Can I Leave My Car at U-Haul? Everything You Need to Know

Can I leave my car at U-Haul is a common inquiry, especially for those embarking on a cross-country move or needing temporary storage. U-Haul facilities serve as a convenient hub for storage and rentals, so note that you can leave your car at U-Haul.

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However, it remains essential that you understand the policies surrounding leaving your vehicle at U-Haul. Continue reading as we explore the considerations associated with parking your car at U-Haul locations.

Can You Safely Leave Your Car at U-Haul?

You can safely leave your car at U-Haul. U-Haul provides secure parking options for customers, offering peace of mind during moves or storage. Even so, follow their guidelines and park your vehicle properly. Then, you can stay assured your vehicle will be in reliable hands during its stay.

U-Haul provides various services for individuals who prefer a do-it-yourself approach. This includes trailer and truck rentals and storage units. So, you can always leverage U-Haul parking lots when the need arises.

However, it would be best if you inquired from the U-Haul management about availability to ensure you have a parking space for your car.

What Are the Factors to Consider When Leaving Your Car at U-Haul?

The factors to consider when leaving your car at U-Haul include the duration of stay, communicating with U-Haul staff for seamless plans, understanding security measures, and checking their parking policies. Follow specific parking instructions, check for additional charges, and document your vehicle’s condition for a hitch-free parking experience.

Here’s a detailed guide on the factors to keep in mind when leaving your car at U-Haul:

Duration of Stay

Before leaving your car at U-Haul, determine how long it will stay parked. U-Haul typically accommodates short-term needs during moves or storage. If you’re utilizing U Haul rental services, ensure the parking duration aligns with your rental period and any potential extensions.

Communicate with U-Haul Customer Service

Initiate proactive communication with U-Haul customer service. Inform them of your intention to leave your car, discuss the duration, and ensure your plans align with their policies.

A Customer Service Representor Woman Speaking Behind The System ~ Ran When ParkedClear communication is vital, especially when combining UHaul rental services with car storage.

Overnight Parking Policies

If you plan to park your car overnight, then clarify U-Haul’s policies regarding overnight parking. Some locations may have specific guidelines to enhance security and comply with local regulations. Get to know these policies, particularly if your overnight stay coincides with your UHaul rental period.

Vehicle Documentation

Get ready to provide the necessary documentation. This typically includes your driver’s license and vehicle registration. You should have these documents on hand to ensure a smooth check-in process.

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Likewise, document the current condition of your vehicle before leaving it at U-Haul. Take pictures of any existing damages. This documentation will come in handy in case of unforeseen issues.

Parking Instructions

Follow the specific parking instructions provided by U-Haul. This may include designated parking areas, guidance on securing your vehicle, and additional measures to enhance the overall security of parked cars.

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Pay attention to instructions about the proximity of UHaul rental equipment or designated parking spots.

Additional Charges

Check for any additional charges associated with leaving your car at U-Haul, especially for extended periods.

A Parking Slot Sign With The Price On It ~ Ran When ParkedUnderstanding the cost structure in advance helps prevent surprises and allows you to plan your budget effectively.

Retrieval Procedures

Understand the procedures for retrieving your vehicle. This includes any necessary paperwork, payment processes, and the timeframe for picking up your car when you’re ready. Coordinating the retrieval of your car with the conclusion of your UHaul rental period ensures a seamless transition.

What Security Measures Does U-Haul Have for Parked Cars?

The security measures U-Haul implemented for parked cars include surveillance cameras, secure fencing, well-lit areas, restricted access, and staff presence.

Additional measures include security patrols, alarms, collaboration with local authorities, and a commitment to continuous improvement, thus providing comprehensive protection for parked vehicles.

Check the security measures U-Haul has in place for parked cars below:

Surveillance Cameras

U-Haul facilities are equipped with surveillance cameras strategically placed to monitor parking areas.

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These cameras provide continuous coverage, enhancing overall security and acting as a deterrent to potential unauthorized activities.

Secure Fencing

Most U-Haul locations feature secure fencing around the parking areas. This physical barrier adds an extra layer of protection, limiting access to authorized personnel and deterring unauthorized individuals from entering the storage premises.

Well-Lit Parking Areas

U-Haul prioritizes well-lit parking areas, especially during nighttime hours. Adequate lighting provides visibility for customers and contributes to a secure environment by promoting a sense of safety.

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Security Patrols

Some U-Haul locations may conduct regular security patrols. These patrols add a dynamic layer of security, ensuring that the entire premises, including parking areas, remain consistently monitored to detect and address potential issues.

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Security Alarms

In certain cases, U-Haul may employ security alarm systems for added protection. These alarms can detect unauthorized access or tampering, alerting on-site staff and external security services to respond promptly.

