How To Reset BMW Service Engine Soon Light? Simple Steps

How to reset BMW service engine soon light is a relatively straightforward process, regarding the light that turns when your vehicle requires service. Once your car has been serviced, you must reset this light accordingly, but this is where the procedure might become slightly unfamiliar if you don’t have any knowledge of mechanic maintenance.

How to Reset the BMW Service Engine Soon Light

Since BMW is one of the most popular, innovative, and luxury car brands worldwide, you, as the owner, would be keen to ensure that it remains in optimal condition and your investment is worth it. Therefore, our team has detailed the various methods and steps you must undertake to reset the “service engine soon” light by yourself with the most incredible efficiency!

How Can You Reset the BMW’s “Service Engine Soon” Light?

You can reset the BMW’s “service engine soon” light using an OBD2 scanner. Alternatively, you may tighten the gas caps or check the oxygen sensor and catalytic converter for any faults. Filtering and changing your fuel will also reset the light.

– Using a Scanner

You can use the scanner if you want to reset the BMW “service engine soon” light. First, you must get an OBD2 scanner to begin the procedure. If you have this tool with you, you can start immediately.

On the other hand, if you do not have the required scanner, you will have to get it from a store. Once you have purchased it, you have to plug the mentioned scanner inside the diagnostic tool port of your vehicle. Afterward, you must go to the ignition switch and ensure it is on.

Next, you will have to navigate the menu labeled as a diagnostic tool. As soon as you have located it, you must scroll through until you find the choice to reset all the service codes. Once you have done this, your BMW light will be set entirely.

– Tightening the Gas Cap

Another reason the BMW light is on could be something wrong with the gas pipe. When there is an issue with the gas pipe, the mentioned light switches on at once. In this case, go over to your gas cap and check on it correctly. While scanning, you have to ensure that every component is in place and nothing is missing or lost.

Tightening Car Gas Cap

After seeing this, if everything seems right, you should tighten your gas cap. You can also replace it if you want to. As soon as you do this, the light will immediately turn off, and you can return inside.

– Replacing the Oxygen Sensor

There might also be some problem related to the oxygen sensor. If there is an issue, replacing your oxygen sensor with a newer one will be best. To replace it, you can do it on your own. However, it is essential to remember that you must only do it yourself if you have the experience in the required career and have all of the tools present with you.

If you do not have the two things mentioned, it is best to take it to a mechanic. The mechanic will repair it correctly and not damage any components. On the other hand, if you are replacing it yourself, you have to ensure that you get an oxygen sensor that is compatible with your vehicle.

– Fixing the Catalytic Converter

When resetting the BMW check engine light, you may have to take your vehicle to an experienced mechanic. If you sense that there is something wrong with the car’s converter, the mechanic will be able to fix it for you in no time.

While fixing the catalytic converter, they will clean up your entire converter. If it is necessary, and the issue is not solved quickly, they might even replace it with a completely new one. Since the mechanic will know how to do this, he will do it accurately, and once it is fixed, you can have it back.

After the problem has been solved, the BWM light will turn off. You will have to pay a certain amount for this method to get the work done. Nevertheless, you will hopefully not face any issues related to the mentioned light once it is done.

– Filling and Changing Oil

Sometimes the light turns on when the oil level is lower than usual. If you want to reset your BMW light and fix it, you will have to go over to check the oil level in your car. If the oil level is low, you must add more oil.

Filling and Changing Car Oil

On the other hand, if the oil is dirty or polluted, it is crucial to change it completely. You must throw out all the previous oil and put fresh oil inside. On the other hand, if the oil level is high enough, there could be another reason why the mentioned light is switched on.

How Can You Know Why the BMW Service Engine Soon Light Is On?

You can know why the BMW service engine soon light is on if the gas cap has been moved or misplaced or if the oxygen sensor is malfunctioning. Low levels of engine oil and a faulty catalytic converter might also be the cause.

– Misplaced Gas Cap

The light can be on if the gas cap is misplaced from its original location. When the gas cap is missing or somehow lost, it is usually the reason why the light turns on itself. However, if the gas cap is present and the light still turns on, it is because it is loose.

When this happens, it does not allow your vehicle’s engine to function accordingly and causes the light to flicker at once. In this case, you must go over to the gas cap and tighten it. Once you tighten it, the light will turn off on its own.

– Problems With the Oxygen Sensor

The second possibility could be due to the issues with the oxygen sensor. When the oxygen sensor is faulty, it could lead to several problems in your car, one of which is the BMW light switching on. The oxygen sensor must keep measuring the amount of oxygen coming into your exhaust.

Problems With Car Oxygen Sensor

Once it calculates the oxygen, it has to send the information it has collected to the car’s computer at once. It is important to remember that when your oxygen sensor is malfunctioning, it is not a good indication.

When this happens, it causes the car’s engine to run lean. Run lean occurs because a lot of air is being used but insufficient fuel for the engine. Once this happens, the mentioned light is activated right there.

– Loose Gas Cap

The BWM light usually turns on when your vehicle’s gas cap is loose. If you are looking for a good way to fix this, then you have to begin by locating the gas cap. The gas cap will be located outside of the car. As soon as you reach it, you have to check on it.

You will notice that the cap will be loose. The final thing that you have to do now is tighten the gas cap. Ensure you do not overtighten it since it can cause the engine to get damaged with a lot of pressure.

– Issues With the Car’s Catalytic Converter

There are sometimes several issues related to your car’s catalytic converter that can cause the check engine light to turn on. When there are issues with the converter, it is unsafe as it has many tasks. One of its primary jobs is to look out for harmful emissions, and when these emissions try to get in, it converts them into less dangerous ones.

This prevents dangerous radiation from damaging your vehicle. Now, if your car’s catalytic converter is not functioning as it should, it can make your engine run rich. When an engine runs rich, it means running with excessive fuel and less air in it. This can cause the engine light to flicker on to alert you of what is happening.

– Low Levels of Engine Oil

Sometimes the check engine light flickers on when there is an issue with your engine oil. It only happens when the oil level is deficient. Now, when the oil level in your engine is low, it can cause your car engine to have issues. The engine will not be able to function accordingly with a low level of oil in it.

Low Levels of Car Engine Oil

Once your car’s system notices this activity, the service engine light will be turned on. This will be done so that you know there is some issue with the oil levels of your engine. If you want to solve this issue, add more oil to your car.

The oil present may be polluted; if it is, it is best to get rid of it and fill in new oil. As soon as you add the oil, you will notice the light will turn off immediately. It is imperative to remember that the light only switches on when there is some issue.

Can I Reset the Service Engine Light on My BMW in a Similar Way to GMC Sierra?

Yes, you can reset the service engine light on your BMW in a similar way to the GMC Sierra. By using the same method of resetting GMC Sierra check engine light, you can also reset the service engine light on your BMW.


Whenever you see the “service soon” light flashing on your BMW dashboard, you will know, after a thorough study of our article, that this is the telltale sign of a fault in your car’s emission control. Through the techniques given in the guide above, you know now how to fix the light with maximum efficiency, as you may review through this summary:

  • To reset the “service engine soon” light, consider tightening any gas cap that might be loose, checking your car components for misbehavior, and changing the car fuel.
  • Alternatively, you may also utilize an OBD2 scanner to achieve this.
  • The light may be flashing on the BMW due to low engine oil levels.
  • Problems with the catalytic converter or the oxygen sensors are also possible causes.

As you can see, several tactics and tools may be utilized when you want to set the flashing light on your BMW car. Once you follow the methods and steps we have extensively covered in the guide, you can get the exact results you are looking for without delay!

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