Reset Maintenance Light Toyota Highlander: A How To Guide

Learning how to reset maintenance light Toyota Highlander is important since it acts as a reminder to perform important maintenance procedures like regular oil changes and inspections. This indicator may be reset easily to maintain precise tracking of your vehicle’s maintenance requirements.’

Maintenance Light of Highlander

To make sure you have a trouble-free experience, we will walk you through the procedure of resetting the maintenance light on your Toyota Highlander in this step-by-step guide. So let’s get going and maintain the health of your Highlander!

How Do You Reset the Maintenance Light in a Toyota Highlander?

To reset the maintenance light in a Toyota Highlander, you have to prepare the car for the reset, access maintenance light reset, reset the maintenance light, reset with a key or push-to-start, hold the reset button, reset the maintenance light, and finally verify the reset.

1. Prepare for the Reset

It’s crucial to get your Toyota Highlander ready for the reset operation before you start the process of resetting the maintenance light. Before continuing, this step makes sure you are in the proper starting position and settings. Before starting the engine, turn ignition key to the run position, which is the first position.

By holding the car in this position, you can access the electrical system without starting the engine. Next, pause for a bit to make sure the displayed odometer reading is accurate. The odometer gives important details regarding the mileage of your car, and it’s important to see this number while doing the reset. Turn off the ignition after verifying the odometer readout.

By starting the reset method from a powered-off condition, you can assure a thorough reset without any lingering electrical activity. Keep in mind that careful planning is essential for the reset operation to be successful.

By bypassing or omitting these preliminary procedures, problems or difficulties may arise throughout the reset process. Before moving on to the following step, make sure your ignition is switched off, the odometer reading is visible, and it is in the proper position.

2. Access the Maintenance Light Reset

After preparing your Toyota Highlander for the maintenance light reset, go to the particular function that allows you to reset the light. This step entails locating the maintenance light reset feature, which is usually found on the instrument panel. To begin, press hard on the reset knob of the trip meter.


The reset knob of the trip meter is normally found near the instrument cluster on the dashboard. The maintenance light reset feature is activated by holding down this knob. Turn the ignition key to the run position while keeping the knob firmly in place. This position allows you to access the vehicle’s electrical system and is one step before starting the engine.

Resetting Maintenance Light

Keep pressing the reset knob of the trip meter for at least 5 seconds while maintaining pressure. This time frame makes that the maintenance light reset feature is activated and provides the appropriate window of opportunity for the reset procedure to start.

In order to make sure that the reset function is correctly activated, it is crucial to press down the reset knob firmly and for the necessary amount of time. The reset might not happen if the knob is not held down or is released too quickly.

3. Reset the Maintenance Light

It’s now time to reset the maintenance light on your Toyota Highlander after making the maintenance required preparations and gaining access to the reset function. This stage entails carrying out a certain sequence of operations that will turn off the maintenance light and signal a successful reset.

Keep a close watch on the odometer display while you maintain pressure on the reset knob of the trip meter and the ignition is in the run position. You’ll see that the odometer starts showing “000000.” This reading of zero indicates that the maintenance light reset procedure is in progress. Observe the maintenance light when doing this.

The maintenance light turns off when the mileage hits “000000.” This indicates that the maintenance light has properly been reset and that any prior maintenance reminder has been erased. Note that the maintenance light can keep flashing if the system is unable to reset.

In these situations, be sure you have followed the procedures correctly a second time before starting over. A problem that may need more examination or repair might be indicated by the check engine light’s persistent flashing.

4. Resetting With a Key or Push-To-Start

Depending on whether your Toyota Highlander has a push-to-start system or a standard key ignition, resetting the maintenance light may call for a slightly different procedure. With regard to the sort of ignition system your Highlander has, this phase concentrates on the precise directions for resetting the maintenance light.

Push to Start System

Start by turning the ignition to the run position if your Highlander has a key ignition. Normally, this position comes before turning on the engine. Make sure the key is turned to the proper position and properly inserted into the ignition. You must push the button once without depressing the brake pedal to start the push-to-start Highlander model.

This procedure turns on the electrical system of the car and gets it ready for the maintenance light reset procedure. The next action is to confirm that “Trip Meter A” is shown on the instrument cluster regardless of the ignition type. It is important to know this information since it shows you are in the right mode to reset the maintenance light. Once “Trip Meter A” appears on the display, switch off your Toyota Highlander. To provide a starting point for the reset process, this step is crucial.

