Alternator Cross Reference: A Complete Guide for Beginners

This alternator cross reference guide is everything that you will ever need to get over this. Today, many alternator brands are available on the market, including OEM and aftermarket options.

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To simplify things, we have provided a list of companies that offer you the best alternator cross-reference resources. Continue reading for more.

An Introduction to Alternator Cross Reference

Because of the different brands available on the market today, the need for an alternator cross-reference guide cannot be overemphasized. If you are considering getting an alternator for your vehicle, you may need to give your supplier the parts number, which is why the guide is really handy.


However, buying the right parts is not always easy, especially if you don’t fully understand the details. A key thing to keep in mind is that your supplier will not always be able to determine the exact replacement part you need. With that, you will need to have the parts number or reference.

Why Are Cross References Important

Apart from cases where you may need to recommend parts to someone or where you will need the numbers so your supplier can provide the right parts, there are other reasons why cross-references are so important. This includes the following:

Why Are Cross References Important ~ Ran When Parked

  • When your original starter or alternator is unavailable for emergency repairs or urgent cases, you will need the cross-reference because it’s a reliable and quick solution that will get your vehicle moving again.
  • They provide various alternatives and options for each model, allowing you to choose one that matches your budget, the desired performance characteristics, and availability.
  • With cross-reference information, automotive professionals and mechanics will not spend so much time looking for the ideal parts. It basically helps to reduce maintenance and repair processes.
  • In cases where a model is no longer in production, the reference makes it easier for users to identify other options that provide enhanced performance and technology.
  • Another reason why they are essential is their cost-effectiveness. The references offer different alternatives, and you can be sure to find an option that won’t break the bank and still maintain its performance and quality.
  • Regarding availability, the references are also excellent as they allow you to find other manufacturers’ options. This increases the possibility of getting the parts you need quickly.
  • Finally, the references are important because they allow you to get the exact part you need, even from a different manufacturer. Also, you will not need to compromise on functionality.

In general, cross-references are vital in ensuring cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and availability of replacement parts. This benefit is handy for both car owners and automotive professionals.

Companies With Advance Alternator Cross-references

Today, there are many companies with advanced alternator cross-references, which gives you multiple options to choose from. This comes in handy in cases where your supplier requests the reference number of the vehicle part you want to purchase or if you want to recommend a part to someone.

With that said, these are some top companies that you can find advanced alternator cross-reference from:

Delco Remy Alternator Cross-Reference

The company was formerly called Remy International Inc. and it is one of the legacies of Charles Kettering. It’s worth noting that the electric starter was invented by Charles Kettering and this was in Dayton Laboratories.

Delco Remy Alternator Cross-Reference ~ Ran When Parked

Today, the company is a supplier and manufacturer of alternators, fuel injectors, transmissions for heavy-duty vehicles and automotive, rebuilt engines, and starter motors. The company had a merger in 1927 with Remy Electric and this gave birth to Delco Remy division of GM.

The impressive thing is that Delco alternators are among the most trusted you will find on the market today. As one of the biggest manufacturers of auto parts the company prides itself in providing high quality replacement parts.

AcDelco Alternator Cross-Reference

This is a completely different platform, but many people confuse it with Delco Remy. You should note that they are the aftermarket division of General Motors, including batteries and spark plugs that are compatible with non-GM and GM vehicles.

A key thing to note is that the company has been in business for many years now, which is why its product database is detailed. In addition, AcDelco is widely recognized by different distributors, which further guarantees reliability.

They also offer a wide range of alternators, including brand-new and remanufactured types for heavy and light-duty applications.

Bosch Alternator Cross-Reference

Bosch is another popular manufacturer of auto parts, and they have been around for many years. They are a multinational engineering and technology company in Germany and have been around since 1886. The company has the experience when it comes to manufacturing auto parts.

