How To Reset Service StabiliTrak Light: Turning It Off

Learning how to reset Service stabiliTrak light is a relatively straightforward procedure, and it is also essential that you should know this as a driver since this is one of the more frequent issues faced on the road. This warning light commonly illuminates your car’s dashboard and usually indicates something wrong within the vehicle system responsible for the stability.

How To Reset Service StabiliTrak Light

Since this light indicates something is the matter with the car’s balance, it is essential to know how to address the issue accurately and quickly. You can learn the exact techniques of turning off or resetting the StabiliTrak service light with maximum efficiency, and thus you will hopefully not see this problem occur again!

How Can You Reset Service StabiliTrak Light Step by Step?

You can reset the Service StabiliTrak light step by step by first switching the vehicle engine off before removing the negative cable and waiting a while before reconnecting it. Finally, you can start the engine again, and everything should be done.

When tinkering with the inner components of your vehicle, make sure you are wearing the appropriate safety gear and protective clothing such as thick gloves and clear goggles. Remember to treat all the parts with utmost care and gentleness.

1. Turning the Engine Off

If you find that the StabiliTrak warning light is illuminated and you can reset it yourself without needing to take it to a professional mechanic, you can do this easily.

First of all, you should make very sure that you have adequately turned the car engine off, and after that, you will need to check the ignition and remove the key from there. Once these steps have been carried out accordingly, it will mean that the system related to the StabiliTrak engine light has been turned off properly.

2. Removing the Negative Cable

After you have ensured that your vehicle’s engine has been turned all the way off, you will need to head over to the battery, where you should find a specific wire that is generally black. This is the negative cable, and it should be attached to the terminal with the battery.

Once you have located it, you must get on a wrench, loosen it, and eventually remove this cable altogether.

Removing Car Negative Cable

While removing the cable, you will need to be careful not to touch any other components of the vehicle, especially any metal parts.

3. Waiting

It is vital to take care while removing the negative cable that is connected to the battery. Once this is done, it is also essential to leave it be, ideally for five to ten minutes, and not attempt to touch it. Suppose there are any residual electric charges in the wiring. In that case, doing this will give it plenty of time to disperse and no longer be a great hazard to your health and safety.

4. Reconnecting the Cable

Once you have taken your time and waited while the electrical charges left in the cable dissipate, you can proceed to reconnect the cable. You must take it and link it back to the assigned battery terminal. After doing this with the proper care and precision, you will need to get your hands on a functional wrench and properly tighten it so it is secured in its place.

5. Restarting the Engine

Once you have reconnected the negative cable after waiting for a few minutes, you can try to start your car’s engine. It should start without a problem, as long as you did everything according to the instructions, and then you need to observe the dashboard. Note whether the StabiliTrak light is still illuminated before you take another action.

How Can You Turn off the Service StabiliTrak Light?

You can turn off the service StabiliTrak light by following the specific instructions in the owner’s manual, which differs by model. You can take your vehicle to a trusty repair shop where the mechanic can use their expertise to diagnose and repair your vehicle.

  • Checking the Instructions Manual

Suppose you want to turn off the StabiliTrak light on your car’s dashboard. In that case, the process might be slightly different depending on the vehicle you have. You can start by locating the owner’s manual that would have come with your car when you first purchased it.

Once it is located, go through the pages and scan the given material for any procedure related to the StabiliTrak light that is showing up on the vehicle dashboard. Since every car has its own inner structure and different wiring algorithms, these instructions require a particular diagnostic tool.

Alternatively, you might find a specific combination – and a special order – of keys that need to be pressed on the dashboard to get the desired results.

  • Seeing a Mechanic

While it is ideal to first check the owner’s manual thoroughly for any information about how to turn off the Service StabiliTrak light, there is always a possibility you might need to find the manual and thus be robbed of the chance to check for the necessary information. If not, there is also a chance something needs to be written in the manual about turning the mentioned light off.

Another unfortunate thing is that you may have attempted to follow the procedure and related instructions provided in the manual, only for the light to turn back on. If you find yourself like this, the most ideal thing to do will be getting your vehicle checked by a professional mechanic at a repair shop, where there is unlikely to be any shortage of the required tools to fix it.

  • Diagnosing and Repairing

Using their expertise and the range of diagnostic tools, the professional can spot the issue within your vehicle that is prompting the StabiliTrak warning light to switch on repeatedly. Once the problem is identified, they will be able to tell you an estimate of the total repair cost and then carry out the procedure that is required for fixing it and solving the problem once and for all.

Diagnosing and Repairing Car

Remember that it would be better, in every aspect, to wait until everything is fully fixed before attempting to drive the car, as doing so could endanger the safety of the vehicle, not to mention the possible hazard to your health.

How Can You Turn Off StabiliTrak in Ford Vehicles?

You can turn off StabiliTrak in Ford vehicles by locating the relevant button inside the car and pressing it once. After this is done, you must press and hold down the traction button. This action should turn the feature off until you need it again.

1. Locating the StabiliTrak Button

If you own a Ford vehicle, you can rest assured that turning off the StabiliTrak engine light is generally straightforward. However, as with different kinds of cars, the location of the related sensor might vary, and thus the multiple techniques to turn it off might be slightly different, though still straightforward and easy to follow.

You must first locate the button connected to the StabiliTrak sensor. Once it has been found in its usual place, the steering wheel, you must press it once. Remember to hold it down briefly and release it after one quick press.

2. Holding Down the Traction Button

After pressing and releasing the StabiliTrak button, you must locate the button assigned to the vehicle’s traction control. Once you find it, you have to push it. However, unlike the previous button, when you press this, remember to hold it down for some seconds before finally releasing it.

