Uconnect Not Working – Why This Happens and How To Fix It

Uconnect not working is fairly common these days, and the reason is down to a host of issues. Many try to reset the system in hopes that it’ll work again but are unsuccessful.

Uconnect Not Working

This article will discuss why the connectivity platform fails and suggest ways you can fix it. Also, we’ll answer pertinent questions on how to lengthen the platform’s lifespan.

Why Is the Uconnect Platform Not Working?

The Uconnect platform is not working because you might not have paired it properly with your phone. Other reasons might be a lack of compatibility, unsupported devices or files and faulty cables. Also, note that the platform won’t work if your Uconnect subscription has expired.

Other reasons could be an out-of-date platform, Uconnect bluetooth being switched off, or you simply need to restart the system. Sometimes your phone could be stuck on loop and unable to connect to the platform.

  • Wrong/Unsuccessful Pairing of Phone to Uconnect

Connecting Uconnect’s bluetooth system to your phone is a fairly simple process, but people still get it wrong. This phenomenon is common with first-time users whose phones don’t have a pairing history with the platform.

Like any other connectivity system, a missed step or a wrong input could hamper the whole process. It is best to follow the guidelines detailed in the platform’s manual and your phone to properly connect them.

One common example of this is when you fail to check the security and auto prompt service on your device. This feature is crucial in connecting your device to the platform and differs from one device to another.

To check the security and auto prompt service of your device, contact your phone’s manual or type it into any search engine. Follow the instructions on how to get it working properly and try to connect to the system.

  • Lack of Compatibility With Phone

Another reason the platform isn’t working in your vehicle is that it isn’t compatible with your phone. Jeep Wrangler Uconnect works on Android phones running on Marshmallow 6.0 operating system or higher. If you’re an iPhone user, you should use iPhone 5 or higher to connect to the system. Using phones with older versions of the operating systems stated above won’t work because Uconnect won’t recognize them.


Also, you’ll need to check the phone brand you’re using. Uconnect works on major brands like Samsung, Nokia, iPhone, Blackberry, etc. However, some brands are not supported, probably because Uconnect doesn’t know about them or didn’t bother to include them in their list. If your phone brand is not supported, then that might be the reason Uconnect isn’t working.

  • Unsupported File Format

If you’re trying to play a song, but the system isn’t working, the song file might not be supported. Uconnect supports files saved in WAV, MP3, FLAC, and some popular formats. You’ll have to check to see whether the platform supports the file you’re playing. If the file isn’t supported, we’ll show how to go around it in the subsequent paragraphs.

  • Low Phone or Car Battery

The bluetooth feature on your phone relies on a significant amount of power to operate, so you only turn it on when needed. Most mobile devices won’t operate the bluetooth feature if their batteries run low. Therefore, whenever your Uconnect fails to work, your phone might have turned off the bluetooth because the battery is low.

Faulty Uconnect Platform

The same applies to car batteries. Modern cars will stop all secondary functions to conserve energy when they detect low car batteries. This is to divert all the battery’s remaining power to primary functions. Thus, Uconnect is off because the car battery is low and needs to keep the rest of its energy for basic functions.

Recharging the batteries should get the system up and running. However, if it doesn’t work after ensuring both batteries are charged, then reset the system – more on that later.

  • Faulty Cables or Car Electronics

The Uconnect platform depends on the car’s electronic system to function. The tiniest fault with the system could tamper with the Uconnect’s efficiency. A faulty wire, a blown fuse or a frayed cable can disturb Uconnect’s function. Sometimes, the fault could be from the car’s speaker system, making you think Uconnect has developed a fault.

Detecting electrical problems can be very tricky. It involves checking numerous wires and cables to find the culprit. Fixing it is another ball game, as some parts are quite difficult to reach while others are expensive. If the electronic system of your car is faulty, it doesn’t matter the version of Uconnect you have or the latest software update on your phone.

  • Outdated Uconnect or Expired Subscription

Uconnect tries to improve its service and user experience by frequently updating its system. It also updates its software to match up with the ever-changing trends. Thus, your Uconnect might not work if it doesn’t have the required updates to run.

Moreover, the system might not work or you’ll have access to limited features if you’re using an unsupported version of Uconnect. Uconnect is a subscription-based service that offers the first 6 to 12 months for free.

Once the subscription period expires, you’re expected to pay for its service. Now, 12 months is quite a long period, and it’s easy to forget that you’re on a subscription service. Thus, you might be wondering why your system stopped working all of a sudden when the system is perfectly fine.

How To Fix Your Uconnect System When It’s Not Working

To fix your Uconnect system when it’s not working is to reset it to clear all errors. You can also try the proper way of pairing the system with your phone to ensure they work together. If your Uconnect app is outdated, just search for the updates and download them.

