RAV4 Trunk Dimensions: Specs and What Items Can Fit

The RAV4 trunk dimensions are important to families who might be thinking of purchasing a vehicle that can accommodate them and their cargo. Fortunately, the RAV4 comes with enough cargo room to fit the luggage of the entire family.

What Are the RAV4 Trunk Dimensions


However, what are the exact dimensions of the cargo area and do they differ depending on the year of manufacture and the date? Answers to these questions and more information about the Toyota RAV4 will be discussed in this comprehensive guide.

What Are the RAV4 Trunk Dimensions?

The RAV4 trunk dimensions has a cargo volume of 37.6 cubic feet behind the second-row seats and 69.8 cubic feet behind the first-row seats. What this means is that you can fold the second-row seats and get 69.8 cubic feet, which is extra room for more cargo. 

– Interior Dimensions

The interior dimensions of the RAV4’s trunk show that the space behind the rear seats is 40 inches in length. That is enough room to fit a lot of cargo including a medium-sized dog kennel if you’re planning on taking your furry friend along on the family trip.

Interior Dimensions of RAV4

When it comes to the width of the cargo space, you can get between 39.5 and 59 inches while the cargo height differs between 34.6 to 36.5 inches. Loading the trunk has been made easy thanks to the hands-free power rear liftgate sensor under the rear bumper.

– Opening the Power Liftgate

All you need to do is to direct a kick at the center of the rear bumper in one fluid motion without hitting the bumper. Make sure you perform a straight kick and don’t angle your kick as you may miss the sensor. When you perform the kick, you’ll hear two beeps, one is when the sensor recognizes the motion of your leg while the second is for the power liftgate to open. Thus, you’ll need to wait for a second or two for the door to open then you can begin to load up the trunk of your RAV4.

When you’re done, perform the same kick motion straight in the direction of the sensor to close the door of the trunk. Do not install a tow hitch near the sensor or it’ll interfere with the sensor and keep your trunk door malfunctioning. If you have a tow hitch installed, then turn off the sensor to keep your trunk door open or closed as desired.

– Cargo Space in Toyota RAV4 Trunk

Though the Toyota RAV4 is marketed as a compact crossover SUV, its dynamic cargo space can fit loads that’ll surprise you. The vehicle isn’t a workhorse like the pickups but its cargo space has some valuable features that create extra room for more cargo. When it comes to cargo weight, the vehicle can fit up to 20.5 cubic feet behind the second-row seats. However, when you fold the rear seats you can get a cargo weight volume of 70 cubic feet. 

Cargo Space in Toyota RAV4 Trunk

With this space, you can load a bicycle, small pieces of furniture, many boxes, a small trampoline and other big loads. Our research indicates that the RAV4 can carry an average weight of 544 kilograms depending on the trim. This is above the average weight of cargo that other crossover SUVs can carry and it is the vehicle with the biggest trunk in the history of SUVs. This is mainly because the RAV4 comes with a lower roof, an extra raked tailgate area and a low cargo flow that makes it suitable for carrying bigger goods than the average SUV.

– Loads That Can Fit Into the Trunk of RAV4

The RAV4 is designed to cart casual loads such as groceries for the entire family and exercise equipment such as medium-sized treadmills, dumbbells and Bosu balls. Don’t worry if what you want to cart is heavy as the RAV4 is fit to carry heavy loads that are at least up to 544 kilograms.

Those who are into outdoor and watersports could fit their longboard and paddleboard or even bicycle with the wheels on into the trunk. If the second-row seats are folded, then there’s even more space for the band gear, big TVs and two average-sized boxes.

As already mentioned, small furniture like desks, nightstands, and chairs can fit but two or three-seat furnitures will be too big for the trunk. For long trips, the cargo area can hold camping gear including tents and comforter sets as well as extra luggage to cover the number of days on the road.

However, the load shouldn’t be extremely heavy or it could affect the car’s suspension, put a strain on the engine and affect the steering as well. Building materials such as cement bags, bricks, or wood should not be carted by the RAV4 to avoid damaging the wheelbase.

– The Luggage Capacity of the RAV4

These are the number of suitcases that a RAV4 can carry based on whether the second-row seats are up or folded. When the second-row seats are up, the vehicle can accommodate up to 4 large-sized suitcases or 5 standard suitcases, depending on your preferences.

The Luggage Capacity of the RAV4

However, if the second-row seats are folded, then you can pack 8 standard-size suitcases and 9 large-size suitcases. Even with that, you can fit in extra small bags and suitcases depending on how adept you are at arranging the luggage.

You can add about three carry-ons and other flexible bags into the spaces between the suitcases. Baby bags and carriers as well as small boxes could also be arranged nicely to fit in the extra space between the suitcases and the liftgate. The compartment above the suitcases could also hold small lunch boxes and two or three duffle bags. The luggage compartment can comfortably fit a big stroller or a caddy golf bag with golf clubs.

– Characteristics of the RAV4

Aside from the foldable second-row seats, the RAV4 has other features that make extra space to accommodate extra luggage and ease the process of packing your items. We present to you other features of the cargo space:

The floorboard of the vehicle can be adjusted to make extra space so that taller items can fit into the cargo area. The floorboard typically gives about an extra 2 inches of headroom for extra convenience. 

