How to Remote Start Buick Encore: Most Easy-to-follow Guide

How to remote start Buick encore is highly significant to understand because it is a useful function that lets you start your car’s engine without having to get inside.

Remote Start Buick Encore

You may start your Buick Encore’s engine from the comfort of your own home, enabling the vehicle to warm up or cool down before you get in. This article will walk you through the process of remote starting a Buick Encore with a key fob.

How to Remote Start Buick Encore

To remote start Buick encore, first, you have to check for the starter kit, park the car safely, and press the lock button. Then you have to hold the circular arrow, confirm the engine start, and then turn off the engine. Finally, start with the key if the fob fails.

1. Check Starter Kit

Assessing the starter kit is an important step since you need to make sure you have the proper tools to remote start your automobile. A remote key or key fob, which is necessary to remote start your Buick Encore, should be included with the starter kit.

It is critical to inspect the start kit since different Buick Encore models may require different key fobs or start kits. Before attempting to remote start your Buick Encore, ensure that your key fob is compatible with it.
Using the incorrect key fob or start kit might cause issues and may result in the vehicle not working at all. To verify the compatibility of your starter kit, first consult the user handbook for your Buick Encore, which will offer instructions on how to do so.

Verifying that the key fob’s battery is fully charged is also critical. A low battery might cause the key fob to cease operating and prohibit you from starting your Buick Encore remotely. Refer to your user manual to check the battery in your key fob.

2. Park the Car Safely

While remote starting your car, it is critical to park securely to protect yourself and the people around you. While parking your Buick Encore, make sure it is level and sturdy and that the parking brake is engaged.
It is also critical to check for any impediments in front of or behind your car.

Park the Car Safely

This will prevent any mishaps from occurring when you start your automobile remotely. Furthermore, make sure the vehicle is in “park” mode since this will prevent the car from rolling away when you start it remotely.

To prevent potential risks, remote starting a car should only be done in a safe and acceptable area, such as an open parking lot. Remote starting a vehicle is not suggested in an enclosed or restricted environment, such as a garage, because it can result in carbon monoxide poisoning, which can be fatal.

3. Press the Lock Button

The lock button is an important part of the remote start procedure and is required to start the sequence. To use the lock button, you must first guarantee that you are within 200 feet of the key fob.
This distance may vary based on the power of the key fob and any potential obstacles, such as buildings or walls. When you are within range, push the lock button on your key fob, and the lights on your Buick Encore will flash, signaling that the car is in the remote start sequence.

This step assures that only the owner of the key fob may remotely start the automobile, providing an additional degree of protection to the operation. It is crucial to note that the lock button on the key fob may change depending on the model of the Buick Encore, so consult the user handbook or a Buick shop for exact instructions.

4. Hold the Circular Arrow

To engage the remote start sequence and start your Buick Encore’s engine, press and hold the circular arrow button on your key fob. Locate the circular arrow button on your key fob after pushing the lock button. It is usually positioned beneath the lock button.

Hold the Circular Arrow

The engine of your Buick Encore will start when you press and hold the circular arrow button for a few seconds. Be patient, as this phase may take a few seconds to begin. It is crucial to remember that some Buick Encore models may require you to push and release the circular arrow button rather than hold it down.

For detailed instructions on your model, see the owner’s handbook or a Buick store. During the remote start procedure, your Buick Encore’s climate control system will power on and adjust the temperature to your previous preset selection. This guarantees that your vehicle’s interior is at a pleasant temperature when you enter it.

5. Confirm the Engine Start

Examine the LED light on the key fob to ensure that the engine has started. To signal that the engine has started, the LED light will blink green, or the vehicle’s parking lights will flash once. In addition, the horn on the car may sound momentary to signify that the engine has started.

It is crucial to remember that if the engine does not start, you may need to repeat the previous procedures or consult the user handbook for troubleshooting instructions. After confirming that the engine has started, you may use the key fob to remotely lock or unlock the vehicle.

This is a valuable function since it allows you to secure the vehicle without physically being inside it. This step is critical to ensuring that the remote start process is successful and that the engine is operational.

6. Turn off the Engine

After confirming that the engine has started, you may want to switch it off remotely with the key fob. Just push and hold the circular arrow button on the key fob for at least two seconds to switch off the engine remotely.

Turn off the Engine Remotely

The engine will shut off, and the car will return to its factory settings. You may also switch off the engine by starting it with the key fob and then pushing the engine stop/start button on the dashboard.

It is vital to know that the engine will shut down automatically after a specified period. This feature is intended to save gasoline and keep the engine from running inefficiently. Also, if you do not switch off the engine remotely, it will shut down when you open the driver’s door to enter the car.

7. Start With Key (If Fob Fails)

If your key fob fails or your battery runs out, you may still start your Buick Encore with the physical key. To start the engine using the key, first place it in the front cup holder. Then, depress the brake pedal and turn on the ignition.

If the engine does not start on the first attempt, repeat the procedure. It is vital to know that if the key fob battery is low, starting the engine may be difficult. In this situation, replace the key fob’s battery and try again.
Also, if the key fob fails to function, you may still access the car by physically unlocking the door with the key blade. After entering the vehicle, you may still start the engine using the actual key by following the instructions outlined above.


– Can I Determine if My Key Fob Supports Remote Start?

You can determine if your key fob supports remote start by checking the key fob for a car remote start button, which is usually shaped like a curved arrow or a circle with an arrow pointing clockwise and placed around the steering wheel.

– Is Remote Start Available on All Cars with Keyless Entry?

No, remote start is not available on all cars with keyless entry. While keyless entry systems enable you to lock and unlock your vehicle without the use of a physical key, remote start is an optional feature that may or may not be included.

– What Could Be the Reason for the Remote Start Feature Not Functioning?

There could be various reasons for your remote start feature not functioning properly, such as the remote start may not operate if you are too far away from the vehicle. The majority of key fobs have a restricted range, usually approximately 100 feet.


You can guarantee that your Buick Encore is ready to go when you follow the procedures mentioned in this how to remote start Buick encore article.

In summary, we’ve explored several important points, including:

  • A key fob may be used to start a Buick Encore remotely.
  • Before starting the engine, it is critical to park the car safely.
  • To start the engine remotely, press the lock button and then the circular arrow button until the engine begins.
  • When the engine starts, double-check the vehicle’s lights and noises.
  • If the remote start fails, the engine may be started manually with a key.

Overall, remote starting a Buick Encore is a useful function that lets you start your car’s engine without having to get inside.

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