Why Are Jeeps So Expensive: A Complete Look At Its Value

Why are Jeeps so expensive?’ is a question that most drivers consider, especially since the Jeep is more expensive than other vehicle brands in their class. The Jeep is one constant brand when looking at the best off-road SUVs, but it does not come cheap.

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Many people consider buying a Jeep at some point, but they start to consider whether or not the price is worth it. In this guide, we take a closer look at what makes Jeeps more expensive and the best ones that you should purchase.

Why Are Jeeps So Expensive?

Jeeps are so expensive because they belong to a high vehicle class, have a rich history, require low maintenance costs, have a reduced supply of the Jeep, and have high popularity. Jeeps also feature highly advanced security features and unique designs, and it’s better than its competitors.

Jeeps are known for their high-quality designs and construction, and you won’t spend a lot of money on maintenance for a long time. Since they have a strong build quality, the Jeeps would last for a very long time, making the expensive price worth it. The most expensive Jeep that you can buy is the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk.

Rich History

One of the highlights of the Jeep is its long and rich history in the United States, causing it to be linked to the concepts of freedom and adventure. The first Jeep was made for the U.S. Army during the Second World War, and so it was a sturdy car that could handle unfavorable conditions.

Aside from that, many celebrities and politicians have owned and driven a Jeep. Queen Elizabeth II used a Jeep while visiting Northern Ireland, while President D. Roosevelt owned a Jeep. This rich history makes the Jeep highly sought after among car enthusiasts, especially since the newest releases have the same designs as the original 4×4 Jeep.

High Vehicle Class

Jeep is in the class of a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), which is why it’s more expensive than sedans. SUVs are larger, more rugged, and more durable, so they are usually more expensive than you would expect. Jeep offers the benefits expected from an SUV, making it cheaper.

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There are different reasons why you should choose an SUV like a Jeep over a regular sedan or saloon car. It has a large storage space and boot volume, more height and legroom, and spacious passenger capacity. They also come with good factory standard equipment, off-roading capabilities and advanced safety features.

Low Maintenance Costs

Jeeps don’t require a lot of maintenance, which is a relief since the initial cost is very expensive. It costs about $650 per year to maintain a new Wrangler, which is around the same level as the national average.

Since the Jeep is a rugged car, it can handle the worst driving conditions, so the average maintenance costs will be low. If you own a Jeep, you won’t have to worry about replacing the parts regularly, as they are designed to last for decades. But, you have to consider the insurance costs.

Very Popular

There is no doubt that the Jeep is one of the most popular SUVs in the world, which definitely contributes to its high price. It’s so popular that many SUVs are called Jeep despite being from a different brand. Since Jeeps were sold to the public in 1945, they have remained a popular option.

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One of the top Jeeps is the Wrangler, which has shown how popular Jeeps are. It has gained the trust of customers over the years and focuses on improving its features and comfort. Jeep focuses on balancing the comfort of the Wrangler with its off-roading strength.

Low Supply

Since the supply of Jeep is low, it naturally drives the prices high. Jeep has intentionally reduced its fleet sales, and so it releases fewer cars per decade compared to other SUV brands like Toyota.

Since Jeeps have a long history, some of them are scarce and worth a fortune. Some second-hand Jeeps, like the JP CJ-10, would cost over $20,000 to purchase.

Advanced Features for Security

Jeep comes with different advanced features for better security and off-roading, but all of these contribute to the expensive price of the SUV. Depending on the model and trim, your Jeep can have security features like Full-Speed Forward Collision Warning.

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It also comes with rear cross path detection, ParkView Review Back-Up Cameras, Keyless Entry N Go, standard airbags, tire fill notification, panic buttons, and automatic headlights.

Stands Out From The Competition

Jeeps are known to be better than their competitors, which contributes to their price. For instance, the Jeep Cherokee and Toyota RAV4 are close competitors, but the Cherokee comes with a class-exclusive axle disconnect, advanced slip differential, and Selec-Terrain 4×4 management tool.

Another competitor is the Ford Escape, but the Cherokee sets itself apart with spacious cargo room and seating space. It also comes with technology features like a real-time traffic display, speed-sensitive wipers, Trailer Sway Control, LED taillights, and more. All of these make the Jeep worth it despite the high prices.

Unique Design

Another highlight that adds to the high demand and prices of Jeeps is the removable doors. For one, the Jeep comes with removable doors and is even the only car you can drive doorless in the U.S.

Also, the Jeep comes with a lightweight body and solid build that allows you to drive freely with confidence on any terrain. The uniqueness of the Jeep and other features make it expensive.

Why Do Jeeps Retain Their Value?

Jeeps retain their value because they are a niche set of vehicles with no solid competition, and they are not mass-produced vehicles, so they are scarce. In terms of value retention, the Jeep is one of the best car brands and would retain 70% of its original value within ten years.

