How to Reset Oil Life on Chevy Silverado: Detailed Guide

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If you wish to know how to reset oil life on Chevy Silverado, our team has created this complete guide for you. You can do it the old-fashioned way by turning on the ignition, pressing the accelerator three times at equal intervals, then turning off the ignition and starting the engine.

Reset Oil Life Remaining on a Chevy Silverado

It’s a two-step process, more straightforward than you can imagine, so check out the step-by-step explanation of the procedure for various Silverado models here!

How To Perform a Silverado’s “Oil Life Remaining” Reset?

To perform a Silverado’s “oil life remaining” reset, turn the ignition to the ON setting without starting the engine. After that, press the gas pedal to the floor thrice with about 5 seconds intervals on each depression. Now turn the ignition off and start the engine.

Your Chevrolet Silverado has an “engine oil life” monitoring system to keep you up to speed with your car’s scheduled maintenance. That minimizes engine wear and tear and keeps your vehicle in good shape.

The oil change warning light will turn on when your vehicle counts down the expected life of the oil to a certain level (nearly zero).

So, when the oil life percentage approaches zero, Chevy’s oil life monitor will send you a “Change Oil Soon” message on your instrument cluster (dashboard). Once the message appears, you know it’s time to change engine oil. Take note that the Oil Life Remaining message shows a percentage, indicating how much life remains in the oil.

For example, if you see “Remaining Oil Life 80 percent,” this means that 80 percent of oil life remains. Generally, your Chevrolet Silverado will require a change of oil after about 3,000 – 7,500 miles. It depends on your driving habits and conditions.

Once you’ve changed the oil, you must reset the oil life remaining system. That will enable the system continuously to give you an accurate reading of the oil life in your Chevy engine. If you go for an oil change at a reliable auto shop, the technicians will reset the light for you as part of the service. However, if you’ve done the oil change yourself, you’ll need to learn how to reset the oil life remaining on your Chevy.

The engine oil light reset methods vary slightly from model to model. Here’s how to reset oil life remaining on a Chevy Silverado on models 2016 to 2021:

1. Change the Oil When the Light Turns On

You must change the oil each time the oil light turns on. The oil life monitoring system usually triggers the light to indicate that the engine requires a change of oil.

Change the Oil When the Light Turns On

However, the same can happen on rare occasions if the oil filter is worn out.

To know the color of old engine oil, pay attention to its viscosity as well. Old oil will typically be dark and thick. However, dark doesn’t always mean it’s useless, as the oil usually gets in as a light amber color and then darkens soon when it’s in the engine.

2. Initiate the Reset

Turn on the ignition (be careful not to turn the engine on). While the “Change Oil Soon” message appears on display, press one of the buttons on the driver’s information console to reprogram the message.

Display the “Oil Remaining Life Reset” on the DIC, then press and hit the “Enter” button. You’ll now see an “Acknowledged” message displayed for about three seconds or until you hit the next button. That will command the system to reset.

3. Turn off the Ignition

Now turn the ignition to the off position and then start the vehicle. The oil life remaining light should be reset.

Press the Reset Button

If you see the “Change engine oil” message soon after starting the vehicle, repeat the steps until the system’s oil change light resets.

How to Reset Chevy’s Oil Life on Models 2007 to 2015?

To reset Chevy’s oil life on models 2007 to 2015, use the arrow pads on your steering wheel. If your car has a DIC, press and hold the stem with the “Remaining Oil Life” message displayed until you see a prompt to reset the light. Choose “Yes” to reset.

1. Turn the Ignition on and Activate the Oil Life Display

Turn the car’s ignition to the “On” or “Run” setting without starting the engine. Press the “Select” or “Trip” or “Set/Reset” button on your driver’s information console (DIC) to activate the “Oil Life” display.

Alternatively, use the arrow pad on your steering to highlight Info. Continue using the arrows to display the “Oil Life.” You’ll see a percentage of the oil life remaining on display.

2. Press the Reset Button

With the “Oil Life” displayed, press the arrow to display the “Reset” option.

Press the Reset Button

If your vehicle has a DIC with the “Remaining Oil Life” on display, press and hold the stem until you see a message prompt “Are you sure you want to reset?” Press the button or rotate the step to highlight “Yes.” Next, push the stem into select, and the oil life will be reset to 100 percent.

How to Reset Chevy’s Oil Life on Models 1999 to 2006?

To reset Chevy’s oil life on models 1999 to 2006, turn on the ignition and press the accelerator pedal slowly three times. After that, turn off the ignition. The oil life light will be reset once you start the engine.

1. Turn on the Ignition and Press the Accelerator Three Times

Turn the ignition to the ON position but don’t switch on the engine. Press the accelerator pedal down slowly. Repeat the step two more times with a five-second interval between each depression.

2. Turn the Ignition to the Off Setting and Start the Vehicle

Now turn off the ignition. The oil life will reset automatically the next time you start the vehicle. It’s that simple. The good thing about this technique is that it applies to all the models — both old and new.


– What Are the Consequences of Not Changing Silverado Engine Oil?

The consequences of not changing Silverado engine oil include severe damage to the engine. Oil is essential in ensuring that the engine’s moving parts don’t grind against each other. Without clean oil, the engine will overheat, perform poorly, and the components’ wear and tear will increase significantly.

Can I Use the Same Method to Reset the Oil Life on My Chevy Silverado and Honda CRV?

Yes, you can use the same method to reset the oil life on both your Chevy Silverado and Honda CRV. Most vehicles have a similar procedure for resetting the oil life. To perform the honda crv oil life reset, consult your owner’s manual for specific instructions. It’s an easy process that ensures your vehicle’s maintenance is accurately tracked.


We’ve shown you how to reset the change oil light on various model years of Chevy Silverado.

Let’s now put a few points in summary:

  • The oil life remaining reset process for models 1999 to 2006 can work on all modern Chevys.
  • You must turn on the ignition without turning on the engine to initiate the reset procedure.
  • Your Chevy will require an engine oil change after 3,000-7,500 miles.
  • You must reset the oil life tracking system after each oil change.

Now you know how to perform an oil life remaining reset on your Chevy regardless of its manufacturing year. Therefore, sit in the driver’s seat and get it done today!

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