You can also check for electrical faults in the vehicle and fix them. Remember to charge the car or phone’s batteries whenever they are low. Always pair Uconnect with supported devices and operating systems, and if your subscription is up, remember to renew it.

  • How To Pair Your Phone With Uconnect for the First Time

First, switch on the car without switching on the engine and ensure the gear is in park. Take out your phone and press the “Phone” button on the Uconnect system. Next, push the “Phone Settings” button on the system. It’ll lead you to a place where you’ll push the “Paired Phones and Audio Devices” button to connect your phone to the system.

Fix Uconnect System

Now, take your phone and scroll to the “Settings” app. Tap on “Settings” and you’ll see a list of tabs where you’ll tap “Connections”. From “Connections”, tap/toggle the “Bluetooth” button to turn it on. Your bluetooth will automatically scan for nearby connections, but if it doesn’t, tap on the “Scan” button to do so manually.

Select your car’s bluetooth and enter the passkey/PIN shown on both your car and phone to pair them. You’ll see a prompt requesting access to messages and popups on the Uconnect system. Press “Yes” when the “Bluetooth Pairing” message pops up. The final step is to push the “OK” button on the “Bluetooth Pairing” button.

  • How To Reset Uconnect System Properly

Resetting the Uconnect depends on the system you’re operating. This guide details how to reset the Uconnect version 8.4. First, turn on the car without switching on the engine and put the gear in park. Next, press the volume knob together with the tuner knob on the system simultaneously for about 20 seconds.

When you do this, the Uconnect touchscreen will show the model of your vehicle and then go dark for a while. A few seconds later, the brand name of the system (Uconnect) should appear on the screen. This shows that the system is restarting and will soon direct you to the main screen to begin normal functions.

If this method doesn’t work, you can try the next method, known as hard resetting the Uconnect system. Press the up and down temperature buttons together and hold them for about five seconds.

You’ll see a menu on the screen with an option to reset to factory settings and wait for the system to reboot. However, we don’t recommend you reset on your own as it may delete specific settings that help the system to run smoothly.

  • Fixing Electrical Faults In Your Car

You can also fix the electrical faults in your car to enable Uconnect to operate successfully. Issues with the car battery, alternator, alternator belt, and fuses could hamper the Uconnect’s function. Thus, you’ll need to diagnose the problem before you can solve it. For example, you can recharge, jumpstart, or replace a battery if the diagnosis indicates the battery is weak.

You can also check the car’s electrical system for blown fuses and replace them. If there’s a short circuit in your vehicle, the connectors, switch, wiring harness, or fuses might be at fault. Therefore, you’ll need to test the system and replace them to ensure the Uconnect works.

Frequently Asked Questions

– Why Will Uconnect Connect Your Phone But Won’t Play the Media?

The reason Uconnect will connect your phone but won’t play the media is that the system may not support the file. Uconnect can play a host of files such as WAV, MP3, FLAC, etc. Thus, you’ll have to convert your file to one that the platform can recognize.

– Why Is Your Uconnect Stuck When Pairing Through Bluetooth?

Your Uconnect is stuck when pairing through Bluetooth because sometimes iPhones can get stuck in a loop, causing Uconnect stuck on initializing bluetooth. When you’re faced with this challenge, switch your phone off and then switch it back on again. This should reset the phone and stop the loop.

– How Do You Activate the Uconnect Services?

You activate the Uconnect Services, by going to the Menu on the Uconnect touchscreen and tapping on the “Apps” button. It’ll lead you to another session where you tap on “Activate Services”. Provide your phone number, and the system will give you an enrollment link – your system is activated.

Fixing Electrical Faults in Car


The Uconnect platform, like any other in-car entertainment platform, can get stuck due to several reasons that we’ve mentioned in the paragraphs above.

Here is all that we’ve discussed in this article:

  • One reason the Uconnect isn’t working is that you’ve not properly paired it with your phone; thus, there’s no signal between the system and your handset.
  • Also, if Uconnect doesn’t support your device, it won’t recognize or respond to its signal, causing the system not to work.
  • The platform won’t play unsupported files; therefore, check and convert your files to formats that the system recognizes and can play.
  • Sometimes, the fault might not be from Uconnect or your phone but from faulty car electrical systems like blown fuses, frayed wires and damaged connectors.
  • One effective way to get Uconnect working is to hard or soft reset Uconnect, but we recommend you allow a professional to do it for you to avoid deleting important files.

Pairing your phone’s bluetooth to that of Uconnect is a crucial step; thus, contact your phone’s manual on how to do it to ensure Uconnect functions properly. Remember to check for Uconnect updates because an outdated platform might not function.

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