How to Reset Tire Pressure Sensor Fault Ford Fusion?

How to reset Tire Pressure Sensor Fault Ford Fusion can be done with relative ease even if you are someone who does not have any prior experience in the field of mechanics. Before you reset this light, you should remember that the methods will differ slightly depending on the model’s age. Tire Pressure Sensor Fault Ford Fusion If you don’t know why you need to reset the light, it helps to keep the system updated each time a tire is altered. Now that you know this, the sections below are dedicated to helping you learn the exact procedure of resetting the tire pressure light on your Ford Fusion vehicle and allowing you to get immediate results safely and effectively!

How Can You Reset the Ford Fusion TPMS Light (2007-2016)?

You can reset the Ford Fusion TPMS light (2007-2016) by parking your vehicle somewhere and then turning the engine off. There is a button for starting and stopping, and you need to press it thrice until you hear the alarm. Then you need to activate the sensor for each tire.

– Models From 2007-2008

To reset the Ford Fusion TMPS Light of a model 2007 or 2008, you will need approximately a time of seven to eight minutes to get the work done. It will be essential for you to have the TMPS Relearn tool if you want to reset the mentioned system on this type of model. To start the operation, stop your vehicle and turn the engine off. Ford Fusion Models From 2007-2008 It is essential to know that the vehicle has an ignition button. In that case, you have to locate the button that reads “Start/Stop.” Now, you have to press the mentioned button once to turn the ignition off. You must remember that you have to do this step three times.

When you stop, the ignition should be in the “on” position. After that, you will hear the alarm ring twice in a row. Right after that, there will be a message saying “Train Left Front Tire” on your screen. Next, you must put the relearn tool beside the tire’s sidewall and activate the sensor. You have to apply this procedure on each of the tires.

Now, once your sensor has been reset, you will hear the sound of a chirping horn. Then you can turn the ignition off, and the message on the screen will disappear soon after. After that, you will have to click on the button to activate the TMPS sensor. You must remember that this step will be applied to all the tires. Lastly, you will have to turn the ignition button off, and the message on the screen will disappear.

– Models From 2009

When using the car models of 2009, it is best to use the TMPS Relearn Tool to help you reset the TMPS. To start the process, you have to stop your vehicle, and then you will have to turn the engine off. It is essential to know that the model could have an ignition button in it and to be sure you can look for it.

Once you have located the “Start/Stop” button, you can press it once to turn it on. However, if you have to turn it off, you can hold down the button again. Now, you must remember to do this step thrice at once. When you have done it thrice, you must ensure the ignition button is on. After that, you will hear the horn ring and notice a “Train Left Front Tire” message on the screen.

You must go to the tire’s sidewall with the relearn tool for the next step. The tire sidewall will be near the valve stem. After that, you will have to press the button so that the TMPS sensor is activated. It is important to remember that you have to repeat this process for the rear tire on the driver’s side, the passenger side rear, and the front tire. The last thing that you have to do is turn the ignition off. Now, you can also adjust the pressure of the tires.

– Models From 2010

When it comes to models from 2010, you have to have the TMPS Relearn Tool with you at all times to reset the TMPS. To begin the process, you mustn’t be using your vehicle. Once you have parked your vehicle safely, you must turn the engine off. You must enter your car and find the “Start/Stop” button. Ford Fusion Models From 2010 After locating it, you press onto it just once to turn it off. On the other hand, if you wish to turn it off, you must press the mentioned button again. It is essential to know that you have to perform this step thrice.

However, when you stop, you must ensure the ignition button is on. Right after that, a message reads “Train Left Front Tire” on the screen. With this message, you will also hear the ringing of the horn.

You must take the relearn tool and go to the tire sidewall. The next thing you’ll have to do is place it there and press the button to activate the TMPS sensor. You must remember to repeat this procedure for the rear tire on the passenger side and the passenger front tire. You also have to do the same for the rear tire on the driver’s side. Lastly, you must go to the ignition and turn it off.

