Where Are BMW X3 Made and Assembled? A Comprehensive Guide

The question “Where are BMW X3 made?” is one that has crossed the minds of many BMW owners and enthusiasts. Considering how popular the car is, many people have questions about the production locations of the car.

Where Are BMW X3 Made and Assembled

Although BMW is a German company, the production of the BMW X3 is primarily in other countries of the world. If you want to know which countries these are — let’s find out here!

Where Are the BMW X3 Vehicles Made?

The BMW X3 vehicles are made in one of these countries: the United States, South Africa, and China. The exact location a BMW X3 is made depends on where the vehicle will be sold. Of the three locations, the United States has been the largest producer of the BMW X3.

Below, we will examine these locations and their production plants. 

– Spartanburg Manufacturing Plant, United States

The BMW Spartanburg manufacturing plant is located in the city of Greer, South Carolina. It is the largest BMW production plant in the world and is responsible for producing most of the BMW X3 cars on the road. 

Spartanburg Manufacturing Plant, United States

This plant started operations in 1994 and has been tasked with the bulk of production of not only the BMW X3 but also the X4, X5, X6, and X7. The BMW iX is also on this list, as well as various plug-in hybrid models. The production capacity of the plant is more than 1500 vehicles daily. About 70 percent of the cars produced in this plant are shipped to other parts of the world. 

The following are the most typical BMW X3 models from the plant: 

  • BMW X3 G01
  • BMW X3 F25
  • BMW X3 E83

– Dadong Plant, China

The Dadong Plant is located in Shenyang, China. Currently, the plant spans 91 hectares and is responsible for the production of the BMW X3 sports activity vehicle in China. Before this plant was established, the Spartanburg plant made the cars that were sent to China. 

However, considering the size of the Chinese market, BMW found it necessary to set up a production plant there. While the Chinese plant cannot quite compete with the United States plant in terms of size and production capacity, it is capable of meeting the needs of the Chinese market

Aside from the BMW X3, the Dadong plant also manufactures different BMW cars exclusive to the Chinese market. There have been recent talks by BMW of further expanding the plant. 

– Plant Rosslyn, South Africa

The Plant Rosslyn of South Africa, located in Pretoria, has actually been in existence since 1968. In fact, this plant was the first BMW production plant to be situated outside of Germany.

Plant Rosslyn, South Africa

However, the plant only started producing the BMW X3 in 2018 after the closure of the 3 Series production in the plant. Plant Rosslyn was only deemed fit to produce the BMW X3 after it underwent significant upgrades and massive investment by BMW.

It is fair to say that the investment has paid off, as the plant has produced over 300,000 BMW X3 vehicles since it started producing the car. Unsurprisingly, Plant Rosslyn produces BMW X3 2023 and other models for several African countries. Currently, there are 16 sub-Saharan African countries in collaboration with the South African plant

Where Are the BMW X3 Cars Assembled?

BMW X3 cars are assembled in several assembly plants worldwide, including the United States, South Africa, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Russia, India, and Brazil. All other assembly plants in the world receive the BMW X3 parts from either the United States or South Africa.

Take note that while production only occurs in three countries, assembly occurs in several different parts of the world. However, of the three countries that are actually producing the BMW X3 and its parts, only the United States and South Africa export the parts. This is because the Dadong production plant in China mainly produces for the Chinese market.

The other assembly plants for the BMW X3, aside from the United States and South Africa, are known as complete knock-down assembly plants. It is also worth saying that the quality of the BMW X3 assembled in these plants is identical to that of the production plants. 

How Can You Know Where a BMW X3 Was Manufactured?

You can know where a BMW X3 was manufactured by checking the Vehicle Identification Number of the car. You can find this number in different locations of the car, like the driver’s door, the dashboard, under the bonnet, or the manufacturer’s manual of the vehicle. 

How Can You Know Where a BMW X3 Was Manufactured

The first three characters of the Vehicle Identification Number tell you where the plant was produced. Different countries have different codes, and you can crosscheck the first three numbers with the code of the three countries that can possibly produce a BMW X3

While the identification number of the car is the most accurate way of telling where the car was manufactured, there’s another simpler but less-accurate way. It is simply by knowing where the car was purchased. The thing is, the major production plants have different markets they mainly service. If you know where the car was bought, you can have a fair idea of where it was made.

What Markets Do the BMW X3 Production Plants Service?

The markets the BMW X3 production plants service include the North American, Asian, South American, Australian, African, and European markets. The three production plants in China, South Africa, and the United States send either the manufactured vehicles or their parts to other countries in these markets. 

– North America

The biggest markets in North America are the American, Canadian, and Mexican markets. As you would expect, the Spartanburg plant in South Carolina, United States, services these markets. 

However, over the last few years, there has been a push for a production plant to be established in Mexico. The BMW board is also reportedly giving serious consideration to moving production to Mexico.

This will not only increase the efficiency of serving the BMW X3 to other North American countries, but will also make room in the Spartanburg production plant for other BMW models. 

– Asia

The major markets in Asia are the Japanese, Chinese, Indian, and Indonesian markets. While you would expect that the Chinese plant in Shenyang would service these markets, that is not the case. Instead, the Dadong plant in China is primarily concerned with the Chinese market. 

Production Plants Service in Asia

Other markets in the region get BMW X3 from assembly plants in different countries and even from the United States. 

– South America

The major market in South America for the BMW X3 is the Brazilian market, and it, unsurprisingly, has an assembly plant.

Generally, the United States is the major BMW X3 exporter to other countries of the world, including countries in the South American market. 

– Australia

Again, the United States production plant is the major supplier of the Australian market. This comes as little surprise, considering the sheer production capacity of this production plant.

There is no indication right now that BMW is considering establishing a production plant in Australia.

– Africa

The African market for BMW X3 has grown over the last few years, and BMW responded by producing the car in the South African plant. Aside from South Africa, the biggest markets in the Africa for the BMW X3 are Nigeria, Senegal, Angola, Kenya, and Ethiopia. In total, there are 16 sub-Saharan countries that the plant in South Africa services.

Before the plant in South Africa was upgraded to produce the BMW X3, these African countries got the car from the Spartanburg plant in the United States. 

– Europe

There is no BMW X3 production plant in Europe, which may come as a surprise to many, considering how expansive and significant the market is. Nonetheless, Europe gets its fair share of the BMW X3 from the United States. 

Are BMW X3 Made in the US Like Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The BMW X3 is not manufactured in the US like the Jeep Grand Cherokee. While the Jeep Grand Cherokee is produced in multiple locations, including Michigan and Mexico, the BMW X3 is primarily manufactured in Germany, with some production also occurring in China and South Africa. So, the answer to “where jeep grand cherokee manufactured” differs from the BMW X3.


One question we often encounter is, “where are BMW X3 made,” and it is a very valid question.

This article answers that question in detail, with the following takeaways:

  • BMW X3 vehicles are produced in the United States, South Africa, and China.
  • The United States plant is called Spartanburg, the Chinese plant is Dadong, and the South African plant is Rosslyn.
  • You can find the specific location a BMW X3 was produced through the Vehicle Identification Number.
  • While production is exclusive to three countries, there are several assembly plants across the world.

After this BMW X3 review, you can now confidently say where a specific BMW X3 is manufactured, and even find out where yours was made!

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