Jeeps don’t have mainstream competition as they are niche. Although there are other SUVs out there, the Jeep has carved out a niche for itself. Other SUVs have not reached the reputation and popularity of the Jeep.

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Also, Jeeps are not mass-produced, so the market is not saturated with many models. Due to this, it’s hard for people to find one to purchase which retains their value. Jeeps come with a very expensive price in the market and have a high resale price, too. They retain their value for a long time.

The high resale value of Jeeps means that you can resell your SUV at a decent price. For instance, the 1988 Jeep Wrangler still has about 40% of its original value. Keep in mind that the Jeep needs to have been well-maintained for it to retain its value.

This is unlike other S.U. brands like the BMW and Maserati, which lose over 60% of their value within the first five years.

What Is the Best Jeep to Purchase?

The best Jeep to purchase is the Jeep Wrangler. The Wrangler is known as a highly reliable off-road vehicle, which is why it has gained a lot of popularity among buyers. The Wrangler is a highly versatile SUV that can be used for your daily commuting and off-roading.

The Jeep Wranglers are long-lasting and durable cars that can handle all kinds of abuse, which makes them a popular option. Also, there are specific car parts that have been made for the Jeep Wrangler. Furthermore, the Wrangler is known for having a large community, so if you own one, you can talk to hundreds more.

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If you constantly go off-roading, you will see that there are Wrangler setups located there. The Jeep Wranglers are also the best-selling Jeeps in the market, and it comes with customization options and enhanced however you like. This should answer your question of, ‘Why are Jeep Wranglers expensive?’

Aside from the Jeep Wranglers, the best Jeep models to buy include the Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Gladiator, Jeep Patriot, and Jeep Compass.

How Long Will a Jeep Last?

A Jeep will last as long as 15 years if it is well-maintained. Some models can last as long as 20 years as long as they are taken care of. Also, the Jeep is designed for durability and handling harsh conditions for a long time.

Even if the Jeep is designed to handle abuse, it will last longer if it is properly maintained. Since the maintenance is cheap, it would be no problem to do so. Keep in mind that the Jeep isn’t simply an SUV for commuting in the city.

Most people purchase a Jeep and only think about the brand name and aesthetic. But the off-road vehicles have some impressive off-road capabilities that you should not ignore. If you’re getting a Jeep, you should focus on getting the most out of the SUV.

Is It Worth It to Buy A Jeep?

It is worth it to buy a Jeep, although you need to consider the lifestyle and high price tag. The SUV is a versatile vehicle that you can use for commuting, but it would also be a good choice if you want to go on a road trip or camping.

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When considering getting a Jeep, you should consider whether you want to buy a 4×4 heavy-duty car for your daily commuting, especially since there are cheaper options than the Jeep. But if you can afford it, you will see that the Jeep offers the best of both worlds.

Also, your Jeep would retain its value for a long time, which is a plus if you purchase it. When you buy a Jeep model, you can sell it for a reasonable price after a decade. For instance, your 2020 Jeep Wrangler will retain a resale value of 57% after five years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Downsides of Owning a Jeep?

The downsides of owning a Jeep include the expensive price, which can discourage buyers. Also, Jeeps have a poor fuel economy as they use twice as much fuel as the smaller cars. They also have minimal cargo space and are known for having problems with the transmission and engine stalling.

Are Jeeps Safe In Accidents?

Jeeps are safe in accidents because they are known for their safety features. The Jeep models have 4-star and 5-star ratings from the NHTSA, and it has the features to keep you safe in a crash.

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But keep in mind that the Jeep is more likely to roll over after an accident.

Why Are Jeeps So Popular?

Jeeps are so popular because of their classic look, off-roading capability, durability, cheap and easy maintenance, customization, and good resale value. The Jeeps are also long-lasting SUVs that would last longer than other vehicles, and there are many ways to modify them.


If you’ve been wondering, ‘Why are Jeeps so expensive?’, our article has covered all you need to know about the value of these SUVs. Here’s a rundown of this article:

  • Jeeps are expensive because of their deep history, low supply, popularity, high resale value, affordable maintenance, and top-notch security features.
  • Jeeps retain their value for a long time because they have carved out a niche with no solid competition, and they are not mass-produced.
  • The best Jeep to buy is the Jeep Wrangler, but other options include the Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, and Gladiator.
  • A Jeep would last as long as 15 to 20 years if it is properly maintained, as it is a durable vehicle that can handle harsh conditions.
  • It is worth buying a Jeep, but you need to consider the expensive price.

With our guide, you can see that the Jeep is truly worth its high price, and you can get the most from the value. The Jeep can last for up to 20 years and still retain a lot of its value.


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