Bumper Scratches Repair Cost: How Much to Shell Out

Bumper scratches repair cost can vary from minor expenses to major costs depending on many factors and this is why many drivers hate them. Due to their essential role in protecting cars during collisions, car bumper repairs should be carried out immediately after they are damaged. Bumper Scratches Repair Cost However, how much does it cost to repair the bumper scratches? This article will discuss the costs involved in repairing or replacing a bumper and other important information about car bumpers.

What Is the Bumper Scratches Repair Cost?

The bumper scratches repair cost ranges from $200 to $1,250 depending on several factors including the type of car, the extent of damage, the cost of paint and labor costs. You can also choose to replace the bumper altogether, which also comes with its cost component. Take note that it is important to fix a scratch or dent on a bumper because a scratch can leave the bumper vulnerable to adverse weather conditions. Aside from that, a scratch can affect the value of the vehicle if you want to resell it.

– Black Plastic Bumper Scratch Repair Cost

The average plastic bumper repair cost is between $150 and $500. For inexpensive repairs, you can search “cheap bumper repair near me” on the internet. Can you drive without a bumper? The answer is yes and no. Yes, you can drive with a bumper and no the law does not allow you to drive without one depending on your state. It is against the law in some US states to drive without a bumper.

– Minor Scratches

As we already discussed, a car bumper repair cost can be cheap or expensive depending on several factors. Here is a detailed explanation of the cost. Minor Scratches on Bumper Minor scratches and dents on a front or rear bumper won’t cost too much to repair as they are just surface-level damages. This usually occurs when the vehicle hits a fence at a slow speed or it scratches another vehicle when you’re trying ot park. Oftentimes, these repairs can be carried out by you by using car repair kits that contain bonding solutions, solvent wipes, fillers and sandpaper. Bumper repair kits range between $16 to $30, depending on the manufacturer and the content of the kits. Then you’ll need to repaint the car and that means choosing the same paint color as that of the vehicle. However, if you take it to an auto body shop to have your bumper repaired, then be prepared to shell out between $60 to $160 for a thorough service. This does not include the price of car/bumper paint which is between $300 and $750, however, note that not all situations will require a bumper paint repair. Repairing a car bumper without a paint job is referred to as Paintless Dent Repair.

– Major Scratches

Unlike minor scratches, deep scratches are quite expensive to repair as they require more work, hours and materials. Major scratches and dents occur when the car collides with or chafes another object at high speeds. At the body shop, the dents are repaired, fillers are used to fill in the scratch, and the car is deep painted. The whole process could take days and the collision repair could cost you between $250 to $400. Major Scratches on Bumper Attempting to repair big dents at home could end up worsening the bumpers, therefore, we advise that you visit a car body repair shop. The auto body repair expert will use their tools to bring the dented bumper into the correct shape and may require several fillers to level it up. Depending on the level and skill of the expert, you may have to part with about $20 to $214 per hour just to cover the dent repair cost.

– Broken Bumpers

A broken bumper can result from both low-speed and high-speed collisions or chafing. This is because a broken or cracked bumper is usually a result of wear and tear than the accident. Thus, it is better to do a broken bumper replacement than to repair it because repairing might not only be costly but could worsen the bumper damage. The bumper replacement cost will include other components such as the make of the vehicle; replacing the bumper of a high-performance vehicle is more expensive than a “simple” car.  For instance, a quick check revealed that the OEM replacement cost of a Toyota Camry’s bumper is between $160 and $1,200 while that of a Hyundai typically ranges between $50 and $150. However, if you’re short on funds and the cracks on the bumper are not too big, then bodywork might be possible. The small crack in bumper repair costs between $235 and $710 to fix them.

– Insurance Claims vs Repairing the Bumper

Should you make insurance claims or repair the bumper? It depends on you and how you want it fixed. You can go for car insurance claims from your insurance company but you’ll be surprised that the cost of repair on the car insurance coverage is more than what you’ll spend repairing it yourself. 

– Repairing a Dent Without Painting

The cost of repairing a dent without paint is lower because the paint scratches might not be easily visible. This is when the damage to the bumper didn’t affect the paint. You can repair it by removing the bumper and using a heat gun to smoothen the dent. This should cost you nothing except the price of the items you use. However, if you prefer to take it to a repair shop, then the repair costs should be between $150 and $250, depending on other factors.

How To Carry Out DIY Repairs on a Car’s Bumper To Save Costs? 

To carry out DIY repairs on a car’s bumper to save costs, you can start by cleaning the damaged area and filling in the scratches. Next, you can now smoothen the area and paint it with the color of your vehicle. Some people like to fix things themselves than go to the repair shop as it gives them some sense of accomplishment, however, modern cars don’t offer enough room for DIY. Fortunately, car scratch repair is one of the few things that can be done without incurring costs. There are different ways to take care of a scratch or a scuff.

