2012 Ram Push Button Start Conversion: A Step-by-Step Upgrade Guide

Upgrading a 2012 Dodge Ram to boast push button start technology brings modern convenience to a robust vehicle.

With advancements in automobile electronics, it’s possible to retrofit older models like the 2012 Ram with newer features like push button start and remote start systems.

These systems offer an elevated level of ease, allowing the driver to start their vehicle with just the press of a button and sometimes even from a distance using a remote.

2012 Ram Push Button Start Conversion: A Step-by-Step Upgrade Guide

Identifying a proper kit that is compatible with your vehicle’s ignition system is the first step.

It’s important to consider VIN-specific or universal kits available on the market.

The installation process can be complicated, often requiring a good understanding of the vehicle’s wiring and sometimes professional assistance.

By incorporating a push button start system, we also enhance security, as many kits come with advanced features including proximity sensors and encrypted transmission between the remote and the vehicle.

The transformation brings a touch of modernity and comfort to our driving experience, giving us the pleasure of starting our 2012 Ram with a single touch while providing the added benefit of not having to insert and turn a key—an advantage in both convenience and style.

Optimizing Your Vehicle’s Remote Start System

Optimizing your Dodge Ram’s remote start functionality can provide both convenience and comfort.

We’ll guide you through understanding your vehicle’s remote system, selecting the best kit for installation, and providing a concise installation walkthrough.

Understanding the Remote Start Mechanism

The remote start mechanism allows you to start your vehicle’s engine from a distance using a remote key fob.

For Ram 1500 Classic models, particularly those with just Fobik remote capability, upgrading to a proximity push start system can enhance your experience.

The OEM push start provides a seamless start function, while after-market kits often mimic this functionality and require different installation processes.

Key Benefits:
  • Comfort of warming or cooling the vehicle before entry.
  • Convenience of not using the key in traditional ignition.

Choosing the Right Remote Start Kit

When selecting a remote start kit, ensure it is compatible with automatic transmissions and comes with the necessary components, such as the part number: 68245484AD for Rams.

Prefer a premium push start kit that debatably offers a plug and play option, albeit usually requiring some installation effort.

Look for ones that include detailed pdf installation instructions and offer free tech support.

Considerations for Kit Selection Benefits
Automatic Transmission Compatibility Ensures proper integration with your vehicle’s system
Ease of Installation (Plug and Play) Reduces complexity and duration of setup

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

For the installation, gather all tools and components beforehand.

The key steps include disconnecting the battery, installing the kit’s hardware into the vehicle’s system, and connecting the wiring.

Depending on the chosen kit, a manual or additional installation media such as videos might be available to assist you throughout the process.

Always consult the provided instructions carefully to avoid any issues and remember to test the remote start functionality multiple times before considering the job complete.
⚠️ A Warning

Incorrect installation can lead to vehicle malfunction or voided warranties. If unsure, always seek professional assistance.

Seamless Integration of Proximity Handles and Keys

In the realm of vehicle customization, integrating proximity handles and key fobs with a 2012 Ram’s existing systems can unlock a new level of convenience.

We ensure this process respects the vehicle’s original architecture for seamless operation.

Understanding Proximity Access Technology

Proximity handles, prox keys, and proximity fobiks are crucial components in a modern access system.

These devices communicate wirelessly with the vehicle, allowing us to unlock the doors without traditional key-turn methods.

Essentially, they recognize when we are in close proximity and activate the system.

Customizing OEM Features for Enhanced Convenience

Retrofitting a 2012 Ram with OEM proximity features not only improves accessibility but also retains the integrity of the truck’s original specifications.

Key Components to Consider for OEM Integration:

  • Door Handles: Must be compatible with proximity sensors.
  • RF Module: Coordinates with the key fobs.
  • Wiring Harness: For electrical connections to sensors and antennas.

Maintaining the Integrity of Factory Build Systems

Integrating new technology into existing systems requires a keen understanding of the vehicle’s electronic and mechanical infrastructures.

Our approach focuses on maintaining the 2012 Ram’s factory settings while introducing smart, user-friendly enhancements such as proximity handles and OEM remote start systems.

We aim for an upgrade that feels as though it was always meant to be part of our Ram truck.

⚠️ Important Note

We must take care to ensure all new components are fully compatible with the existing system and do not impair the vehicle’s functionality or safety features.

After-Purchase Support and Warranty Information

When converting your 2012 RAM to a push-button start, it’s essential to understand the support and warranty provided for the components involved. This knowledge ensures that any issues post-installation are dealt with efficiently.

Navigating Warranty Policies and Limitations

Our products usually come with a 3-year warranty covering unlimited miles. The warranty typically ensures against defects in workmanship or the product itself.

⚠️ Warning

Any tampering, reprogramming, or alteration by unauthorized mechanics, shops, or dealerships will immediately void your warranty.

Handling Returns, Refunds, and Restocking Fees

Purchases can be returned within 30 days provided the product is in its original condition.

If you decide to return an item, a 20% restocking fee may apply.

We offer a full refund excluding the restocking fee, but the return shipping cost must be covered by the customer.

Refund Component Customer’s Responsibility
Product Condition Must be in original state
Shipping for Returns Cost incurred by customer

Accessing Technical Support and Installation Assistance

We provide complimentary technical support to assist you with installation and programming tools use.

For direct support:

  • Email: Reach out with specific inquiries alongside your billing address and order details.
  • Phone: Available during business hours for immediate assistance.
  • Comments Section: Input any clarifying questions during purchase for pre-emptive support.

Shipping options, including ground, 2nd day, and next day air, are available.

International orders are welcome, and payment methods are flexible, including PayPal.

Always ensure the shipping and billing address match to prevent delays.

The Shopping and Shipping Process: Maximizing Convenience

When we decide to upgrade our 2012 Ram with a push button start system, we begin with a meticulous shopping process to ensure we get the right parts.

Ignition switch kits for conversion are available on various online platforms, offering a range of features from basic start functions to advanced proximity sensors for doors.

Selecting the Right Kit

Here are some quick tips:

  • Utilize drop down menus on vendor websites to select your truck model accurately.
  • Look for installation files/media provided by the seller for a smooth installation process.

Once we have selected the appropriate kit, the shipping options typically include:

Shipping Method Duration Suitability
Ground 5-7 Business Days Cost-effective for non-urgent orders
2nd Day Air 2 Business Days Balance between speed and cost
Next Day Air 1 Business Day For urgent needs

We offer international orders, and these usually take longer due to customs and distance.

When it comes to payment, secure options like PayPal or direct credit card payments are available, ensuring both convenience and safety.

We diligently check our billing address, and in the comments section, we sometimes leave notes for the seller if we have any specific delivery instructions.

If ever we encounter the need to make returns/refunds, we make sure to thoroughly read the return policy before purchasing to avoid any hassles later on.

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