How Much Does It Cost to Park Your Car at U-Haul?

Typically, the cost of parking your car at U-Haul can be as low as $25 daily without any other services. However, note that the cost of parking your car at U-Haul varies based on factors like location, duration, and additional services.

Short-term parking during moves or storage may be complimentary, while long-term parking may incur higher fees. To get precise pricing details, it’s best to contact your local U-Haul facility and inquire about their specific rates and any potential discounts or promotions available.

How Long Can You Leave Your Car at U-Haul?

You can leave your car at U-Haul for as long as you want. Even so, this duration may also depend on the specific requirements and the services you’re using. Many U-Haul locations allow temporary or overnight parking for short-term needs without additional charges.

But keep in mind that these policies may differ between locations. At the same time, if you’re considering leaving your vehicle for a long period, contact your local U-Haul facility to confirm their extended parking options and the associated costs. This will further guarantee a seamless and worry-free experience for your vehicle’s stay.

Where Can You Park a UHaul Rental Vehicle?

The ideal places to park a UHaul rental vehicle include U-Haul storage facilities for secure parking, residential areas, commercial parking lots, event centers, truck stops, and rest areas. Always adhere to local rules and seek permission when necessary for a hassle-free experience.

Below are some common places you can park a UHaul rental vehicle:

U-Haul Storage Facilities

The most secure and convenient place to park a UHaul rental vehicle is at a U-Haul facility. U-Haul locations offer designated parking spaces, often with security measures to ensure your vehicle’s safety.

Residential Areas

In residential neighborhoods, parking regulations vary. Before parking your U-Haul truck, check local ordinances and restrictions.

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Some areas may have limitations on the duration or size of vehicles parked on residential streets.

Commercial Parking Lots

Many commercial parking lots allow U-Haul trucks, but obtaining permission is crucial.

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Seek authorization from the property owner or manager, and ensure your vehicle doesn’t obstruct traffic flow or violate any parking rules.

Truck Stops and Rest Areas

Truck stops and rest areas along highways may permit U-Haul truck parking. However, rules can vary, so check signage or contact the relevant authorities to ensure compliance.

Local Businesses

Seek permission from local businesses like restaurants, hotels, and casinos before temporarily parking a UHaul rental vehicle.

The Owner Of a Local Shop ~ Ran When ParkedClear communication with the business owners will guide you in selecting suitable parking spaces.

Event Venues and Loading Zones

Contact the venue in advance if you’re using U-Haul trucks for an event or function. Some event locations may have designated parking areas for larger vehicles. For short stops, loading zones may be an option.

However, stay cautious and comply with time limits. Some cities strictly enforce loading zones, and overstaying your welcome can result in penalties.

Campgrounds and RV Parks

For extended stops or overnight parking, consider campgrounds or RV parks. Confirm their policies regarding U-Haul truck parking and inquire about any associated fees.

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Can You Park a U-Haul on the Street Overnight?

You can park a U-Haul on the street overnight in many locations. However, it’s crucial to check local regulations and restrictions. Some areas may have specific rules regarding the overnight parking of large vehicles. Always ensure compliance with local ordinances to avoid potential fines or towing of the U-Haul.

Can You Park a U-Haul at a Hotel?

You can park a U-Haul at a hotel, but this largely depends on the hotel’s policies and available parking space. Before assuming it’s allowed, try contacting the hotel directly to inquire about their regulations regarding parking large vehicles, including U-Haul equipment.

Some hotels may have restrictions or specific areas designated for such parking. Hence, ensure you comply with their guidelines to avoid any inconvenience or issues during your stay.


You can park your cars during moves or storage periods to benefit from U-Haul’s reliable services. Understanding the guidelines and possibilities regarding leaving your car at U-Haul can ease concerns and streamline your moving experience. Let’s go over the vital points we mentioned in this article:

  • With clear guidelines, U-Haul offers a hassle-free experience for those seeking temporary parking solutions.
  • The factors to consider when leaving your car at U-Haul include the duration of stay, communicating with U-Haul customer service for seamless plans, understanding security measures, and checking their overnight parking policies. Follow specific parking instructions and check for additional charges.
  • U-Haul ensures a secure environment. The combination of surveillance cameras, physical barriers, well-lit areas, and vigilant staff ensure the safety of parked cars throughout their stay at U-Haul facilities.
  • The ideal places to park a U-Haul rental vehicle include U-Haul storage facilities for secure parking, residential areas, commercial parking lots, event centers, truck stops, and rest areas.

Always check with your local store to confirm there’s room. Above all, adhere to U-Haul’s guidelines for a hassle-free parking arrangement.

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