Airbag Light On and Off: Common Reasons and Solutions

Airbag light on and off often indicates potential problems with your car’s safety systems. The reasons include sensor failures, loose wiring and electrical problems.

Airbag Light On and Off

Knowing what usually makes this warning light not function properly remains important to ensure your safety on the highway.

Keep reading this article as we will delve into the frequent culprits responsible for your air bag light’s flashing behavior and actionable fixes to get your airbag lights working properly.

What Are the Reasons Your Airbag Light Turns On and Off at Random?

The reasons your airbag light turns on and off at random include blown fuses, faulty seat belt pretensioners, loose wiring connections, failing airbag sensors, or clock spring issues. Sometimes, issues like malfunctioning airbag control module, water damage, or airbag backup battery depletion can cause this flashing light.

Here are the common reasons your airbag light turns on and off at random:

Damaged Airbag Sensors

Airbag sensors monitor your vehicle’s airbag system. As such, if any of these sensors start to malfunction, they can generate inaccurate signals to the system, resulting in erratic behavior of the airbag light.

For instance, modern vehicles feature passenger seat occupancy sensors that detect whether a passenger sits accordingly. A faulty sensor may incorrectly detect an occupant’s presence or absence. This frequently causes the airbag light to flash.

Faulty Seat Belts and Seat Belt Pretensioners

The airbag warning light can illuminate unexpectedly due to a faulty seat belt or seat belt pretensioner. Many contemporary vehicles incorporate seat sensors that identify correct seat belt usage. Additionally, seat belt pretensioners function to pull back and secure the belts, primarily during a collision.

Reasons of Airbag Light Turns On and Off

If these components get damaged, the airbag light may light up intermittently. Over time, as the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) identifies potential issues, the restraint system issue may not deploy as expected in the event of a collision or potential accident.

Airbag Module Issues

The airbag control module, also known as the SRS control unit, acts as the brain of the airbag system. It continually monitors various sensors and decides the appropriate moments to deploy the airbag.

A defective module can send inaccurate signals, resulting in the airbag light to turn on and off unexpectedly.

Fuse Issues

A blown fuse in the SRS system can disrupt this power distribution. This also causes your airbag warning light to illuminate randomly. A blown fuse might be due to a short circuit or excessive current load.

Airbag Backup Battery Depletion

Contemporary vehicle airbag systems are equipped with a supplementary battery to guarantee airbag deployment during power outages. Should this backup battery drain or become impaired, it can give rise to communication errors. Consequently, your airbag light may illuminate as a safety measure.

Also, if your battery isn’t working well or is getting old, it can cause the electric current in the truck’s system to fluctuate. When the voltage descends below a specific threshold, it can lead to the recurrent activation of the airbag light.

Malfunctioning Passenger Airbag Switch

Automobiles featuring a passenger airbag switch enable drivers to deactivate the passenger airbag when necessary. However, things can go wrong if the switch doesn’t work appropriately. A defective passenger airbag switch can generate inconsistent readings within the system, resulting in the illumination of your vehicle’s airbag light.

Moisture Intrusion

Exposure to water, either due to leaks or flooding, can cause damage to your vehicle’s airbag system’s components. When water gets inside, it can make parts rust which then give rise to irregular signals within the system. This can consequently prompt the illumination of your airbag light.

Loose Wire Connections

The airbag system relies on a complex wiring network. Over time, this wiring can undergo damage due to wear and tear or exposure to elevated temperatures. Thus, damaged, or corroded wires can disrupt the connection between components, thereby triggering your airbag light.

Clock Spring Issues

The clock spring helps maintain electrical connections when you turn the wheel. When the clock spring experiences wear or damage, it can interfere with communication between the airbag system and the steering wheel. Thus, this leads to the intermittent flashing of your airbag light.

Impact from Collisions or Road Conditions

Sometimes, minor collisions or jolts can affect the components of your the airbag system. Likewise, harsh road conditions, such as potholes, speed bumps, or rough terrain, can cause temporary sensor misalignment or trigger your bag system’s sensitivity.

Impact Car Collisions

Although these occurrences may not indicate a severe problem, it’s best you let an expert inspect the system.

How Do You Fix Your Airbag Warning Light That Turns On and Off?

To fix your airbag warning light that turns on and off, start by inspecting seat belt connections and verifying the integrity of the wiring connection. Also, you can check the clock spring, go for test drives, and make sure the battery has enough power.

However, note that certain automakers refer to the vehicle’s airbag light as the SRS light. This designation often signifies potential problems within the entire safety system.