– Models Between 2011 and 2016

To reset the TMPS in the Fusion models created between 2011 and 2016, the TMPS Relearn Tool must always be on hand. It is also essential to take note that you must not be operating your vehicle when the resetting process starts. Not only that, but remember to switch the engine off when you have parked your car securely.

After doing that, you need to get inside the vehicle and promptly look for the “Start/Stop” button and give it a single press to turn it off. In the same way, you must also hit the aforementioned button once again to turn it off. It’s crucial to understand that you must complete this step three times. However, ensure that the ignition is on when you are doing the process, after which the screen should flash with a message saying “Train Left Front Tire.”

Then you must head to the tire sidewall with the relearn tool. Now, to turn on the sensor properly, you will need to position the tool there and hit the assigned button. It is important to remember to follow the instructions again for the other tires on the driver’s side as well as the ones on the passenger side.

The notification on the screen will then disappear as soon as you turn off the ignition, which will be after you have finished your work.

How Can You Reset the TPMS Light in Models Between 2017-2019?

You can reset the TPMS lights in models between 2017-2019 by using a hazard flasher, turning them on and off quickly in a short time. You can also use the cluster display to reset the light using the “Driver Assist” menu.

– Using Hazard Flasher

You can use the hazard flasher to reset the tire pressure light of the models from 2017 to 2019. To start the procedure, you must activate your car and drive in it for at least two to three minutes. Make sure that you drive at around 20 mph. After doing this, you will have to stop your vehicle and turn the engine off. Using Car Hazard Flasher Next, you must go to the ignition switch and turn it on. When you do this, you have to remember not to turn the engine on in any case. Moving on, you must turn the hazard flashers on and off three times.

You must remember to do this in just 10 seconds. You will hear the horn ring if the reset mode has been entered accurately. It will show that the TMPS matching process has begun. You will have to start from the front tire on the driver’s side.

Once you are there, you have to remove the valve cap so that you will be able to adjust the air pressure in the tire. It is essential to keep adjusting it until you hear the loud sound from the horn. You have to re-do this process for the other three tires of your car. After resetting the final tire, you must turn the ignition off.

– Via Cluster Display

Another method that you can use is by using the cluster display. To start the operation, you have to stop driving your vehicle. After that, you simply have to turn the engine off. Once you do so, you can move on to adjusting all the tires’ cold air pressure. Then, you must go over to the ignition button and turn it on. Via Car Cluster Display While doing this, you have to ensure not to start the engine. The next thing you must do is go to the menu that reads “Driver Assist.” You can access it by using the navigating buttons. Now, you must select the option of “Tire Monitor.” Lastly, you must press the “OK” button until a message appears on the screen.

What Could be Causing My Ford Fusion’s Tire to Lose Pressure Without a Leak?

If you’re experiencing tire pressure loss without any leaks in your Ford Fusion, several factors may be at play. It could be due to a faulty valve stem, corroded rims, or a damaged tire bead. Another possibility is a slow leak in the tire itself or a problem with the tire pressure monitoring system. Make sure to have a professional inspect and diagnose the issue to ensure your safety on the road.


The reason for the tire pressure light appearing is generally the fact that something is wrong with the car’s tire pressure or the sensor system related to it. From the methods to reset it as well as how to understand the very root of the error in the first place, we have covered everything in the article, and you may review some points with the following summary:

  • If you have a Ford Fusion model from before 2016, you can reset its tire pressure light by parking the vehicle and turning the engine off.
  • After pressing the start/stop button thrice, you must activate the TPMS sensor for each tire individually.
  • For models after 2017, you can reset it by turning the hazard flasher on and off quickly multiple times.
  • Another thing you may do is use the “Driver Assist” menu to reset the TPMS sensor.

Like most automotive problems, this is another basic one, and we are confident you can solve it quickly with the proper instructions. Once you carry the methods detailed in our article out with caution and accuracy, you can fix this error in a flash!

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