AC Button in Car: What Is It And How Does It Work?

AC button in car is one of the buttons found on the center console and dashboard of your car. There are several buttons that are used to operate the climate control system of your car, but the AC button is highly important for heating and cooling your car.

AC Button in Car ~ Ran When Parked

The location of and symbol on your AC button depends on the make and model of your car, and it’s important to identify it to properly run your car. In this guide, we take a closer look at what the AC button in your car is and how to use it.

What Is the AC Button in Car?

The AC button in the car is the air conditioning button on your car, which is located on the dashboard or center console of your car. The design of the button and the position is different based on your car, but it is usually found near the temperature knob.

The AC button is used to turn the air conditioner of your car on and off. The AC system keeps a constant temperature in your car. It works by cooling the ventilated air with refrigerant gas. This circulates through your car and cools it down while filtering pollen, bacteria and pollutants.

What Does the AC Button Do?

The AC button sends a signal to the air conditioning compressor of your car, turning it on. This happens when you press the AC button. Then, the compressor would circulate the refrigerant around your car through the AC system.

The refrigerant will absorb heat from the air that is inside the car, and then it releases the heat outside the car. This process would either circulate cold air or hot air inside your car, and this makes it comfortable for passengers.

You can find the AC button next to the temperature knob of your car, located on the center console. Aside from the AC button, there would be a temperature knob which you can use to control the temperature of the AC system.

In most models, the AC button is illuminated whenever the air conditioning system is on, but the light is off when the AC is off. Some vehicles also come with an auto climate control setting, which will automatically adjust the temperature and fan speed of your car.

When Should You Use the AC Button in a Car?

You should use the AC button in the car to control the heating or cooling features of your car. Depending on the make and model of your car, the AC button can be used to cool it down when the weather is hot or heat it up during the winter.

Using the AC Button ~ Ran When Parked

The AC button is usually meant for use during the summer, as most people think, to cool down your car, but it can also be used to turn the heater on during the winter to heat up your car. The AC system is used to heat up the car in cold temperatures.

When you press the AC button, you need to select the temperature, and the system will automatically heat the car.

Modern cars come with an automatic mode, so once you turn the AC on, it automatically sets the temperature to a comfortable level based on your needs. If your car does not have this feature, you would have to manually adjust the temperature.

Aside from heating, the main purpose of the AC button is to cool down your car with your AC system. In some cars, you can press the button, but in other cases, you would turn the temperature knob towards the blue area. The AC system is ideal for cooling the air inside your car and reducing the humidity.

How Can You Use the AC Button?

You can use the AC button by pressing the button or turning the knob, depending on the make and model. Once you turn it on, the air conditioning system will come on and start running. There might also be a knob to set the temperature for your AC.

The AC button is usually illuminated in most cars when the AC is on, and once you click on it, the AC button goes off. Some cars come with an auto climate control setting, which you can use to automatically change the temperature and fan speed of your car. It would be based on the conditions in and outside of the car.

Max AC Button

Most cars come with a max AC button. When you press the button, rather than having to manually set the AC to the highest setting, the button will automatically do it for you.

Max AC Button ~ Ran When Parked

It’s a great option if you want to cool your car down after driving or parking in the hot weather; you can click on the max button.

Recirculated Air Button

One feature that can be found in most modern cars is the recirculated air button. This button can be found near the AC button on the center console, and it usually comes with a green or blue arrow-shaped in a circle. When you click on this button, the air in the car would be circulated into the AC system and released back into the cabin.

The recirculated air button is used when you want to circulate the air inside your car without having to use the air from outside. Some modern cars come with a fresh air setting, which you can use to bring air from outside into your car.

If the weather is cold, you can use the recirculated air setting to quickly warm up the car, while during hot weather, it can quickly cool down the car. Also, it’s a good way to stop pollutants from outside from entering your car’s cabin when trying to cool it down.

What Are the Buttons for the AC System?