When this is done, you should find that the vehicle’s traction control and the StabiliTrak system have been turned off.

How Can You Turn Off Ford StabiliTrak With the Menu?

You can turn off Ford StabiliTrak with the menu by clicking the relevant buttons to head over to the main settings. From here, you will have to tweak the settings for Driver Assist and then Driver Control, after which you will be all done.

1. Using the Car Menu

Instead of turning the buttons off, you can also use the menu in your Ford car to switch off the StabiliTrak feature. This will also be a proper alternative technique if the buttons are faulty and not performing as they should. To follow through with this method, you must first find where the StabiliTrak sensor is located within your vehicle.

Another thing you need to do is see the car menu, where you will need to check the instrumental panel. This panel is generally where the controls related to the steering wheel are located.

2. Pressing the Black Button

Once you have pinpointed the specific location of the relevant sensor in your car, you can look at the menu. Over the left-hand side of your vehicle’s steering wheel, you should be able to spot a specific button. This will generally have a sort of symbol identical to a small black arrow. Once you find it, press on it, and you can then move to the next action.

3. Managing the Main Settings

After locating the button with the little arrow on it, you can look at the menu again, and then you have to scroll downwards. As you do this, you should now view the portion that allows you to manage the main settings.

Managing Main Settings of Car

You will see a small box saying “Accept” and must select it promptly. Doing this will permit you to see the additional options related to your driving that you can adjust to your preferences.

4. Navigating to Driver Assist

Now a new menu should show up with several different options. One of them will be labelled as “Driver Assist,” and you must select it. Once you choose it, you will see an option saying “OK,” which you must also press to move on to the next step.

5. Managing Driver Control

Once you click OK, a new option will appear in front of you. This will read as “Driver Control,” and the sight of it is a general indicator that you have successfully turned off the StabiliTrak feature of the vehicle. Once again, you must hit “OK” on the menu, and you can get back to operating your car without a hitch.

How Can You Turn Off StabiliTrak in GMC and Chevrolet?

You can turn off StabiliTrak in GMC and Chevrolet vehicles by pressing the center and mainboard buttons. After you see the DIC message, you can then start the car and check whether or not the feature has been turned off.

1. Pressing the Center Button

In the previous sections, you saw the different ways of turning off the StabiliTrak system in a Ford vehicle. If you own a GMC or Chevrolet, then the method of doing so will be slightly different.

The first step for this process you need to go through with, if that is the case for you, is getting in your car. Once you are inside, you will then need to locate the center button and press it promptly. After pressing it, you must wait for the controller to connect to the mainboard system.

2. Pressing the Mainboard Button

After waiting for just a short time, you can head over to the mainboard button and press it as well. When you do this, remember to hold it down for anywhere between five to ten seconds or as long as it takes to activate the vehicle’s traction control, after which you can go to the next action of the procedure.

3. Viewing the DIC Message

Once you have made sure to press both the centre button and the mainboard button, which will promptly activate the car’s traction control, you will witness the appearance of a DIC message on display. If you own a GMC Sierra in particular, then you will spot this message. On the other hand, while it might also be evident for other models, it might not be as clear as the make mentioned above.

When you see the DIC message, it indicates that some changes have already been made to the vehicle’s driving system. Therefore, its appearance would mean that the changes you were trying to implement in the StabiliTrak function have been successful.

4. Starting the Vehicle

Once you have completed the previous steps thoroughly, try to start your car and attempt to drive it as you usually would. The StabiliTrak warning light should stay off as you go, but once the car speeds up, you may find the light illuminating again.

Starting Vehicle At Once

This usually happens once your vehicle crosses the speed of around 56 km/h, which prompts the light to turn back on automatically.

Can Turning Off the StabiliTrak Light Also Reset the Maintenance Light on a Toyota Highlander?

Turning off the StabiliTrak light does not reset the maintenance light on a Toyota Highlander. This light indicates the need for routine service or a mechanical issue. To reset the “resetting Toyota Highlander maintenance light,” follow the specific instructions in the vehicle’s manual or consult a qualified mechanic.

Is it Possible to Turn Off the Service StabiliTrak Light Without Resetting It?

There is no foolproof method for removing O2 sensor light without resetting it. To turn off the Service StabiliTrak light, you will need to diagnose and address the underlying issue triggering the warning. It is recommended to consult a certified technician for proper troubleshooting and resolution.


There can be many reasons why you see StabiliTrak messages on your car’s dashboard, and most of the time, these are signs that your car requires attention as the system attempts to protect it from accidents that could be caused due by lack of traction. However, as you will have understood from studying the guide above, there can also be instances where the StabiliTrak turns on simply because

the input system is malfunctioning:

  • Disconnect the negative battery cable for 5-10 minutes to reset the StabiliTrak light, then reconnect and check if the light is still on.
  • Resetting the light may not solve a severe issue with the vehicle, and it’s better to take it to a repair shop to diagnose and repair the problem.
  • To turn off the light, check the owner’s manual for instructions, which may vary depending on the car make and model.
  • If the owner’s manual doesn’t provide instructions or the light persists, take the vehicle to a mechanic for diagnosis and repair.

Sometimes there is ample reason to focus on the warning messages depicted by the light, but at other times, it might be on without any reason, which means it needs to be turned off; otherwise, it might prove distracting and bothersome. With the many instructions given in the summarized list and the article above, we are confident that our surefire methods will help eliminate the problem without any further hassle!

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