Bosch Alternator Cross-Reference ~ Ran When Parked

Another amazing thing about the company is that they are a supplier of remanufactured and brand-new alternators. They also supply auto parts to Original Equipment Manufacturers since 1913, which is impressive. Today many old and new manufacturers rely on cross-reference alternators from Bosch.

Wilson Alternator Cross-Reference

This is a popular brand of BBB Industries, and this is an industry that has partnered with more than one thousand partners in different parts of the world. The company was established in 1940 and has since then built a reputation as a remanufacturer of generators, starters, alternators, calipers, and a range of other electrical parts.

One of the peculiar things about the company is that they also produce parts for the agricultural sector. In addition, Wilson is known for producing some of the most extensive rotating electrical parts within the automotive industry.

Mitsubishi Alternator Cross-Reference

Mitsubishi is a big name in different parts of the world and a large Japanese OE automotive manufacturer. They are located in Tokyo, and today, they have a range of products they boast of. An impressive thing about the company is that in 2011 the company became the 19th largest and 6th biggest automaker by production.

Mitsubishi Alternator Cross-Reference ~ Ran When Parkedllage

Another thing to note is that the company has a different range of alternators that can be used on different vehicles. Their alternators range from 45 to 150 amps and 12 to 24 volts for passenger vehicles. The parts and tools that the company produces are also widely known to be user-friendly and easy to use.

Napa Alternator Cross-Reference

National Automotive Parts Association is a group of different auto parts sellers, and the association was established in 1925. For many years now, they have continuously served different auto professionals through their Auto Parts Centers and NAPA stores.

Today, their distribution system boasts more than 500,000 parts with 16,000 NAPA centers and 57 stores. Their alternators are widely used in different industries today, including marine and agricultural sectors.

Dixie Alternator Cross-Reference

Dixie Electric Ltd was formed in 1968 and is located in Toronto. The company is widely known for producing remanufactured starts and generators. For many years now, the company has grown in popularity, and this is because it only produces premium quality auto components.

Dixie Alternator Cross-Reference ~ Ran When Parked

Dixie has a product line includes new generators, alternators, and starters. Even though they are primarily located in Toronto, they have expanded to other parts of the world, including India and China. Another exciting thing is that their alternators are very detailed and cross-referenced.

Deutz Alternator Cross-Reference

This brand is from Deer Behaghe, which has been around for over 50 years. The company has grown as one of the best producers of batteries, alternators, and starters in Benelux. They also boast of more than 10,000 part numbers that are compatible with different brands, including some mentioned above.

Valeo Alternator Cross-Reference

The company was established in 1923 in a small workshop in Saint-Quen, France. With more than 90 years of experience, they have evolved into a global automotive supplier, and they now service more than 33 different countries. They are also partners with some of the leading automakers in the world today.

Denso Alternator Cross Reference

The last company on our list is DENSO Corporation, which is globally called Denso. This is a global automotive car parts manufacturer with their headquarters in Japan. They were initially part of Toyota Motors but became an independent company in 1949.

However, it’s important to note that Toyota Motor still owns up to 25 percent of the company.

Denso first introduced its alternators for vehicles in 1960, and since then, it has produced a range of other products for vehicle owners and mechanics. They are also known for providing cross-references that are used in the automotive industry today.


The importance of alternator cross-references cannot be overemphasized, especially in a world where there are many brands of alternators. This comprehensive guide has provided all the information you need about cross-references, and here’s a quick recap of everything above.

  • Cross-references are valuable and should not be overlooked when buying a starter or an alternator for your vehicle.
  • They are valuable when it comes to emergency repairs, comprehensive solutions, convenience, upgrading, cost-effectiveness, availability, and compatibility.
  • Different companies produce cross-references today, and some of the reputable companies to know include Wilson, Perkins, Caterpillar, Lucas alternator cross-referencing, Iskra, and many more.

There are many other companies, but we have only highlighted leading companies with a good reputation within the automotive industry. If you are looking for a trusted and reliable supplier and manufacturer, you might want to consider one of these options.


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