooper Behind an RV?

To properly tow a mini cooper behind an RV, make sure the Mini Cooper is a front-wheel and manual transmission model.

How Do I Properly Tow A Mini Cooper Behind an RV

Then fix the tow eye on the bumper and connect both vehicles with a tow rope through the tow eye and shift the gear to neutral. 

Can You Flat Tow a Mini Cooper With Automatic Transmission?

No, we do not recommend that you flat tow a Mini Cooper with automatic transmission unless it’s absolutely necessary as this would hurt the transmission of the car. Instead, make use of a flatbed or dolly trailer to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on the vehicle’s transmission.

However, if you need to flat tow an automatic Mini Cooper, then you’ll have to remove its entire drive shaft. Completing this process is tedious and you stand the risk of voiding the vehicle’s warranty.

Then there is the added process of refixing the drive shaft once you’re done moving the vehicle. It is best to allow a professional to remove and refix the driveshaft to maintain the vehicle’s integrity and protect its insurance.

– Flat Towing a Manual Transmission Mini Cooper

Towing a Mini Cooper with a manual transmission is relatively easier and straightforward. First, have a towing base plate and a tow bar installed on the vehicle to make the flat towing easier and smoother.

Flat Towing a Manual Transmission Mini Cooper

Installing a towing base plate can be complicated, so allow a professional to help out if you encounter any difficulties. Next, shift the gear into neutral, disengage the handbrake, and disconnect the negative terminal of the car battery.

Once you are done, connect the vehicle to the RV or tow truck and you’re good to go. Again, take note that BMW, the manufacturer of Mini Coopers, doesn’t endorse the towing of manual transmission Mini Coopers, therefore you do that at your own risk.

How Do You Find the Tow Eye of Your Mini Cooper?

To find the tow eye of your Mini Cooper, you have to look for it in random places because the manufacturer doesn’t place it in a specific place. You can find it in the glove box, under the driver’s or passenger’s seat, or inside the spare tire case.

– Using the Mini Cooper’s Tow Eye

Once you’ve found it, then you can use it by attaching it to either the small square on the front bumper or the one on the rear bumper. We advise that don’t connect an RV to tow the vehicle via the tow eye because it could jeopardize the vehicle.

Using the Mini Cooper’s Tow Eye

The best way to use the tow eye is by attaching it via tow rope or tow straps to another vehicle which would then pull your vehicle along. After locating the small squares, decide which bumper you’d want to use and remove the small square on that bumper.

Screw the tow eye into that space and tighten it, then hook up either the tow straps or tow rope through the loop of the tow eye. When you’re done, shift the vehicle’s gear to neutral, disengage the handbrake, turn the engine off and disconnect the battery’s negative terminal. Then tow the car slowly and at an even pace because quick jerks can destroy the bumper of the vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Small Cars Can Be Flat Towed?

The small cars that can be flat towed include compact and subcompact cars. These vehicles are lightweight and thus, they won’t put too much stress on the engine of the motorhome. Such cars include the Chevy Spark, Ford Fiesta and the regular Mini Cooper.

2. What Vehicles Can Be Flat Towed Behind an RV?

The vehicles that can be flat-towed behind an RV are cars with manual transmissions. All you need to do is put the gear in neutral and connect the vehicle to the RV. However, make sure you know how to tow a Mini Cooper behind an RV before you try this.

Is it Safe to Flat Tow a Mini Cooper Using the Back of a Truck?

When considering flat towing a Mini Cooper using the back of a truck, it is important to thoroughly evaluate the safety implications. Although flat towing can be done, it is crucial to adhere to specific guidelines to prevent any damage or accidents. Engaging a professional to ensure proper attachment and leveraging suitable equipment is essential in ensuring a smooth journey with no risks involved in back of a truck terms.

Can Flat Towing a Mini Cooper Cause Damage to the Car?

Flat towing a Mini Cooper can potentially cause damage to the car. When towing a vehicle, it’s crucial to follow a comprehensive car wrapping time guide to ensure the car’s safety. Failing to do so could result in scratches, dents, or even damage to the car’s transmission system. Therefore, it’s essential to be aware of the proper techniques and guidelines to avoid any unnecessary harm to the Mini Cooper during flat towing.


Flat towing a Mini Cooper requires care and adhering to certain strict measures or the driver stands the risk of damaging the transmission.

Here is a summary of how to tow a Mini Cooper and the precautions to follow:

  • You can flat tow a Mini Cooper, but take note that BMW discourages the flat towing of any model of the vehicle because the transmission could be damaged. However, if you need to flat-tow an automatic Mini Cooper, then the best method is to have a professional remove the drive shaft and fix it back after towing.
  • If the Mini Cooper has a manual transmission, then put the gear in neutral, disconnect the negative terminal of the battery and you’re good to go.
  • Of all the available options, the best is to put the vehicle on a tow trailer, regardless of the transmission and nothing will happen to the vehicle.
  • To hook the Mini Cooper to an RV, look for the tow eye and fix it in one of the squares on the front or rear bumper then tie the tow rope through the eye to the RV.
  • If you own a Countryman, then know that the only model that can be flat-towed is the one with a front-wheel drive and manual transmission.

Failing to adhere strictly to the above guidelines could damage the transmission or void the warranty of the Mini Cooper. Therefore, go ahead and attach your manual Mini Cooper to the RV for a wonderful time with friends and family.

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