– Repair Cracks in Plastic Bumpers

You’ll need safety glasses, a heat gun, a jack and jack stand and a crowbar to complete the process. Depending on where the crack is, you’ll need to lift the car with the jack and support it with the jack stand. However, if the location of the crack won’t require you to lift the car before fixing, then no need to go through all that trouble. Remove the splash guard if it is covering the crack or will interfere with the repair works.  These guards are not difficult to remove as they are either held in place by clips or bolts. Once the guards are out of the way, warm up the dented area with the heat gun. You can also get a hair dryer instead, which is safer, but a heat gun is preferable. Heat the dented area until it becomes supple, which usually takes between 5 to 10 minutes, and remember to keep the heat gun about 4 feet from the bumper.  This is to avoid bumper and paint damage, which would worsen the case. Remove the bumper by prying it out with a crowbar or you can use a plunger to pull the bumper from outside. Once the bumper is out, try reheating it again if it is not flexible, or else move to the next step which is to fix the bumper. First, sand the cracked area to make it easier to apply the seal, then apply the seal and repaint it with a similar paint color. 

– Fix Scratches on the Bumper

If the scratches are deep, then this guide might not be able to help you fix them. We recommend you allow an expert to help you fix big and deep paint scratches on your bumper. However, if they are surface level, then these steps will be of immense help. Fix Scratches on the Bumper The tools required to carry out the scratch repair include a water spray bottle, 2K car body filler, 800/1200 grit sandpaper, primer, panel wipes, car paint and masking tape. Make ure you are wearing protective clothing such as goggles, gloves, and long-sleeved shirts whenever you’re planning to undertake a project like this.

– Clean the Damaged Area and Fill the Scratches

First, clean the area by spraying water over the scratches and wipe them clean before sanding the scratches with the 1200 grit sandpaper. Then clean the area with the panel wipe but with no water to get rid of the excess debris. Next is to fill in the scratches with the 2K car body filler according to the instructions listed on the packaging. Once done, leave the filler to dry as long as directed on the product’s packaging. Make sure to carefully follow the packaging instructions. Different brands require various steps and procedures to ensure a good outcome.

– Smoothen and Paint the Area

When the filler is dry, use sanding to remove the excess filler and to smoothen out the whole area, after which you should clean it again. Now, use masking tape to map out the area that’ll be painted; remember to map out a larger area so the new paint can blend in with the existing one. Lightly spray the area with the paint and alternate with the heat gun to give it a professional look.

– Apply Clear Coat

Wait until the paint is dry then wipe with a dry cloth before applying the clear coat. Spray the clear coat lightly before applying the heat gun to ensure a smooth surface. Then apply heavy clear coats and wait for it to dry. Once the clear coat is dry, spray the area with water and sand it with 1200-grit sandpaper.

– Finishing Touches

Take off the masking tape and polish the surface of the area with a machine polisher to give it a shiny look. Use a microfiber clean cloth to clean the surface to make it look shiny and professional. Finally, the scratches would’ve been repaired and your bumper would look good as new.

– Replace the Bumper 

If the bumper is severely damaged, then you may need to replace it instead of repairing it and though the process can be a bit cumbersome, you can manage it. However, don’t hesitate to contact a professional if you find the whole procedure overwhelming. Also, take note that the guide is different for all kinds of cars, therefore, this is just a general guide on how to fix bumpers. Replace the Bumper First, remove any device or part that is attached to the bumper such as the lights, cameras and sensors. Then remove the bumper by using either a crowbar or a plunger as directed in the paragraphs above. Fix the new bumper according to the guide specified in the instruction manual.

Can I Fix a Bent Rim at Home or Do I Need to Take It to a Professional?

Wondering if you can fix a bent rim at home? While simple damage like minor dents or scratches can sometimes be DIY projects, fixing a bent rim requires professional attention. Specialized equipment and expertise are needed to restore the rim’s structural integrity. It’s safer to take it to a professional who can fix a bent rim at home.


So far, we’ve considered the bumper scratch repair costs, how to fix a bumper and how to replace one. Here’s a summary of all that we’ve read so far:
  • A bumper repair costs between $60 to $1,250, depending on several factors such as the type of car, labor costs, materials involved and the extent of the damage.
  • Minor scratches should cost between $60 and $160 without labor costs and the cost of new paint.
  • Major scratches and dents take longer to repair, thus repairs will be between $250 and $400 to repair.
  • The cost of a cracked bumper is between $50 and $1,200 depending on the type of vehicle, as the bumper of a cheaper car costs less to replace than that of an expensive one.
  • You can opt to fix the car yourself but you should know what you’re doing so it will not make matters worse.
Fixing a bumper by yourself helps save money on labor costs but you’ll need to purchase the materials if you don’t have them already. Always fix the scratches on the car’s bumper to protect it from adverse weather conditions and also remember that auto insurance can be costly. If your car’s bumper keeps falling off there are ways to fix it!
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