Toyota Sienna Cargo Dimensions: A Complete Guide

Learning about Toyota Sienna cargo dimensions details will give you a good grasp of what you can do with your Sienna model. While Toyota retains its famous credits for manufacturing family-sized automobiles like the Toyota Corolla and the Toyota Prius, the Sienna is no exception.

Toyota Sienna Cargo Dimensions

Perhaps the most popular feature of the Toyota Sienna is the spacious interior and copious cargo space that can serve various purposes.

If you’re in a quest to find out this minivan’s cargo and interior dimensions, stick around to get a better view of this expansive vehicle’s space dimensions and other essential features.

What Are the Interior Dimensions of the Toyota Sienna?

The interior dimensions of the Toyota Sienna in the first/second/third row include 40.1 / 39.9 / 37.4 inches headroom, 40.3 / 39.9 / 38.7 inches legroom, 62.4 / 62.7 / 58.5 inches shoulder room, and 59.6 / 66.2 / 48.8 inches hip room.

The Toyota Sienna interior dimensions offer expansive interior space for passengers. It highlights 159.7 cubic feet of passenger volume with a moonroof available or 162.5 cubic feet exclusive of the moonroof. The Toyota Sienna’s interior cabin is stylishly designed as seven or eight-seat configurations, comprising a third row, unlike most vehicles. The Sienna’s third row gets accessed through the opening of the rear hatch and folding of the collapsible second seat row.

The first and second rows of seats have a considerable amount of legroom and headroom. The third row has less headroom and legroom, making it more appropriate for children or those who are smaller in height. While all the rows have seat belts and headrests, only the front seats have modifiable headrests and lumbar support. Put together, the Toyota Sienna makes a great choice of vehicle for larger families.

– First, Second, and Third Rows

The total Toyota Sienna cargo space with seats up is 159.7 cubic feet. The Toyota Sienna’s first row has a volume space of 39.0 cubic feet, while the second row has a volume space of 38.0 cubic feet and the third row’s cargo space is 33.5 cubic feet. 

The total Toyota Sienna cargo space with seats down is 162.5 cubic feet. The first row has a volume space of 87.1 cubic feet, while the second row has a space of 70.0 cubic feet and the third row has a volume space of 50.0 cubic feet.

– Legroom

This refers to the total space available in front of your legs. 

Legroom of Toyota Sienna Cargo

  • The first row has a legroom space of 40.3 inches.
  • The second row’s legroom space is 39.0 inches
  • The third row’s legroom space is 36.0 inches.

– Headroom

This refers to the distance between the headliner of the car and the crown of the passenger’s head. Sufficient headroom space ensures seating comfort and a relaxed posture in the vehicle.

  • The first row has a headroom space of 40.1 inches
  • The second row has a headroom space of 39.9 inches.
  • The third row has a headroom space of 37.4 inches.

– Hip Room

Hip room space defines the width of a vehicle’s seat, indicating how much space the passenger has on either side of the seat cushion after sitting. 

Hip Room of Toyota Sienna Cargo

  • The first row’s hip room is 59.6 inches.
  • The second row’s hip room is 66.2 inches.
  • The third row’s hip room is 50.0 inches.

– Shoulder Room

This space defines the distance from one door panel to another. 

  • The first row’s shoulder room is 62.4 inches. 
  • The second row’s shoulder room is 62.7 inches.
  • The third row’s shoulder room is 58.0 inches.

– Does the Toyota Sienna Interior Offer Enough Room?

Yes, the Toyota Sienna interior offers enough room for people to stretch out during those long drives. In addition to the notable Toyota Sienna space dimensions and capacity, you’ll also get enough space to keep your luggage in case you’re going on a trip. 

Even with the entire seating capacity of the Toyota Sienna fully occupied, you’ll still have ample space for your cargo items and belongings that you want to convey. In totality, the Sienna makes a statement by combining the comfiness of top Toyota vehicles like the Toyota Highlander, Toyota Corolla Cross and Toyota Rav4 with the cargo capacity of vehicles such as the Toyota Tundra and the Toyota Tacoma.

What Are the Toyota Sienna Cargo Space Dimensions?