If this light flashes inconsistently, it could indicate a more comprehensive issue within your vehicle’s safety system. As a result, it’s best to get professionals to thoroughly inspect your vehicle. Below are some effective solutions on how to reset airbag light:

Inspect Seat Belts and Connectors

One of the first steps to troubleshoot your airbag warning light issue is to ensure that the seatbelt connections remain secure. You can check the buckles to see if they’re damaged or dirty. Then, clean and adjust the connections as needed to eliminate any false signals that may trigger the light to turn on and off.

Fixing Airbag Warning Light That Turns On and Off

Give more consideration to the seat belt pretensioners. Tighten any connections that might have become loose, and if warranted, replace damaged seat belts or pretensioners.

Perform a Test Drive

During leisure hours, consider conducting a test drive on a safe road at different speeds. When test driving, pay attention to whether the warning light flickers during specific maneuvers or road conditions. If it does, it may indicate loose wiring or a faulty sensor.

Take notes of the situations that trigger the light to turn on or off. This information will be helpful for experts when trying to figure out exactly what’s wrong.

Examine the Airbag Module

The airbag control module is commonly positioned beneath the center console or a seat. Inspect the connections of the module for indications of looseness, impairment, or terminals affected by corrosion. If necessary, reattach and cleanse the terminals, as this action will aid in reestablishing consistent communication between the module and the airbag system.

Also, consider visiting an auto store to get help with issues related to your airbag module. Moreover, professional diagnostic tools might be essential to interpret the airbag light flashing codes and to reset the control module.

Check for Blown Fuses

Examine your vehicle’s fuse box to identify any blown fuses associated with your airbag system. Subsequently, replace the malfunctioning fuses with ones that match the appropriate amperage rating. If the problem persists even after you do this, then you might need to have experts closely check your vehicle to figure out what’s going on.

Check or Reset the Passenger Airbag Switch

It’s best also to learn how to turn off passenger airbag light. First, verify that the passenger airbag switch functions correctly if your vehicle has the switch. Try resetting the passenger airbag switch by switching it off and on a few times. However, if the issue persists, the switch may need replacement.

Address Faulty Clock Spring

You’ll find the clock spring within your vehicle’s steering wheel assembly. If you notice issues with your steering wheel controls or the horn, it could indicate a faulty clock spring. In such cases, consult experts to repair or replace the clock spring.

Replace Faulty Airbag Sensors

Inspect the airbag sensors and their mounts for signs of physical damage, misalignment, or looseness. Utilize diagnostic tools to pinpoint the specific sensors causing issues. Once identified, securely reattach, or replace any damaged components to guarantee precise sensor readings.

Ensure Adequate Battery Voltage

Consistently monitor the health of your vehicle’s battery and charging system to ensure their optimal condition. Doing this helps make sure the voltage stays at the right level and stops any possible problems in your airbag system. If the battery shows signs of wear or inability to retain a charge, make sure to replace it on time.

Also, check how the backup battery is doing or think about having professionals take a look at it. Use a multimeter to measure the voltage of the backup battery. Should it fall below the stipulated level, replace the backup battery to restore proper system performance.

Prioritize Professional Diagnostics

Nowadays, cars have complicated airbag systems, and finding out exactly where the issue comes from might need special tools and a lot of know-how. In scenarios where the underlying cause of your vehicle’s irregular warning light behavior remains unclear, your vehicle might require an extensive diagnostic scan. Typically, proficient automotive technicians carry out this diagnostic procedure.

Airbag Light On and Off Fixed

What Could Cause the Airbag Light to Stay On and Off in a Car?

The dashboard lights staying on car off can be a sign of a malfunctioning airbag system. Several reasons may cause this issue, such as a faulty sensor, a loose connection, or a problem with the airbag module. It is essential to address this problem promptly to ensure the safety of the vehicle occupants.


The random on and off of your vehicle’s airbag light indicates potential safety risks in your vehicle’s airbag system. If you know the reasons why this confusing thing happens, you can do things ahead of time to fix the problem.

Here’s a quick recap of the important points we mentioned in this article:

  • The common reasons your airbag light turns on and off include a blown fuse, faulty seat belt pretensioners, loose wiring connections, failing airbag sensors, or clock spring issues.
  • The on-and-off airbag warning light demands appropriate fixes, such as inspecting seat belt connections and verifying wiring connections and sensor functionality.
  • Some automakers label vehicle’s airbag light as the SRS light. So, if this light turns on and off randomly, it may signify a broader problem within the safety system.
  • Regular maintenance, prompt repairs, and professional assistance will help address any potential problems within your airbag system effectively.

Resolve your random airbag warning light issue to ensure your safety and that of your passengers.

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