Tri State U Wrench Parts: Your Ultimate Guide to Self-Service Car Repairs

Tri-State U-Wrench & Save Auto Parts offers a unique experience for car enthusiasts and people looking to find affordable auto parts. Located at 3310 Old Cape Rd, Jackson, MO 63755, this self-service salvage yard allows customers to remove parts they need from a vast selection of vehicles. The organization and easy access to vehicles is a plus, saving time and energy for all who visit.

A pile of Tri-State U wrench parts scattered on a workbench

At our facility, we prioritize environmental responsibility alongside providing an economical solution for auto parts. The removal of hazardous fluids and recycling of materials affirm our commitment to a cleaner, safer environment. This approach not only benefits the community by removing derelict vehicles but also offers a treasure trove for those seeking specific car parts.

The convenience doesn’t end at our retail location. Our online presence through the website provides necessary information for planning your visit, including hours of operation, available inventory, and more. Customers’ positive reviews echo the satisfaction with our services and highlight the cost-effectiveness and enjoyable experience of harvesting their own parts from our ample stock.

Exploring U Wrench And Save

We offer a self-service avenue for auto repair enthusiasts and cost-conscious individuals in need of car parts.

Location And Hours

Address: 3310 Old Cape Rd, Jackson, MO
Days Hours
Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday (Closed)

Services Offered

Our services cater to a broad range of automotive needs. Individuals come to us for auto repair components and those who approach car dealers with the intent to buy or sell. Our customers have access to a vast selection of parts for cars and trucks, and we ensure all parts are qualified for reuse.

  • 🚗 Auto repair part sales
  • ⚙️ Used car parts sourcing
  • 🚨 Towing services
  • 🅿️ Vehicle salvaging

Yard Features

Our salvage yard is designed for easy access to our wide selection of vehicles. We maintain well-organized gravel paths leading to each vehicle, allowing customers to bring their own tools and remove the parts they need.

  • Structured layout with clear gravel paths
  • Wide range of cars and trucks for part selection
  • Bring your own tools for part removal
  • Commitment to environmental safety through fluid and part recycling

For any questions, reach out to us at the phone number (573) 755-0406 for personalized service.

Inventory And Condition

In our Tri-State U-Wrench salvage yard, we maintain a varied inventory where customers have access to a wide range of car parts in various conditions, ensuring that they can find just what they need for their repair or restoration projects.

Available Parts

Key Components:
  • Engines
  • Batteries
  • Alternators
  • Starters
  • Seats
Air conditioning and heating parts

– Turbochargers
– Used transmissions
– Radiators
– Brakes
– Hoses

Vehicle Types

At Tri-State U-Wrench, we house an extensive range of vehicle makes and models. Whether customers are in need of parts from economy class cars or are looking for specific components for their trucks or SUVs, our inventory is regularly updated to meet diverse automotive needs.

Make Model Part Type Condition
Ford Various Alternators, batteries Used, Tested
Chevrolet Various Engines, bumpers Used, Functional
BMW Various Mirrors, radiators Used, Inspected

Our yard consistently upholds a standard for quality parts. Though most components are used, they are thoroughly inspected to ensure their performance. We take care to extract parts carefully, preserving their functionality for our customers.

Visiting And Contact Information

When planning a visit to Tri-State U-Wrench or if you need to get in touch, it’s crucial to know the proper steps and contact details. As a self-service auto parts company, we’re committed to helping you find the parts you need.

How To Prepare

We urge you to bring your own tools when visiting. It’s important to be self-sufficient as we are a do-it-yourself operation catering to those looking to save on costs. Carry suitable clothing and equipment to ensure a safe and efficient experience.

Get In Touch

Contact Method Details
Address 3310 Old Cape Rd, Jackson, MO 63755
Phone 573-987-3322

For any queries or to check part availability, feel free to call us. Our team is always ready to assist you during business hours. Please note we are located in Gordonville, near Cape Girardeau.

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