Jeep Compass Wont Start 7 Causes and Fixes: A Thorough Guide

“Jeep Compass wont start 7 causes and fixes?” is a common question that Jeep Compass owners in sticky situations often ask.

Jeep Compass Wont Start Causes and Fixes

A faulty alternator or a corroded battery are common reasons why your Jeep Compass won’t start. In this complete guide, our team will explain the causes of a Jeep Compass breakdown and how to fix it.

What Are Reasons Why Your Jeep Compass Is Not Starting?

The reasons why your Jeep Compass is not starting include a faulty alternator, a defective spark plug, and a corroded battery. These and several other reasons, such as a blocked gas filter and gas pump failure, can prevent your car from starting.

– Bad Alternator

One of the major causes of a Jeep Cherokee breakdown is a faulty alternator. The alternator is an important component that provides the energy to charge the car. Once the alternator is more than six years old, it can start wearing out. It then starts to work improperly, which can cause your car not to start.

While it can be very rare for modern alternators to break down, they can still wear out and become faulty due to how they are used.

– Worn-out Ignition Switch or Defective Spark Plugs

A worn-out ignition switch is another reason why your car won’t start. This switch is the part responsible for sending power to the starter when the car key is turned. It also allows power flow to other systems in the car when the vehicle is powered on and activates your pump lever and ignition system.

Reasons Why Your Jeep Compass Is Not Starting

A worn-out switch can cause your Compass to stop working in several ways. For one, it can prevent electrical power from flowing to other systems such as the pump lever, ignition, power accessories, and the engine. As such, these affected systems will not come on.

A defective spark plug is another reason why your vehicle won’t start. These plugs play an essential role in igniting the fuel in the engine. If worn out or defective, they may be unable to ignite the fuel properly. This will cause the engine not to start and your vehicle not to come on.

One of the common problems associated with a damaged spark plug is a misfiring engine. So if your engine is misfiring or unable to start, you can be sure that it’s from your spark plug. This can also mean some parts of the spark plug needs to be replaced.

– Corroded Battery or a Dead Fob Battery

Another common problem that hinders the smooth running of your Compass is a corroded battery. Corrosion on the terminals of your battery leads to loss of contact and reduced flow of current. This affects the engine of your Compass and prevents it from starting.

To know if your Compass’ starting problem is from corroded batteries, you might need to investigate them. You might need to lift the rubber covers and check the battery terminals for corrosion. If you discover white or silvery-green deposits, then your battery might be corroded. A normal battery terminal should be shiny and smooth when it’s in contact with the battery cables.

You can prevent your Jeep Compass battery from dying by avoiding parasitic draws. A parasitic draw is anything that uses energy from your vehicle. Some parasitic draws are necessary for interior lighting and radio, but they are still optional.

Unplug all optional equipment when you turn off your vehicle for the night.A dead key battery is another cause of your Jeep’s inability to start. The key fob is an essential part of a car key as it powers the car and operates the remote system. However, it can get drained or weak.

A lot of Jeep owners face a starting problem when there is a drained or dead battery. This can be due to leaving your key remote inside your hot Jeep or leaving it outside when it is cold. When the battery is weak or drained, the Jeep Compass will not be able to detect it, and as such, it won’t start.

– Blocked Fuel Filter or Malfunctioning Fuel Pump

A clogged fuel filter can also prevent your Jeep Compass from starting. The filter is important for filtering out dirt, dust, and other contaminants before they enter the engine. Like all filters, it can become clogged with these contaminants after an extended period of time.

If the filter is clogged with contaminants, the engine will not start because the dirt obstructs the flow of fuel to the engine. When this happens, it can interrupt fuel delivery and damage your engine. Thus, your car will begin to have starting problems.

If your Compass’ pump malfunctions or fails, it can cause your car not to start. The pump usually ensures that the correct amount of fuel is passed from the tank into the engine and at the sufficient pressure. However, the failure of the pump doesn’t happen suddenly; it usually gives off signs before it eventually fails. You’ll notice that from time to time, your engine jerks a little or your car performs at low performance.

Reasons for a pump failure include wear or contamination of the pump. Other reasons are a leaky pump or a broken pump lever.

– Spoilt Fuse

A spoilt or blown fuse can be a cause of your Jeep’s inability to start. Many of your car’s systems require a fuse to operate. The fuse acts as a good safeguard against voltage spikes. However, if too much electricity passes through the systems, the fuse can blow, thus destroying the circuits and preventing your car from starting.

To pinpoint the blown fuse, you might need to check your owner’s manual for a reference guide on the location of each fuse and what they are responsible for.