The Toyota Sienna cargo space dimensions are 72.0 inches in length and 50.5 inches in width. The cargo space measures less than 33.5 cubic feet when all of its rows are used, but it can reach 101.0 cubic feet depending on how you fold the seats.

The cargo area is the largest compartment of most minivans available today. Virtually all minivans apply as masters of utility, and the Sienna is no exception. The third row is collapsible, so one can fold the seats and stow them almost flat into the floor. 

More so, the second-row seats can slide far forward, offering a better cargo resolution. However, one big drawback is that the second-row seats of the Toyota Sienna are not detachable like in other minivans, which decreases the vehicle’s maximum cargo capacity. Check the essential Toyota Sienna Cargo dimensions below:

– Length and Width

The 2022 Toyota Sienna’s cargo space length is 72.0 inches, and the width is 50.5 inches. This creates enough room for large items like appliances and furniture.

Length and Width of Toyota Sienna Cargo

The width also allows you to easily accommodate items like golf clubs or bicycles.

– Cargo Space Volume

When all three rows remain in use, the cargo space measures less than 33.5 cubic feet behind the third row.

But with the third row folded down, the cargo space increases to 75.2 cubic feet.

– Maximum Cargo Capacity

If you crave more cargo capacity, the 2022 Toyota Sienna can further reveal higher cargo dimensions and capacity.

Fold the second and third-row seats to get around 101.0 cubic feet of cargo space to achieve maximum cargo capacity. 

– Total Height

The height of the Toyota Sienna is 68.7 inches with roof rails or 68.5 inches without roof rails. Toyota Sienna is a minivan with foldable second and third-row seats that can seat up to eight people.

The 2022 Toyota Sienna is lengthier and broader than older models.

What Are the Top Qualities of the Toyota Sienna?

The top qualities of the Toyota Sienna include the large and comfortable interior that can seat and carry up to eight people comfortably. Likewise, it has plenty of cargo space to carry luggage, groceries, and other items. Its efficient engine and safety features make it even more helpful.

Here’s a closer look at the Toyota Sienna’s top features:

– Large and Comfy Interior

The Toyota Sienna comprises a distinct spacious, comfortable interior that satisfies many. It can comfortably seat up to eight occupants and offers ample legroom and headroom spaces for all commuters.

Large and Comfy Interior

More specifically, the second-row chairs are more comfortable and make it easier to move in and out of the vehicleAside from this, there is also a lot of storage space within the car, including areas for handy bags, numerous cupholders and center consoles.

– Ample Cargo Space

The Toyota Sienna also showcases versatility in terms of its cargo volume. It has a sizable cargo space that can accommodate various belongings such as luggage, groceries, bicycles, gear and other items. 

– Efficient Engine

The Toyota Sienna is power-driven by a V-six engine that provides the required power for efficient vehicle operation. More so, the engine is hushed with good fuel economy.

– Top Safety Features

The Toyota Sienna has exceptional safety features, including airbags, traction control and stability control. In addition, the vehicle has a blind spot monitoring system, like Keep Cherokee, that proves helpful when driving on the highway. All these add up to give the car a high safety rating.

What are the Cargo Dimensions for the Toyota Sienna?

The Toyota Sienna is a popular minivan known for its spacious cargo area. However, if you are comparing it to the Ford Explorer, you might be interested in the cargo dimensions of both vehicles. While I cannot provide the exact ford explorer cargo dimensions in this paragraph, you can easily find them online to make an informed decision about your next vehicle purchase.


The Toyota Sienna provides essential comfort, space and luxury for your passengers and items to improve your driving experience.

Here are some of the critical points we mentioned in this article:

  • The Toyota Sienna is comprised of three-row seats. The second and third get manually folded to generate a maximum space capacity of up to 101.0 cubic feet.
  • With the vehicle’s 159.7 cubic feet of interior volume, the car is suitable for larger families and creates plenty of room to stretch out on long trips.
  • The Toyota Sienna has ample headroom and legroom that can comfortably accommodate up to eight occupants.
  • The Sienna is 68.5 inches without roof rails and 69.7 inches tall with roof rails.

Suppose you are looking for a suitable minivan with suitable fuel economy. In that case, the Toyota Sienna is an excellent choice for transporting your family, friends and belongings where they need to go. 

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