Toyota Corolla Tow Capacity: Learn This Vehicle’s Tow Power

Toyota Corolla tow capacity has become a vital feature that people pay close attention to when looking to procure a Toyota Corolla. This is no surprise because Toyota Corolla easily ranks as one of the best-selling automobiles around the world.

Toyota Corolla Tow Capacity

So it is only normal that more people want to know the maximum weight their Corolla can tow. Stick around and continue reading this article to find out the towing capacity of various Toyota Corolla models. 

What Is the Toyota Corolla Tow Capacity?

The Toyota Corolla tow capacity is 1,500 pounds. However, the maximum towing capacity varies depending on your vehicle weight, brake capacity, payload capacity, and other manufacturers’ specifications. So it would be best if you verified the exact hauling capacity figure of your Toyota Corolla from the manufacturer’s manual. 

For instance, the 2000 Toyota Corolla model can tow up to 1,500 pounds. This towing capacity enables it to haul the Avalon, Camry and many other large sedans in its class. As a result, Toyota Corolla garnered massive popularity with its earlier models due to its exceptional towing capacity. 

The towing capacities of Toyota Corolla models vary from year to year. With this in mind, you’ll find some specific Toyota Corolla models that the manufacturer does not approve for towing. Knowing your Toyota Corolla year can help you quickly validate your car’s towing power.

Check the towing capabilities of various Toyota Corolla models below:

– 2000 to 2013 Toyota Corolla Towing Capacity

The Toyota automakers built most Toyota Corolla models between 2000 and 2013 to tow up to 1,500 pounds. So you’ll agree that this tow limit is more than enough for most hauling needs, considering that these vehicles have small sizes. 

2000 to 2013 Toyota Corolla Towing Capacity

But take note that the towing applications of vehicles in this class have a few exceptions. For instance, if your Corolla comes with specific engines, such as the 1.8-liter four-cylinder units, then you should consider other options because these Corolla models are unsuitable for towing.

– 2014 to 2020 Toyota Corolla Towing Capacity

According to manufacturers, the Toyota Corolla model between 2014 and 2020 is unsuitable for towing applications. Hence, you could have your Corolla damaged if you disregard this recommendation.

To a large extent, the strict no-towing rule for these models surprised many after hitting the market because the towing capacities of the older models proved satisfactory. So the Toyota Corolla tow bar in this class is often redundant for most owners.

– 2021 to 2023 Toyota Corolla Towing Capacity

Toyota restored the towing feature in newer Toyota Corolla models, with the recommended towing limit standing at 1,500 pounds. However, the silky-smooth add-ons and changes in these more recent models help exceed the towing requirements. These features help bridge the gap between comfort and efficiency for a more satisfying towing experience.

2021 to 2023 Toyota Corolla Towing Capacity

For instance, the 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross towing capacity is complemented by the dynamic force engine to provide maximum towing power. Furthermore, adding the wheel-drive feature into the mix enables you to travel with a farther towing distance.

How Do You Safely Tow With a Toyota Corolla?

You can safely tow a Toyota Corolla by checking and following the owner’s safety details before you start towing. These details will guide you to tow in the best possible way to protect your vehicle from potential damages when in transit.

Below are some top tips to help you safely tow:

– Be Mindful of the Tongue Weight

Tongue weight represents the weight of the load you are hauling, which can make the difference between a safe towing experience and a dangerous one. A simple way of calculating this weight is by subtracting your vehicle’s weight from the vehicle’s weight attached to the load

Since the Toyota Corolla is a sedan, you don’t want to push too much weight down to the hitch. Hence, ensure that the tongue weight does not exceed 15 percent of the loaded trailer’s weight. Moreover, it is ideal you keep the tongue weight below 10 percent for a safe towing experience.

– Gently Apply Brakes

Typically, the additional weight on your vehicle generates different conditions that affect vehicle performance, such as fuel consumption, handling and braking system. So apply the brake gently while towing to accommodate the additional load.

Gently Apply Brakes

Take note that an effective way to avoid using the brakes often is to leave a considerable distance between your Corolla and the car ahead of you.

– Avoid Potholes and Dips on the Road

When towing a load, the added weight tends to lower the rear end and ground clearance of your Toyota Corolla. This, in turn, causes scrapes and damages to your car when you run into potholes and dips in the road.

– Fix a Working Transmission Cooler

Towing extra weight often exerts strain on your vehicle’s transmission. More so, your Corolla’s regular factory transmission cooler may not be able to make up for the added pressure, leading to transmission overheating.

Fix a Working Transmission Cooler

As such, you should consider installing a newer transmission cooler to provide more active cooling.

What Loads Can Toyota Corolla Tow?

The loads a Toyota Corolla can tow include motorbikes, caravans, lightweight trailers and boats, to mention a few. The Toyota Corolla’s 1,500-pound towing capacity allows most owners to pull various loads. Also, Toyota Corolla’s average weight rating supports a sizeable load from passengers and cargo.

Generally, the average Toyota Corolla load capacity stands at about 900 pounds when empty. Therefore, as long as your loaded trailer does not weigh above 600 pounds, you can tow it safely. Besides, most trailers weigh less than 500 pounds, while the heaviest weigh a little above 800 pounds, so most Corollas tend to tow it effortlessly.


1. Can You Install a Trailer Hitch on a Toyota Corolla?

Yes, you can install a trailer hitch on a Toyota Corolla, provided your Corolla model is from 2003 to 2019. Also, you must have the necessary tools and other parts to ensure a successful installation. Hitch installation costs from $100 up to $800.

2. Which Toyota Model Is Best for Towing?

The 2021 Toyota Tundra is best for towing and hauling almost whatever you want. This vehicle comes with up to 10,200 pounds of towing capacity. This massive towing power assures you that it will carry almost anything, including a camp bus and trailer. 

What is the Toyota Corolla’s MPG?

The school bus fuel efficiency of the Toyota Corolla is impressive, boasting an MPG rating that cannot be ignored. This popular sedan is known for its exceptional fuel economy, offering drivers an efficient and cost-effective option for their daily commutes. With its reliable performance and outstanding MPG, the Toyota Corolla is a top choice for those seeking fuel efficiency without compromising on style or comfort.


Toyota Corolla can tow up to 1,500 pounds depending on the model.

Here’s a quick recap of the vital points we mentioned in this article:

  • The older model Toyota Corolla from 2000 to 2013 has a towing capacity of up to 1,500 pounds.
  • The 2014 to 2020 Toyota Corolla models are not suitable for towing.
  • The newer model from 2021 to 2023 can tow up to 1,500 pounds but with improved mechanical features, unlike the older Corollas.
  • You can safely tow by avoiding potholes, installing a transmission, and gently applying brakes.

Above all, check your manufacturer’s manual to get accurate information on your Corolla’s towing capability and follow the safety tips to keep you and your vehicle safe.

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