AAA Waiting Period for Towing: Understanding Your Membership Benefits

When it comes to securing peace of mind on the road, the importance of reliable roadside assistance cannot be overstated. As avid drivers ourselves, we understand the value that safety and immediate help bring, especially when faced with an unexpected roadside breakdown. A staple in the realm of such safety nets is AAA Roadside Assistance, offering a suite of benefits to members—including towing services. However, what’s crucial for new or reinstated members to know is that there is typically a 48-hour waiting period before some benefits can be used.

A car sits stranded on the side of the road, hazard lights blinking, as it waits for a tow truck to arrive

Towing services are particularly sought after by motorists in need—and AAA provides these through various membership tiers. We’ve found that Classic level service, for instance, includes towing up to five miles. But this benefit is not fully accessible the minute you join. There is a waiting period, which is in place to ensure that the services are used by those who have ongoing membership rather than by those only seeking immediate service. That said, AAA does facilitate a means to bypass the waiting period for a fee, allowing for immediate access to certain benefits.

As conscientious protectors of both our vehicles and our safety, we consider the structured benefits of a AAA membership crucial in our decision-making. It’s paramount to be informed of the various waiting periods and towing service limitations to best prep us for unexpected vehicular troubles. Understanding the nuances, such as per-mile fees after the included mileage and the availability of immediate assistance options, allows us to leverage the benefits of AAA with confidence and clarity, ensuring we’re never stranded without support.

Joining AAA

When considering AAA Membership, it’s critical to know the types available, how to enroll, and what benefits are included. Timely assistance and peace of mind are just a few of the perks we provide to our members.

Membership Types

AAA offers several membership levels:

  • Classic: The basic level of coverage starting immediately upon enrollment.
  • AAA Plus: Enhanced services available 7 days after enrollment.
  • Premier Membership: The highest level of services, also commencing 7 days after enrollment.

Enrollment Process

Enrollment Step Action Required
Sign-Up Online or Via Phone Utilize the AAA mobile app or call customer service.
Immediate Road Service Pay a $75 fee to waive the 48-hour waiting period for roadside assistance.
Receive Membership Card Typically arrives with your photo ID within 10-14 days after enrollment.

Membership Benefits

When you join AAA, you gain access to a variety of benefits.
  • Roadside Assistance: Available immediately with classic service, while Plus and Premier services commence after a 7-day waiting period.
  • Towing Services: Standard towing is included with initial membership. Upgraded towing options are available with AAA Plus and Premier after the waiting period.
  • Lockout Service: Lockout services for vehicles, with extended benefits for AAA Premier members.
⚠️ A Warning

🚨 Existing AAA members with lapsed memberships facing immediate car troubles must also pay an additional Same Day Service Fee on top of membership dues for roadside assistance.

Roadside Assistance Services

When your vehicle is stranded, prompt and reliable service is crucial. We’re here to offer support through our comprehensive roadside assistance services, covering various emergencies.

Requesting Service

To request emergency roadside assistance from us, call 1-800-AAA-HELP or visit We respond swiftly when you’re in need of assistance, ensuring that help is on the way to your location. You can also text HELP to 1-800-AAA-HELP for prompt reply with a service link.

How to Request Service:
  • Call 1-800-AAA-HELP
  • Visit
  • Text HELP to 1-800-AAA-HELP

Towing and Mechanic Services

In the event your car requires towing, we offer reliable transport to the nearest repair shop. If a mechanic’s services are necessary, we ensure your vehicle is taken care of promptly to minimize your downtime. Towing services are available to get your car to safety and to make sure it receives the care it needs.

Battery and Locksmith Support

Should you face a dead battery or a lock-related issue, our team is equipped to help. We can jump-start your car or provide a battery replacement if necessary. If you’re locked out, our locksmith service is there to help you regain access to your vehicle quickly and securely.

Locksmith services are included as part of our roadside assistance to help you when you’re locked out of your car.

Membership Management

As responsible AAA members, we always ensure our membership is well managed. This means staying on top of renewals, understanding how to use our membership internationally, and knowing what to do if our membership card goes missing.

Renewal and Fees

Renewal: It’s crucial to renew our AAA membership on time to continue enjoying uninterrupted service. AAA membership dues are annually recurring, and we receive notifications well before the renewal date.

Same Day Service Fee:

In urgent situations, newer members might need service on the same day. They can request this for an additional fee, providing immediate access to basic coverage and bypassing the standard waiting period.

Using Your Membership Abroad

When we travel to Canada, our AAA membership still supports us. In case we require roadside assistance, AAA has partnerships with local service providers to help us out. However, cross-border services may have separate terms, so a quick call to AAA before we head out is a smart move to confirm details.

Lost or Stolen Membership Card

🚨 In the event of a lost or stolen membership card, it’s imperative to report it immediately to protect our account. Here’s what we do:

Step 1: Call AAA customer service 24/7.
Step 2: Provide our membership number and personal details for verification.
Step 3: Request a replacement card. While waiting for it, we can still access services since our membership is not solely tied to the physical card.

⚠️ A Warning:

Never share our membership details publicly to avoid unauthorized use in case of theft. Always keep our membership number safe and private.

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