Why Does My Tires Make a Humming Noise? Reasons and Fixes

Why does my tires make a humming noise?” is a common query among car owners who have noticed a strange sound coming from the tires.

Why Does My Tires Make a Humming Noise

The reason can be as simple as a faulty wheel bearing or a bad alignment of wheels. These issues are inexpensive and quick to repair.

This article will help you find all the possible reasons and fixes to get rid of noisy tires.

Why Do Your Car Tires Make a Humming Noise?

Your car tires make a humming noise because of uneven tire wear, the need for rotation, or a bad wheel bearing. It also happens when the wheels are not aligned or if there is a problem with the brakes. Other reasons include unfit tires and heavy weight on the car. 

– Unevenly Worn-out Tires

It is the most common reason for a tire making slight humming sounds. Tires have a tread pattern that keeps them firm on the road by producing friction. But, with time, this pattern wears out, and thus the traction declines. 

The tires wear out for various reasons, such as tire deflation or a damaged suspension. You can observe the tires to know the reason. If you see wear on the center of the tire, the tire is most likely over-inflated.

The wear can also be on the edges, indicating a deflated tire. But if you see little patches on the tire, also known as cupping wear, you might have a problem with the suspension. If the wear on the tires is not even, the drivers hear a noise from the tires. It happens because the worn-out tires need to exert greater force to drive.

– Tires Not Rotated for a While

The tires on your car can make a sound if you have not rotated them in a long time. Both old and new tires need rotation after some time. You can consult the suitable period with the manufacturers. 

Why Do Your Car Tires Make a Humming Noise

Getting the tires rotated saves them from uneven wear. If you have been driving on irregular paths, the drivetrain puts sudden force on the tire. It creates low areas in the tires and these areas do not come in contact with the road. It can create further wear on the tires and they make humming noises

So tire rotation benefits by spreading the wear on all four tires equally. It also enhances the tread life of tires and improves the driving experience by ensuring good traction. 

But if you neglect to rotate the tires, they will put greater stress on the drivetrain and damage other parts. Even a new tire on your car can make noises because the tread on new tires undergoes more uneven damage, so new tires making noise are not a big concern.

– New or Unfitting Tires

If you are worried about new tire noises, you must know that they take some time to quiet down. It is because the new tread pattern is rough. In such a case, you will experience the humming noise in car getting louder with speed. It is especially true for off-road tires as they take more time to get a comfortable tread. 

But if a new tire makes sounds, you should also check whether it is the right size or not. Although it does not happen much, a mechanic might suggest the wrong size tire for the wheel on your car. Thus, if that is the problem, you need to replace the tire with one that fits the wheel and car or else it will damage other car components.

– Unbalanced Weight of the Car

If you are still wondering, “Why does my tires make a humming noise when I carry cargo?” unbalanced tires are the reason. If you put a heavy object inside the car, it will shift the entire weight to one side, resulting in unbalanced tires. 

For example, you might complain that my rear tires are making a humming noise. It is because you have put the cargo on the rear car side. As a result of this, you will not be able to drive smoothly, and the tires will make noise. If you do not fix it fast, you might end up damaging the tires and other car components, such as the axle. 

– Defective Brake System

If you hear a high hum or loud tire noise at highway speeds, you should check the brakes and brake rotors. With time, dust collects in the rotor since it is present in the wheel. So although it is not an alarming problem, it is better to check and replace the brake pads.

– Bad Wheel Bearings

If you are thinking “Why are my tires so loud all of a sudden?” that is your first clue to detecting a bad wheel bearing. These bearings act as a bridge between the axle and wheels. 

Bad Car Wheel Bearings

They ensure minimum friction between the components. The wheel bearings are small spherical beads that glide to provide a smooth workflow, but damaged bearings can cause vibration due to friction, and the car may stop. 

So it is important to fix the faulty bearings in time as they can also harm the suspension or braking system. You can readily tell the difference between the wheel bearing noise and normal tire wear. The sound of a bad wheel bearing is a loud grinding or clicking noise.

– Wheels Need Alignment

The alignment of wheels is important for the proper functioning of the engine. Even if one of them is not aligned with the axle and other wheels, the car hums. Thus, you might find a rear or front tire making loud noise when driving

But there is an easy way to diagnose misaligned wheels. You can look at the car wheels through a mirror at home to spot the misaligned tire. Otherwise, you can take the car to a mechanic and ask him to check the wheel alignment.  

How Can You Fix Humming Tires on Your Car?

You can fix humming tires on your car by rotating the wheels or changing the wheel bearing. Sometimes the solution is as easy as inflating the tires or balancing weight in the car; wheel alignment can also be helpful. The last resort is getting new tires that fit the wheels.

– Take the Car for Maintenance To Check the Tires

If the problem is at its initial stage, a mechanic can detect and fix it. This way, you will have to spend less money and save your car from serious issues in the future. 

Most of the time, noises from tires are easy to fix. For example, if the tires are making noises because they lost air pressure, you only have to inflate them. Similarly, new tires making flapping noises should be taken back to the owner so they can replace them.  

– Rotate the Tires

If you do not have new tires, it is better to rotate them instead of replacing them. If you have recently started hearing the noise, the rotation will fix it and save you the cost of buying new tires.

How Can You Fix Humming Tires on Your Car


Moreover, the rotation of tires depends on the type of drivetrain in your car, so it is better to consult an experienced person. After rotation, it is normal to feel the imbalanced tires via the steering wheel for some time.  

– Replace Worn-out Bearings

The noise from tires due to damaged wheel bearings is also repairable. Although it is not an emergency, if the bearings are noisy, you should replace them in time. You can ask an auto mechanic to replace the old wheel bearing.

– Get New Tires

If everything has failed and you are still wondering “How to quiet noisy tires,tire replacement is the solution. A tire having uneven wear or cracks might blow out soon, so if your car came with a spare tire, it would be easy and inexpensive. Otherwise, you can buy a new tire.

Why Do My Tires Make a Humming Noise Conclusion

Can a Humming Noise from Tires Be Caused by a Serpentine Belt Issue?

Can a humming noise from tires be caused by a serpentine belt squeal? It is possible. A worn or misaligned serpentine belt can generate noise and vibration that can transmit to the tires, resulting in a humming sound. To resolve the issue, check and replace the belt if necessary, ensure proper alignment, and fix any underlying problems to prevent further serpentine belt squeal causes and solutions.


The reasons and repair methods mentioned here will help you diagnose the root of the issue and fix it.

The following key points are important to remember:

  • Uneven wearing of the tire, faulty wheel bearings, and misaligned tires create noise.
  • Getting the wrong size tire or putting a lot of weight on one side of the car also leads to noisy tires.
  • Tire rotation, alignment of wheels, and replacement of the damaged wheel bearing can fix the noise.

Now that you know the answer to “Why does my tires make a humming noise?” you can take quick steps to fix it.

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