Silverado Tow Haul Mode Not Working & How To Fix This Issue

Silverado tow haul mode not working, and its solutions are something you would need to know for sure if you use your vehicle regularly for hauling heavy loads. Many components in your vehicle are related to the tow/haul mode, and if there is any problem in any of them, then this would indirectly cause the entire system to malfunction and not work as it is supposed.

Silverado Tow Haul Mode Not Working

Therefore, if you find that these problems are bothering you and keeping your work on hold, you can study the following article, where we have detailed the precise methods you need to follow to get the mode functional again!

How To Fix Silverado Tow/Haul Mode Not Working?

You can fix Silverado tow/haul mode not working by checking the fuse box and replacing any blown fuses related to the tow/haul system. You could also try resetting the computer, disconnecting the battery for a couple of minutes, or take the vehicle to a trusted mechanic.

1. Inspecting the Transmission Fuse

If you are experiencing issues with your Silverado’s tow haul mode not working, the transmission fuse is one of the first things to check. The transmission fuse controls the operation of the transmission system, and if it’s blown, it can cause the tow haul mode to malfunction. The fuse box is generally located under the hood of your Silverado, and you can quickly find the transmission fuse by referring to your owner’s manual.

Inspecting Car Transmission Fuse

Once you have located the transmission fuse, carefully inspect it to determine whether it’s blown. A blown fuse has a broken filament inside, and thus it must be replaced. Mostly, you can purchase a replacement fuse at an auto parts store or online retailer.

Replacing a blown transmission fuse is a simple fix that you can perform yourself, even if you have limited experience with automotive repairs. However, it’s crucial to ensure that you use the correct type of fuse to replace the blown one, as using an incorrect fuse can cause additional damage to your Silverado’s electrical system.

2. Assessing the Brake Light Switch

As mentioned, the tow haul mode relies on the brake light switch to engage when the brake pedal is pressed. Therefore, it’s essential to check if the switch is functioning correctly. To do this, press and hold the brake pedal and observe if the lights turn on. If the lights don’t turn on, it’s likely that the brake light switch is defective and needs to be replaced.


Replacing the brake light switch is a relatively easy fix. Start by locating the button, typically near the brake pedal. After that, you need to consult your owner’s manual. Alternatively, you can check online for specific instructions for your Silverado model.

Once you’ve located the switch, disconnect the wiring harness. Remove the button by unscrewing it from its mounting bracket. Install the new switch by reversing the steps, and test it by pressing the brake pedal to ensure it’s working correctly.

3. Checking the Transmission Range Sensor

Another potential culprit for the tow haul mode not working on your Silverado is a faulty transmission range sensor. This sensor is responsible for communicating to the vehicle’s computer what gear the transmission is in. If the sensor is defective or not calibrated correctly, it can cause issues with the tow haul mode.

Checking Car Transmission Range Sensor

You will need a multimeter to test the transmission range sensor to test its resistance. If the resistance is outside the manufacturer’s recommended specifications, the sensor may need to be recalibrated or replaced. This task may require some specialized tools and knowledge, so it’s best to consult a qualified mechanic or technician if you’re uncomfortable performing the procedure yourself.

4. Inspecting the Tow/Haul Mode Button

If you find that the tow/haul button is not working as expected, there will be a few different reasons. In addition to a faulty switch, there may also be an issue with the wiring or connections between the button and the vehicle’s computer.

You should look closely at the components involved to diagnose a problem with the button. This could include removing the dashboard cover to access the button and wiring or using a multimeter to test the electrical connections.

If you discover that the button is the source of the problem, you need to replace the faulty component or repair any damaged wiring. It can be done relatively quickly with the right tools and some mechanical know-how.

5. Fixing the Wiring

Electrical wiring problems can be one of the reasons behind the tow haul mode not working as expected. Wiring is responsible for transmitting signals from one component to another, and if there is any damage or loose connection, it can disrupt the signal flow. This can cause the tow haul mode to malfunction or stop working altogether.

Fixing Car Wiring

It’s crucial to check the wiring harness that connects the transmission to the Silverado’s computer for any signs of damage, such as exposed connections or even frayed wires. In such cases, repairing or replacing the wiring may be necessary to ensure that the signal is transmitted smoothly and effectively.

6. Testing the Transmission control module

You can use a diagnostic tool to scan for error codes to check the TCM. The codes will provide information on the specific area of the TCM that may be experiencing problems. Once the problem is identified, you can repair or replace the module. It’s important to note that replacing the TCM can be costly, so it’s recommended to try other troubleshooting methods before resorting to this option.

It’s also important to consider that sometimes tow haul mode may not work due to a combination of issues. For example, a blown transmission fuse and a faulty brake light switch could prevent tow haul mode from engaging. Therefore, it’s essential to thoroughly check each potential cause and address them accordingly to ensure that the tow haul mode is working correctly.

7. Getting a Mechanic’s Help

If you are experiencing problems with your Silverado that the previous solutions still need to resolve, it’s highly recommended to seek professional help from a trusted mechanic. An independent mechanic is that it can be less expensive than taking your vehicle to a dealership. Choosing a reputable mechanic is crucial to ensure that the job is done correctly.

Getting Car Mechanic_s Help

Before proceeding with any repairs, it’s vital to get a detailed estimate. This will allow you to remain composed and unsurprised when you receive your bill. A reputable mechanic can provide you with a clear and detailed estimate outlining all the work and how much it will cost.

8. Going to a Dealership

A warranty agreement between the manufacturer and the vehicle’s owner usually covers any defects in materials or workmanship. If there is a problem with your truck, the warranty will cover the cost of repairs or replacement of the faulty component. However, it’s worth noting that not all warranties are equal, and terms and conditions can vary depending on the manufacturer.

Taking your truck to a dealership for repairs can be expensive, but doing so has some advantages. The manufacturer authorizes dealerships to service their vehicles, and their technicians receive specialized training to work on specific models like the Silverado. They also have access to exclusive parts that may not be available to independent mechanics. This means they can provide a more specialized and accurate diagnosis of the problem and repair it more efficiently.

Can the Issue with RV Power Cause Silverado Tow Haul Mode to Not Work?

The functionality of Silverado’s tow haul mode can be affected by rv power issues when plugged in. It is important to address any power-related problems with the RV, such as low voltage or faulty connections, as they can impact the vehicle’s towing capabilities. Ensuring a stable and reliable power source is crucial for all the features of the Silverado to work seamlessly.


In conclusion, if your Chevy Silverado’s tow-haul mode is not working, several potential causes could exist. Remember to follow safety precautions and consult the owner’s manual or a qualified mechanic for guidance if needed, as well as

the steps mentioned in our guide:

  • Check the transmission fuse to see if it’s blown, and replace it if necessary.
  • Assess the brake light switch to ensure it’s functioning properly and replace it if it’s faulty.
  • Check the transmission range sensor with a multimeter and recalibrate or replace it if necessary.
  • Check the wiring harness for any indications of damage or loose connections, and repair or replace it if necessary.
  • If everything fails, seek help from a trusted mechanic who has experience with Silverados.

Taking proactive steps to fix the problem ensures your Silverado is ready to handle any towing needs. Don’t let a malfunctioning tow haul mode spoil your next adventure; do as the article says, and you will have it fixed without hassle!

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