We’ve already described the power liftgate which you can open with a sensor found at the rear bumper of the vehicle. This feature helps you to pack your things easily and quickly without the hassle of having to put down the luggage before opening the door. As described, all you have to do is to direct a swift kick at the sensor in the middle of the rear bumper and the door will open.

The surface of the floorboard is not flat as it has a hammock-like storage area that allows you to arrange small items. The area which features a net allows you to see the items you’ve arranged without them getting mixed up with the luggage. You can also retrieve them easily and conveniently. The hammock can be removed if you want to store a slightly bigger item there.

– Other Storage Areas in the Toyota RAV4

Aside from the trunk or cargo storage area, the RAV4 also comes with several pockets of space inside the vehicle where you can store small and lightweight items. Here are some of the extra storage areas:

  • The front door: The vehicle’s front doors feature small round pockets that can hold a bottle of water or a cup of coffee for the driver and passenger in the front seat. These spaces are quite tall, about half of the length of a standard bottle, to prevent spilling when driving in bumpy areas.
  • Storage nets behind the seats: These nets can fit canned soda and other snacks for the passengers in the rest of the seats. The nets are sizable with the top open through which you can put your items.
  • In-dash tray: The in-dash tray is located on the dashboard and can hold items like documents, hold phones, or even store glasses. The in-dash tray is removable and can be easily inserted as well.
  • Frontage storage tray: This storage area can hold phones and other flat items like comp cards, credit cards and other forms of IDs. You can also keep your documents there for easy access. Food can be kept there as well but it is not advisable to eat and drive simultaneously.

However, if you need to cart bigger and heavier cargo than what the storage area can hold, then you can add a small trailer capable of towing cargo of up to 1,587 kilograms. Any cargo above that could hurt the engine and the wheels of the vehicle.

Some of the mid-size Toyota cars with a cargo area as big or slightly bigger than the RAV4 include the Venza, 4Runner and Highlander. The Venza has a 27 cubic feet volume which can go up to 59 cubic feet when the rear seats are folded. The 4Runner boasts a trunk size of 47.2 cubic feet and 89.7 cubic feet with the rear seats down while the Highlander features a cargo area length of 84 inches, width is 46 inches and height is 28 inches.

– Sleeping in the RAV4 Trunk

Given the dimensions of the vehicle’s trunk, you may be wondering if you can spend a night or two in the car, especially if you are a camping enthusiast. The answer is a resounding yes as the storage room is huge, especially when all the seats are folded.

Sleeping in the RAV4 Trunk

We already know that folding the second-row seats will give you 69.8 cubic feet of room, however, adding the first-row seats will give you 73.4 cubic feet. This is enough room for an average-height human to stretch their arms and legs.

Apart from the space, sleeping in a RAV4 is comfortable because all the seats fold seamlessly, creating a comfortable platform to lie on. However, you may need a few blankets to keep warm and to keep dangerous insects at bay. If you’re going camping, then we recommend that you go along with an SUV tent and include other items that will make you more comfortable.

– 2022 RAV4 Dimensions

If you’re looking to purchase the latest version of the RAV4, here are the dimensions for you to consider whether or not the investment will be worth it.

Considering the exterior dimensions, the length of the vehicle is 180.9 inches while its height is 67.0 inches. Its entire width with the exception of the side mirrors is 73.0 inches and its wheelbase is 105.9 inches with a ground clearance of 8.4 inches. It has a gross weight of 2,091 kilograms and a maximum payload of 476.2 kilograms.

The 2022 Toyota RAV4 trunk dimensions and the RAV4 hybrid cargo space are the same as what has been highlighted above. Note that the cargo capacity is the same for all the trims of RAV4: TRD Off-Road, XLE Premium, Adventure, LE, Limited and XLE. Just keep the RAV4 cargo-length seats down and you’ll have enough space to park your load.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Will a 4×8 Sheet of Plywood Fit Into the Cargo Area of the RAV4?

No, a 4×8 sheet of plywood will not fit into the cargo area of the RAV4 conveniently. If it is attempted, part of the wood will be outside, keeping the door of the trunk from shutting. Something with these dimensions will be easier to fit in other vehicles.


We’ve discussed at length the RAV4 trunk dimensions, its various features, and the amount of cargo it can fit into its trunk. Here is a summary of all that we’ve discovered so far: 

  • The Toyota RAV4 comes with cargo dimensions that measure up to 37.6 cubic feet but with the RAV4 cargo length seats down, the space increases to 69.8 cubic feet.
  • This space can fit many items including golf bags, mid-size dog kennels, bicycles with their tires attached, a small desk, a baby stroller, a nightstand, a two-seat couch, etc.
  • The car has a payload up to 544 kilograms and a towing capacity of 1,587 kilograms, though be careful not to overload the vehicle to avoid straining the engine and the wheelbase.
  • The RAV4 can also fit up to 4 large-sized suitcases or 5 standard-sized suitcases with enough room to stuff 2 carry-ons and a few duffle bags.
  • All RAV4 trims have similar trunk sizes and other storage features including storage nets, in-dash tray and frontage storage tray where you can hold other items.

The Toyota RAV4 has other alternatives which have similar cargo area sizes or more such as the Highlander, Venza and 4Runner.

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