BMW X Remote Start: Must-know Tricks for This Vehicle

Learning about the BMW X remote start is essential information for drivers because, regarding convenience and luxury in the automotive industry, BMW is undoubtedly one of the top contenders with advanced features like the remote start. Remote start allows you to use a key fob to start your BMW X from a distance, making it especially useful during extreme weather conditions.

Bmw X Remote Start

The ability to start your vehicle remotely saves time and ensures a comfortable temperature inside the car before you even step foot in it. In this extensive post, we will discuss how to start a BMW X with remote start, step by step, and provide troubleshooting tips to ensure a smooth start every time so you can make the most out of remote start!

How Can You Start Your BMW X With Remote Start?

You can start your BMW X with Remote Start by being adequately prepared and then pressing the lock button on the key fob. After waiting for the engine to start, you need to deactivate the system, and then you can drive your car safely.

1. Pressing the Lock Button

Starting your BMW X with remote start is easy and convenient. After preparing your vehicle for remote start, press and hold the lock button on your car’s key fob for three seconds. This will activate the remote start system, and the hazard lights on the car will flash once to indicate that the system is working.

2. Waiting for the Engine To Start

After pressing the lock button, wait a few seconds for the engine to start automatically. The climate control system in your vehicle will also turn on, allowing you to have your car heated or cooled to your preferred temperature before you even step inside.

This is very useful for those located in areas with extreme weather conditions, as they can prepare their car for them before they get in.

3. Entering the Vehicle

Once the car has started remotely, you can safely enter the vehicle. It is important to deactivate the remote start system before driving, which can be done by inserting the car key into the ignition and turning it to the on position. This is an essential safety feature to prevent anyone from driving away with your car while it’s running.

4. Driving

You can drive your car as usual after deactivating the BMW remote start system. The climate control system will automatically adjust to your preferences as you go, providing a comfortable driving experience. This feature is beneficial, especially for those who want to have their car warmed up or cooled down before they start driving.

Starting your BMW X with a remote start is a valuable feature that provides convenience and comfort to its users.

Driving Bmw X

However, it is crucial to ensure the vehicle is prepared before starting the remote start system to prevent accidents.

How Can You Prepare Your BMW X for Remote Start?

You can prepare your BMW X for remote start by parking somewhere safe. Then, you need to put the vehicle in park mode and engage the parking brake. Make sure the car windows and doors are closed and that the key fob is in range.

1. Parking the BMW X

First and foremost, ensure that your BMW X is parked in a safe location. Don’t start your vehicle in an enclosed area or in a place where people or animals may be present. This can be dangerous and may cause harm to you, your car, or others. Therefore, parking your car in an open area without the risk of accidents is always better.

2. Putting It in Park Mode

The next step is ensuring your vehicle is in park mode. This ensures that the car does not move when it starts. Additionally, ensure the parking brake is engaged to prevent the vehicle from moving.

Putting Bmw X in Park Mode

Starting your car in gear can damage your transmission, and the parking brake provides an extra layer of safety.

3. Ensuring the Doors Are Closed

Before starting your BMW X remotely, make sure that all car doors and windows are closed and that all passengers have exited the vehicle. If any of the windows are left open, the remote start system will not work. This safety feature prevents anyone from accidentally starting the car while someone is inside.

4. Ensuring the Key Fob Is Within Range

Finally, ensure that your key fob is within range of the vehicle. The BMW remote start system has a limited capacity, so you must be within a certain distance of the vehicle for it to work. If you are located too far from your car, the remote start system will not activate.

The remote start feature on BMW models can enhance your driving experience. Still, it is crucial to take the needed actions to ensure the safety of your vehicle. Following the instructions properly will help you start your car safely and securely and prevent any potential damage or harm to your vehicle or yourself.

Therefore, always remember to park your car safely, ensure the vehicle is in park mode, check that all car doors and windows are closed, and ensure that the key fob is within range before starting your BMW X with remote start.

How Can You Troubleshoot BMW X Remote Start Issues?

You can troubleshoot BMW X remote start issues by checking for issues within the various components that affect this feature.

Troubleshooting Bmw X Remote Start Issues

Check the car battery for any problems, and ensure that there are no windows or doors open. Moreover, you need to ensure that you’re in range of the vehicle.

  • Issues With Battery

The remote start system is a convenient feature that allows anyone to start their vehicles from a distance, saving them time and effort, especially during inclement weather conditions. However, there are times when the system may not work, leaving the driver stranded or inconvenienced. One of the most common reasons the remote start system fails is a dead or low battery in the key fob.

Issues With Car Battery

This is a vital component of the remote start system, and if it doesn’t have enough power, it won’t be able to send the signal to start the car remotely. Luckily, there’s an effortless solution to this problem. If you suspect that the key fob battery is the issue, the primary step is to replace the battery in the key fob.

Most BMW key fobs require a CR2032 battery, which can be easily found at most auto parts stores. It’s a simple process that involves opening the fob, removing the old battery, and replacing it with the new one.

After replacing the battery, testing the remote start system is essential. Next, you have to press the remote start button on the car key fob and wait for the car to start. If the car starts as expected, the issue was indeed the battery, which has now been resolved. If the car still doesn’t start, it’s time to explore other possible causes, such as a faulty system or other technical issues.

  • Open Doors or Windows

The remote start system also has a safety feature preventing it from functioning if any doors or windows are open. This is to prevent the car from starting if someone might be entering or exiting the vehicle. Therefore, it’s essential to check all the doors and car windows to ensure they are securely closed before attempting to start the car remotely.

  • Maintaining a Proper Distance

The remote start system has a limited range, which means you need to be within a certain distance from the car for it to work. If you are located too far from your vehicle, the remote start system will not function. Move closer to the car and try starting the vehicle remotely again. If you are still having issues, interference from other devices or obstacles may be blocking the signal. Try moving to a different place and see if that resolves the problem.

Remote start systems are a convenient feature that can make your driving experience more comfortable and efficient. However, it’s essential to troubleshoot common issues that may prevent your BMW’s remote start system from functioning correctly.

Checking the key fob battery, ensuring the car is in park mode, checking for open doors or windows, and checking the key fob range are some steps to troubleshoot these issues. With these tactics, you can enjoy the convenience of remote start and maximize the luxury that BMW provides its customers.


In this complete guide, we have discussed the step-by-step process of starting your BMW X with the remote start and provided troubleshooting tips to ensure a smooth start every time. By following the instructions, you can make the most of this convenient feature and enjoy

the luxury and comfort that BMW provides its customers:

  • To start the BMW X with remote start, hold the lock button on the key fob for three seconds.
  • Then, you need to wait for the engine to start and remember to deactivate the system before driving.
  • To prepare your BMW X for remote start, ensure the car is parked in a safe and open location.
  • Furthermore, it should be in park mode, with the parking brake engaged, and all the car doors and windows should be closed.
  • If the BMW X’s remote start system fails to function, check the battery level of the key fob and replace it if necessary.

Overall, remote start is an innovative and practical feature that BMW has incorporated into its vehicles to provide customers with a premium driving experience. With this guide, we have provided knowledge and understanding of how to start your BMW X with remote start and make the most of this convenient feature!

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