Atlas 8000 2 Post Lift: Elevating Auto Service Efficiency

In our experience with automotive equipment, the Atlas BP8000 2 Post Lift stands out as an efficient tool for any garage. It boasts a weight capacity of 8,000 lbs, which accommodates a wide range of vehicles.

We’ve noted its suitability not only in professional settings but also for home use, particularly where ceiling height is a concern.

With a total column height of 108 inches, or 9 feet, it has the design advantage of fitting comfortably in spaces with ceilings as low as 9 feet 3 inches.

A bright, spacious garage with an Atlas 8000 2 post lift in the center, surrounded by various tools and equipment

The lift’s baseplate configuration addresses the limitations posed by low-ceiling environments while still ensuring a secure and reliable platform for lifting vehicles.

We’ve found the Atlas BP8000 to be a particularly wise choice for garage owners who prioritize space efficiency.

Its installation is straightforward, and the lift’s functionality has consistently received positive assessments from users regarding its durability and ease of operation.

Key Features of the Atlas BP8000 Two-Post Lift

We take pride in pinpointing the robust features of the Atlas BP8000 two-post lift, a system known for its capability and adaptability in low-ceiling environments. This lift combines strength and innovative design to present an impressive solution for automotive lifting.

Specifications Overview

The Atlas BP8000 demonstrates an astute design tailored for versatility, providing a lifting capacity of 8,000 lb.

Its dimensions favor garages with limited vertical space, having an overall column height of 108 inches, conducive to ceilings as low as 9 feet 3 inches.

Strategic measurements offer an overall floor width that accommodates a variety of vehicles, and the symmetric arms cater to balanced lifting.

The super symmetric arm configuration furthers its utility, adapting to the varied configurations of vehicle chassis.

Specification Details
Capacity 8,000 lb.
Column Height 108 inches (9 feet)
Minimum Arm Height Specifies low pick-up point accessibility
Motor/Electrical Requirement Ensures compatibility with standard garage power supplies

Safety Mechanisms

Prioritizing safety, the BP8000 incorporates a double safety lock system with an innovative single-point lock release for efficiency and ease.

The addition of automatic arm restraints ensures that arms lock during lifting and are secured in place as the vehicle is raised, minimizing potential risks.

The column thickness of steel 6mm speaks to the robust construction of the lift, providing additional reassurance of its structural integrity.

Key Safety Features:

  • Double safety lock system
  • Automatic arm restraints
  • Single-point lock release
  • Column construction with 6mm thick steel

Installation and Setup

When installing the Atlas BP8000 two-post lift, there are crucial steps to follow, especially concerning space requirements and secure mounting. We’ll guide you through the necessary preparations and procedures to ensure a safe and efficient setup.

Space Requirements

Considerations for Installation Space:

  • The overall height needed for the Atlas BP8000 lift is minimal, making it suitable for low ceiling garages.
  • It’s important to have a total column height of 108 inches or 9 feet to accommodate the lift.
  • An ample workspace around the lift is necessary for safe operation. Home garages should have additional clearance on all sides for maneuvering vehicles and equipment.

Mounting and Anchoring

Proper mounting and anchoring are essential for the two-post lift’s stability and operation. We use high-quality anchor bolts and ensure firm embedding into concrete.

Following our specific mounting hardware guidelines ensures that the baseplate of the lift is securely attached.

Anchor Bolts and Concrete Recommendations:
Component Size and Type Details
Anchor Bolts Appropriate Length and Diameter As per the lift’s manual, compatible with the baseplate
Concrete Minimum Specifications At least 4 inches depth, 3,000 PSI

To secure the BP8000 in either a home garage or a professional setting, careful attention to the base of the lift and a thorough understanding of our mounting hardware’s specifications provide the foundation for a reliable installation.

Usability and Adaptability

When installing or using the Atlas BP8000 2-post lift, we appreciate its flexible nature and how it adapts to various vehicle sizes and shapes. Its adjustable features and compatibility with different vehicles make it a versatile tool for our garage.

Adjustable Settings

The Atlas BP8000 offers adjustable settings that enhance its usability. This lift includes a single-point lock release for ease of use.

One aspect we find particularly beneficial is the adjustable lowering speed, which allows us to control the descent of the vehicle. This feature contributes to a safer and more controlled operation.

Moreover, the lift is equipped with super symmetric arms, which provide flexibility in how we approach the lifting process.

These arms can be adjusted to either symmetric or asymmetric configurations, accommodating a variety of vehicle types.

Vehicle Compatibility

Our experience with the BP8000 confirms its compatibility with an array of vehicles.

The key to this versatility lies in the free 12-piece truck adapter set.

This set includes adapters of different heights—4 each of 2”, 3”, and 6”—which enables us to lift various vehicles safely.

Vehicle Types & Adapter Requirements

Vehicle Type Required Adapter Height Compatibility
Compact Cars 2″ Adapters High
SUVs/Trucks 3″-6″ Adapters High

The truck adapters enhance the lift’s adaptability, allowing us to accommodate heavyweight vehicles as well.

We’ve used these adapters on numerous occasions to service both light-duty trucks and passenger cars without any issues.

Maintenance and Warranty

Maintaining the Atlas 8000 2 post lift is essential to ensure longevity and safe operation.

Regular checks for hydraulic fluid levels and potential leaks in hydraulic cylinders should be routine.

Hydraulic Oil Requirements:

The lift requires 3-5 gallons of AW32/AW46 hydraulic oil, which is not included with the purchase.

It’s crucial to use the correct oil grade to maintain optimal performance and protect the lift’s hydraulic system.

Entity Detail
Motor/Electrical Requirement: Ensure the lift is connected to an appropriate power source according to its motor/electrical requirement.
Warranty: 5-year structural and 2-year hydraulic warranty, covering parts only.
Important: Always keep the lift clean, and ensure all moving parts are well lubricated.

Adhering to the recommended maintenance schedule aids in upholding the warranty.

The warranty is limited to parts, providing 5 years of coverage for structural components and 2 years for hydraulic parts.

As with any warranty, adherence to the product’s intended use and proper maintenance is a must for the warranty to remain valid.

Our role as users involve reporting any issues promptly and not attempting repairs that could void the warranty.

Trust professional services for significant maintenance tasks.

Taking proactive steps in the maintenance of the Atlas 8000 2 post lift and being mindful of the warranty terms will contribute to a hassle-free, reliable operation.

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