– Animal or Engine Damage

Damage caused by rodents and rats can be another reason for your car’s starting problems. These animals crawl under the car and bite through wires and circuits, affecting all the vehicle systems such as the oil, fuel, or power supply. Damage to any of these systems can disconnect wires and prevent your car from starting.

Although it is a very rare cause, engine damage or failure can also prevent your Compass from starting. If the engine of your car fails, nothing will work anymore. Engine failure can be caused by overspeeding, incorrect or insufficient oil, as well as overheating.

– Wrong Engine Oil, Depletion of Fuel, or Ice-Cold Coolant

A lot of car owners do not understand the importance of using the correct oil for their cars. The oil in your car needs to be at a particular viscosity to ensure seamless lubrication. Thick oil will not flow properly and will not lubricate the essential parts. This can cause the engine to get stuck, making it difficult to start the car.

It’s important for every car owner to go through the car’s manual to see the recommended oil type and viscosity for their Compass. If your car has run out of fuel, it won’t start. This is a common problem, especially if you haven’t topped up your tank in a long while. To fix this, you might need to fill up your tank.

Once your Compass has enough fuel, it should be able to start. Ice-cold coolant is another cause of your car’s starting problems. A frozen coolant prevents the engine from running at an optimal temperature. If this happens, starting your car can be difficult. If you start it, your engine can overheat, leading to more serious problems.

How Do You Fix a Jeep Compass That Won’t Start

You can fix a Jeep Compass that won’t start by investing in an engine block heater, checking the voltage of the alternator, checking the sensor data, turning on accessory mode, checking the dashboard, and diagnosing the vehicle with an OBD2 scanner.

– Install an Engine Block Heater

One of the ways to fix a Jeep starter that won’t start is to invest in an engine block heater. If you live in a place where cold weather is commonplace, installing an engine block heater can prevent issues with your vehicle. They also prevent the oils from getting sludgy and thick, thus reducing the risk of engine damage and extending the life of your vehicle.

– Check the Power of the Alternator

Another way to fix a Jeep starter that won’t start is by checking the voltage of the alternator. Since it is an example of electrical problems, you can easily test the vehicle’s voltage by connecting a voltmeter to the alternator while the car is off.

Fix a Jeep Compass That Won’t Start

The voltage should read between 12 and 13 volts. Once there’s a decreased voltage on the voltmeter, this indicates a problem with your alternator.

– Check the Immobilizer Data

Like most cars, the Jeep Compass uses an immobilizer system that prevents the car from starting if the wrong key is used. If this is the case, checking the vehicle’s sensor data is a way to troubleshoot this issue. You might, however, need to get to a mechanic for a diagnosis for more severe cases.

– Diagnose With OBD2 Scanner

Every Jeep Compass is equipped with onboard diagnostics and can be used to troubleshoot the location of the malfunction. The OBD2 connector is usually located under the dashboard and, following connection, will ask for some information about the engine. Enter this information correctly to allow for proper troubleshooting.

– Check Gas Pump Pressure

The fuel pressure problem can prevent your car from starting. One of the ways to fix this is to install a pressure gauge and note the pressure reading. You should also compare it to the manufacturer’s specifications. A low or high pressure is an indicator of a problem and should be addressed.

– Inspect Car’s Dashboard

If your car won’t start, checking the dashboard give you insight into the problem. If the check engine light on your dashboard is on and your car refuses to come on, you might have an issue with your battery.

A damaged or corroded battery can prevent your engine from starting even though your lights may be on. In any case, the best thing is to call for a mechanic who can diagnose the problem correctly and help your Compass start.

– Turn on Supplementary Mode

Another way to fix your car is to turn on accessory mode. You can do this method by turning on the lights and other accessories like the radio without starting the engine. This warms up the engine and can temporarily fix the issue.

Checking the Voltage of The Alternator

Why Won’t My Jeep Compass Start Even After Resetting the Tire Pressure?

If you’re facing trouble starting your Jeep Compass even after resetting the tire pressure, there may be other underlying issues causing the problem. However, performing a jeep compass tire pressure reset alone may not resolve all starting issues. It’s best to consult a professional mechanic to diagnose and fix the root cause of the problem.


You don’t need to panic anymore if your Jeep Compass won’t start.

Here’s a recap of the main points discussed in the article:

  • The reasons why your Jeep won’t start include a faulty alternator, a defective spark plug, and a corroded battery.
  • Other reasons include a bad switch or a spoilt fuse.
  • You can fix this problem by checking the voltage of the alternator and repairing the worn-out spark plug. You can also diagnose it with an OBD2 scanner or install an engine block heater.
  • Make sure you consult a professional mechanic for proper diagnosis before conducting any repairs.

With the information in this article, once you notice that your car refuses to start, you should now be able to diagnose and fix the problem immediately!

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