Will AAA Tow a Car I Just Bought? Understanding Post-Purchase Roadside Assistance

When purchasing a car, whether from a dealership or a private seller, transportation of the vehicle to your home or mechanic may be necessary, especially if it’s not in drivable condition. As members of AAA (American Automobile Association), many buyers wonder whether their membership covers the towing of a newly acquired vehicle. The answer lies in understanding the services provided under different levels of AAA membership and the specific conditions regarding roadside assistance.

Will AAA Tow a Car I Just Bought? Understanding Post-Purchase Roadside Assistance

AAA is known for its comprehensive roadside assistance services, which include towing, battery jump-starts, and more for its members. However, the extent of these services can vary based on the type of membership you hold. For instance, a basic AAA membership typically covers towing services within a certain limit of miles, while AAA Plus and Premier extend these limits, providing greater coverage and additional benefits. But when it comes to towing a car you’ve just bought, there are additional considerations, such as the vehicle’s operability and the purpose of the tow.

If your newly purchased car is operational but unexpectedly breaks down, your AAA membership can be a saving grace by providing the necessary towing services in accordance with your membership plan and limits. On the other hand, if you need a tow for an inoperable car you just bought, you might face certain conditions or limitations. It’s important for us as AAA members to familiarize ourselves with the specific details of our plan, to ensure seamless service when we need it the most.

Comprehensive AAA Membership Benefits

We understand that purchasing a car is just the first step in ownership – ensuring we can safely transport it home or to another location is crucial. AAA memberships offer a variety of roadside assistance services and benefits that facilitate this. Let’s explore what each membership level offers to help us during the car-buying process.

Understanding Coverage Levels

Membership Levels
  • Classic Membership – Our base plan includes towing up to five miles, battery service, and car lockout service up to $50.
  • Plus Membership – An enhanced plan offering towing up to 100 miles, and higher coverage limits for lockout services.
  • Premier Membership – The highest tier with up to 200 miles of towing, one tow up to 100 miles, and a free car rental if our vehicle needs to be towed.

Exploring Roadside Assistance Features

Each membership plan incorporates emergency roadside assistance services such as towing, flat tire changes, and emergency fuel delivery. When we purchase a new vehicle, AAA can assist with towing under our coverage limits. Additional services include:

  • Towing: Depending on our membership level, we can tow our newly purchased car to a desired location.
  • Flat Tire: If the car we bought has a flat, AAA will replace it with the spare.
  • Fuel Delivery: Should the car run out of fuel, AAA will deliver enough to get it to the nearest gas station.
  • Locksmith Service: If keys are locked inside the vehicle, AAA’s locksmith service can help us regain entry according to our membership plan.
  • Battery Service: Battery dead on our new purchase? AAA will test and jump-start it on the spot.

Exclusive Discounts and Services

Being a AAA member also unlocks various discounts and services that can benefit us beyond the towing of our new vehicle. These include:

  • AAA Approved Auto Repair Shop: Discounts at repair shops that meet AAA’s high standards.
  • Car Rental: Significant savings with affiliated rental car companies if we need a rental while our vehicle is in the shop.
  • Membership Card: Our AAA membership card can provide discounts at multiple participating businesses, helping us reduce costs associated with owning our new car.

Utilizing these benefits wisely can make the experience of buying and moving a new car both economical and stress-free.

Membership Plans and Pricing

We understand how crucial it is for you to select the right AAA membership plan when considering roadside assistance for a newly purchased vehicle. Our offerings cater to a variety of needs and budgets with the AAA Classic, Plus, and Premier membership options.

Comparing Classic, Plus, and Premier Plans

Membership Tier Classic Plus Premier
Service Calls Up to 4 per year Up to 4 per year plus extended towing Up to 4 per year plus extended towing and additional benefits
Towing Distance Up to 5 miles Up to 100 miles One tow up to 200 miles; others up to 100 miles
Lockout Service Basic vehicle lockout service Up to $100 coverage Up to $150 coverage
Other Benefits Discounts, Trip Planning All Classic benefits plus more All Plus benefits plus more (e.g., travel accident insurance)

Each membership tier caters to different levels of roadside assistance and other related services. Classic members receive essential services, ideal for short-distance commuters. Plus members benefit from extended towing range and higher lockout service coverage, suitable for those who travel longer distances. Premier members enjoy the highest level of benefits with added perks like travel accident insurance, making it the best option for extensive travelers.

Determining Cost and Value

The cost of AAA membership varies based on the chosen plan:

  • AAA Classic membership typically starts at around $64.99 per year.
  • AAA Plus membership provides additional value with an increased price point due to the extended range of services.
  • Premier membership is the most comprehensive plan with a corresponding increase in dues reflective of the premium services provided.

Restrictions and Limitations: Plans have specific terms and service call limits, which can influence the overall value based on individual needs.

New members may incur an admission fee, which is separate from the annual cost.

Determining the right plan should be based on your unique driving habits, usual travel distance, and peace of mind desired. The balance between cost and value is crucial; therefore, we recommend carefully reviewing each plan’s benefits versus its cost to ensure it aligns with your expectations and requirements.

AAA Services for Different Vehicles

Our AAA membership comes with the peace of mind that we are covered in case of vehicle trouble. Whether we’re driving a car, riding a motorcycle, or traveling with an RV or trailer, AAA provides specific services to accommodate different types of vehicles on the road.

Car and Motorcycle Assistance

Cars: 🚗 In the event of a breakdown, our standard AAA membership assures us that our car will be towed to a nearby repair shop. Additional services include flat tire service and battery replacement.

For motorcycles, the process is similar, but requires an optional AAA Motorcycle coverage to be added:

Motorcycles: 🏍️ Should we experience an issue with our motorcycle, we can rest easy knowing that AAA will tow it to safety, as long as we have the specific motorcycle roadside assistance coverage.

RV and Trailer Support

Towing a recreational vehicle (RV) or trailer involves more specialized consideration, which is catered by AAA through its RV-specific membership plans.

Membership Type Towing and Roadside Assistance Benefits
AAA Plus RV Towing services for RVs, motorhomes, and trailers conforming to increased weight and size restrictions
AAA Premier RV If available, this extends benefits even further for worry-free long-distance travels

Traveling in an RV or with a trailer means we need to have the right plan that acknowledges the nuances of larger vehicles. This tailored AAA coverage ensures we’re never left stranded, no matter the size of our vehicle.

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