Jeep Wagoneer Gas Tank Size: Capacity Specifications and Insights

When we talk about the 2024 Jeep Wagoneer, one of the first things that catch our attention is its impressive gas tank size. For those of us planning road trips or often find ourselves away from gas stations, this is a make-or-break feature. You’ll be pleased to know that the 2024 model maintains Jeep’s reputation for combining ample interior space with the capacity for long-distance travel, thanks to a gas tank that holds 26.5 gallons. Now, imagine all

Design and Specifications

When discussing the robust Jeep Wagoneer, it’s pivotal to focus on the architecture that underpins its impressive stature. From balanced proportions to a cozy cabin, we’re delving into the nitty-gritty that makes the Wagoneer not just a visual stunner but a haven for riders.

Exterior Dimensions

Stretching its Legs

Let’s start by putting some numbers to the Jeep Wagoneer’s grandeur. With a bold length, generous width, and a stance tall enough to command respect on any road, the Wagoneer’s exterior dimensions ensure that it makes an entrance wherever it rolls up. And with a wheelbase that provides stability and space, it’s clear that this ride is built for comfort as much as it’s built for making a statement.

Dimension Jeep Wagoneer Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Interior Comfort

Now, let’s hop inside. Our grand chariot isn’t just about commanding the outside world; it’s about reigning supreme in comfort too. We’re talking legroom that lets you stretch out like you’re in your favorite armchair, and headroom that means saying goodbye to cramped journeys. And as for the hips and shoulders, there’s ample space to ensure that every passenger, front or back, has their personal domain.

Available Trim Levels

Choosing the perfect Wagoneer feels like picking your favorite ice cream flavor—there’s something delectable for everyone. Between the Wagoneer Series I, Series II, Series III, and the stately Grand Wagoneer, each step up the trim ladder adds a sprinkle of luxury and a heap of technology. From a robust base SUV to the feature-packed L Series III, selecting the Wagoneer that suits your fancy is as satisfying as the drive itself.


In this performance breakdown, we’ll get into the nitty-gritty of what propels the Jeep Wagoneer down the road and how efficiently it does so. We’re talking raw power figures and the kind of efficiency that makes for fewer pit stops and more adventure.

Engine and Transmission

Under the hood, the Wagoneer packs a 5.7-liter HEMI® V8 engine, complemented by eTorque hybrid assist to boost its performance. This robust combination ensures we’re getting a kick when we step on the gas—a fiercely responsive 395 horsepower and an impressive 410 lb-ft of torque to be exact.

As for the transmission, It’s all funneled through a slick eight-speed automatic that shifts as smooth as butter. The transitions between gears are practically imperceptible, and whether we’re cruising on the highway or tackling trails, the power delivery is seamless.

Drivetrain and Efficiency

Buckle up because the Wagoneer’s drivetrain is intelligent and adaptable. Both the standard Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) and optional Four-Wheel Drive (4WD) systems are engineered to optimize power distribution depending on conditions. This isn’t your granddad’s 4WD; it’s a modern setup geared for efficiency and capability.

And on the topic of efficiency, the Wagoneer doesn’t shy away. While it’s no Prius, the fuel mileage is respectable for its size and grunt. The gas tank is a sizable 26.5 gallons, which gives us a decent balance between power and sustainability. The city range hovers around 424 to 518 miles, and highway range stretches from 610 to 732 miles, so we’re not tethered to the ⛽ pump on long trips.

With performance like this, the Wagoneer ensures we’re in for smooth sailing—or should I say, cruising—across whichever path we choose. 🏁


In evaluating the Jeep Wagoneer’s capability, we’re looking squarely at how this robust machine handles what you throw at it—towing, hauling, and efficiently using fuel. Let’s break it down:

Towing and Payload

The Wagoneer’s strength is epitomized not just by its substantial frame but by the muscle under the hood. With a V8 engine at the heart of this beast, we’re talking about a vehicle that doesn’t flinch when it comes to heavy lifting. We’re often asked about the might it brings to the table, with maximum towing capacity reaching a commendable number. Paired with a competent payload capacity, this SUV won’t shy away from hefty holiday trailers or a bed full of camping gears. It’s the kind of reliable workhorse that doesn’t just look the part—it truly plays it.

Maximum Towing Capacity: up to several thousand pounds.

Towing Capacity (lbs) Payload Capacity (lbs)
– Varies by model – Ample for gear and goods

Fuel and Economy

Let’s talk about thirst—fuel thirst, that is. ⛽ When you’re cruising in a Wagoneer, you’re sporting a gas tank that ranges from a hearty 26.0 to a massive 30.5 gallons. Versatile, because a road trip should be measured in memories, not gas stations visited. Now, fuel economy may not be the first feature that springs to mind with a V8, but the Wagoneer makes every drop count, offering miles of smiles between fill-ups.

Fuel Tank Capacity: 26.0 to 30.5 gallons (98.4 to 115.5 liters)

Nothing halts a journey like needing to refuel too soon. That said, we understand the importance of having a big tank to avoid frequent stops, especially when balancing fuel economy with performance. The Wagoneer handles this balance with aplomb, its fuel tank capacity ensuring that you can forge ahead with confidence, knowing you’ve got the range to reach your destination—or at least the next majestic view.

Safety and Features

When it comes to the Jeep Wagoneer, safety isn’t taken lightly – and neither are the features. We look beyond the surface, inspecting the nuts and bolts that keep you safe and the savvy tech that makes every ride an adventure. Let’s navigate through what sets the Wagoneer apart when it’s time to buckle up or rock out.

Protection and Stability

Safety is a top priority in the Jeep Wagoneer, with a sturdy frame to protect passengers and a wealth of features to prevent accidents before they happen. We’ve got your back – and your front and sides too. The suite of safety technologies includes:

Airbags: Ample cushioning with advanced multistage front airbags, supplemental side-curtain airbags, and more, ready to deploy when you need them most.
Stability Control: This system helps you stay the course, automatically stepping in to correct excess wheel slip.
Traction Control: No matter the road conditions, traction control keeps your wheels grounded for better stability.

Tight turns and sudden stops? We handle them with a composure that gives you peace of mind.

Convenience and Entertainment

Behind the wheel of the Jeep Wagoneer, it’s not just about arriving – it’s how you get there. Long drives feel shorter with tech that resonates with our need for convenience and connection.

Infotainment Display: It anchors the Wagoneer’s dashboard, offering a hub for all your entertainment needs.
Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay®: These integrations are as straightforward as they are indispensable. Your playlist, your navigation, your calls – they’re all there.
Speakers: Immerse yourself in sound. Quality speakers that turn any song into an experience.

It’s more than just tech – it’s the way we stay wired to the world while we drive, keeping the journey as enjoyable as the destination.

Let’s not forget the warranty that has your back for the long haul, and convenience features like remote keyless entry, power-folding mirrors, and a steering wheel with all controls at your fingertips – ensuring that from the moment you step in, every journey in the Wagoneer is a joy ride.

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