5. Hold the Reset Button

Locate and hold the trip meter reset button on the dashboard of your Toyota Highlander for the duration of this procedure. This button is essential for starting the process of resetting the maintenance light. The trip meter reset button is normally found on the dashboard, next to the instrument cluster. Find it first. Before continuing, pause to make the button visible.

Holding Toyota Reset Button

Find the trip meter reset button, then push and hold it firmly. Because it engages the reset feature and guarantees that the maintenance light is fully cleared, this activity is crucial. You may instruct the car’s computer to reset the maintenance service light by pressing and holding the reset button.

By doing so, a direct link is created between the button and the controls required to carry out the reset. Throughout this process, it’s crucial to push the reset button steadily. Make sure your finger stays firmly placed on the button without releasing it too soon.

6. Reset the Maintenance Light

Now that the trip meter reset button is firmly depressed, you may reset oil light on your Toyota Highlander. The maintenance light will be turned off and a successful reset will be indicated by the activities that make up this phase. Rotate ignition key to the run position while keeping the trip meter reset button down.

In order to reach the settings for the maintenance light reset, you must be in this position, which turns on the vehicle’s electrical system without turning the engine on. Hold down the trip meter reset button while turning the ignition key to the run position. Release the button just when the dashboard says “000000.”

This value denotes that the procedure of resetting the maintenance light is finished. The trip meter reset button must be pressed continuously throughout this process. If the button is released too soon, the reset procedure can be interrupted and the maintenance light might not be correctly turned off.

Release the trip meter reset button once the dashboard display reads “000000,” signifying a successful reset. This tells the car’s computer system that the reset procedure is finished, allowing the display to be updated appropriately.

7. Verify the Reset

It is essential to make sure the maintenance light reset worked after performing it successfully. When the engine is started after completing this step, the maintenance light will remain off, signifying a successful reset and precise maintenance tracking. Start the engine of your Toyota Highlander to confirm the reset.

Highlanders Maintenance Light

Keep a close eye on the instrument cluster display when the engine fires up, paying particular attention to the maintenance light. The reset was successful if the maintenance light stays off while the engine is running. When the maintenance light is not on, your vehicle’s maintenance records are current and the prior maintenance reminder has been erased.

The maintenance light may have been improperly reset if it continues to illuminate or if it comes on again after starting the engine. In such circumstances, it is advised to repeat the reset procedure, making sure to carefully follow each step.

To make sure that your Toyota Highlander’s maintenance light is operating properly and appropriately represents your car’s maintenance needs, you must double-check the reset. It gives you confidence that the reset procedure was successful and that the maintenance light is a reliable sign of impending servicing needs.

Can Resetting the Maintenance Light on a Toyota Highlander Fix the P0420 Code Issue?

Resetting the maintenance light on a Toyota Highlander may offer a temporary fix for the P0420 code issue, but it won’t solve the underlying problem. The P0420 code usually indicates a malfunction in the catalytic converter, caused by various issues such as a faulty oxygen sensor, engine misfires, or a leaking exhaust system. To fully address the problem, it’s important to diagnose and resolve the root causes and solutions for Toyota P0420 code.

Is the Process of Resetting the Maintenance Light Similar for Different Car Models?

The process of resetting the maintenance light on different car models may vary. However, when it comes to resetting oil life on Chevy Silverado, the steps generally involve accessing the vehicle’s settings menu, locating the oil life percentage, and then selecting the reset option. It is important to refer to the specific car’s manual for accurate instructions.


After reading this post on how to reset the maintenance light on your Toyota Highlander, you already know how simple it is to turn off the maintenance light.

To sum it up, the main ideas we’ve discussed are:

  • Rotate the ignition to the run position and check that the odometer reading is shown to be ready for the reset.
  • Holding down the reset knob of the trip meter while turning the ignition to the run position will activate the maintenance light reset feature.
  • Holding down the reset knob of the trip meter until the odometer reads “000000” and the maintenance light turns off will reset the maintenance light.
  • You should repeat the operation again if the system doesn’t reset, if not, the LED can keep flashing.
  • Start the engine to confirm that the maintenance light stays off, which denotes a successful reset.

Remember to schedule engine oil changes and inspections according to the manufacturer’s recommendations if you want your Toyota Highlander to last and function well.

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