The buttons for the AC system include the snowflake, fan, front windshield defrost, rear window defrost, upper airflow and lower airflow. All of these buttons are used to control the AC of most cars, although it depends on the make and model.

Buttons for the AC System ~ Ran When Parked

The snowflake button is actually meant to turn the AC system on. It’s the AC button. It would kickstart the AC pump and take heat and moisture to make the interior of your car cooler than it was before.


The fan button in your car shows the amount of power that the air would have when it comes out of your car vents. If you use the fan, the air would be stronger rather than gentle and cool. The fan button has two icons, one of which is filled in, and the other is an outline. The filled-in fan shows a higher strength.

Front Windshield Defrost

Another button is the front windshield defrost, which has a symbol that consists of wavy lines that intersect in a trapezoid. If you click on this button, it will activate the vents at the base of the windshield to release the hot air. Then, this would warm up the glass and help you defog the windscreen of your car.

Rear Window Defrost

The rear window defrost has a similar function to the front windshield defrost mentioned above.

Rear Window Defrost ~ Ran When Parked

The button is indicated by wavy lines that intersect into a rectangle. It would defrost the windows in the back seat of your car.

Upper Airflow

Another button found on most cars near the AC button is the upper airflow button. The design of the button has an arrow pointing at a person’s face. It would blow the air through the vents on the dashboard so that it reaches your chest level.

Lower Airflow

If you have this button, this means that the air would be blowing through the vents under the dashboard and under the seats to the back-row passengers. The button is designed with an arrow pointing at a person’s feet.

External Air Intake

If you notice a button with an icon showing an arrow entering the car, that means the external air intake button. The button means that the AC system will draw air from outside of your car.

External Air Intake ~ Ran When Parked

If you don’t have this button, the car will do this function whenever the recirculation option is off.


The sync button is usually found in cars that have dual-zone climate systems. In these cars, the driver and passenger can choose separate temperatures for their sides of the car. But, if you click on the sync button, the cabin will have the same heat level for both the driver and the passenger.

Auto Sign

This button means automatic AC and is usually found in modern cars. The system would notice the temperature you set for the cabin and would constantly adjust the temperature to ensure that it is being maintained.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should the Recirculation Button Be Used in the Car?

The recirculation button should be used when operating the AC system in hot weather. If you’re using the AC when the weather is hot, the button can reduce the stress on the system, reduce fuel consumption and cool your car effectively.

What Does the AC Button Do When the Heater Is On?

The AC button provides dehumidification when the heater is on. If you put them on at the same time, it would defog the windows and also enhance visibility in your car. But, it might also cause the air to become cooler and might be uncomfortable for some.

Does the AC Button Consume More Gas?

The AC button does not consume more gas. The AV system works with electricity and is powered by a car battery, so it is not related to gas. You can reduce the strain on the battery with the air recirculation button.

Pressing AC Button in Car ~ Ran When Parked

What Mode Is Best for Your Car AC?

The recirculation mode is the best for your car AC. The recirculation mode is usually considered the best option for your AC system, as it can cool the air inside your car faster. It would circulate the cool air in the cabin instead of taking air from outside.


The AC button in car is an important button because it determines the comfort of your car’s interior, whether it is hot or cold. Here’s a summary of our article on the function:

  • The AC button is a button that is found on the center console or dashboard of your car and controls the AC system.
  • When you press the AC button or turn the knob, it sends a signal to the AC compressor and turns it on, thus circulating the refrigerant through the car.
  • You should use the AC button when you want to heat or cool your car, as it can function as a heater or a cooler, depending on the temperature you choose.
  • You can use the AC button by clicking on it and adjusting the temperature knob; you can also use the max AC and recirculated air button.
  • Other buttons in the AC system include the fan, front or rear window defrost, and upper and lower airflow.

You can easily control your AC system depending on your needs, but you should check the user manual of your car before you do so.


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