How To Make Exhaust Quieter: A List of Ways

How to make exhaust quieter is an essential process for you to learn, as many drivers are sensitive to the loud noise from the car exhaust system. Since this noise can be disturbing to many and even be upsetting to you if it is way too loud, it is a good idea to know how to make it quieter.

How To Make Exhaust Quieter

While there are some drivers who make their cars noisy on purpose, if this is not the case for you – meaning if the noise is unintentional, you can apply plenty of techniques to decrease the noise levels. To do this, you will first need to identify what is prompting your car exhaust pipes to be so loud, and then you can fix the issue from there on, which is all cleared up in elaborate detail in the guide below!

How Can You Make the Exhaust Quieter by Replacing the Muffler?

You can make the exhaust quieter by replacing the muffler by making sure to purchase the right one. Spray some penetrating fluid to unstick the bolts and promptly remove them. Then you need to remove the old muffler and replace it with the new one.

– Getting the Right Muffler

You must get the right one to make the exhaust quieter by replacing the muffler. When you go over to purchase a muffler, you have to pick one that is quieter than the one that you have. You will see plenty of options, and getting the one you are looking for is crucial.

Getting the Right Car Muffler

If you want a precise muffler, it is best to go over and talk to the person who is working in the auto part dealership. Doing this lets you obtain the exact muffler similar to your car’s model.

– Loosening and Unsticking the Bolts

After you have purchased the muffler, you have to spray some WD-40 on the bolts. You can use any other penetrating fluid if you do not have some WD-40. When you spray on the bolts, it will help you to remove them much more quickly.

Then you can just remove the previous muffler. It is important to remember that if your muffler has rust on it, you have to spray the fluid several times onto it. On the other hand, if it does not have rust, you do not have to spray it many times.

– Removing the Bolts

For the next step, you must remove the bolts using a wrench. While you are doing this, the clamp could break. If it does, you will have to replace it with a new one immediately.

As soon as you have removed the exhaust clamp and bolts, you can move everything away from one another. You must pull the muffler at your vehicle’s backside to do this. You must apply the fluid if none of the components move from their places, then leave it to rest for a few minutes.

– Replacing the Old Muffler

Next, you have to get the muffler off the rubber mounts. After doing that, you must replace it with a completely new one. It is important to remember that the muffler mount will have sure holes where it will hang. You will find them easy to spot.

– Spraying With Sealant

The last thing you must do is spray down the exhaust using a sealant. Once you do this, you have to put everything back together. Remember that the adhesive will not let the air come out by filling empty gaps.

How Can You Make the Exhaust Quieter by Sealing Leaks?

You can make the exhaust quieter by sealing leaks after assessing the leak’s damage to the car. According to the patch, you will need to cut out some aluminum. Cover the patch with epoxy and then aluminum, and repeat the process again.

– Assessing the Patch’s Damage

To make the exhaust quieter, you can seal the leaks. This will also be useful if you want to replace only some of the tailpipes with newer ones. Now, to start the process, you must learn how terrible the situation is. When you get to know this, you will be able to know what size of the patch will be good enough.

– Cutting Out a Big Piece of Aluminum

The next thing you must do is cut out a piece of aluminum. It is vital to ensure that the piece is big enough to cover the entire leak and all the area around it. For this step, you can use any of your preferred aluminum cans.

It can even be an energy drink can or something similar. However, it is essential that whatever part you cut out is bigger than the diameter of the leak.

– Mixing and Applying the Epoxy Carefully

Now, you have to mix the epoxies. Doing this will create the seal for the patch. When applying this, you must ensure that you do not use too much of it since the epoxy has a high chance of leaking into the exhaust pipe.

Mixing and Applying the Epoxy Carefully

If this happens, it could cause layers that would make the exhaust system get stuck. Now, if you want to prevent it from happening, it is best to cover the area surrounding the exhaust leak. Make sure not to put the epoxy on the edges of the gap.

– Covering the Patch With Aluminum

Moving on, you must place the aluminum piece over the leaked section. When you do this, you have to make sure that it is covered up completely. If you want to be more certain, you can also put the patch over the entire pipe to cover the gap. When wrapping the patch over the tube, it is important to use pressure so that everything stays secure.

– Adding a Second Layer of Epoxy

Adding another layer of epoxy on top of the piece of aluminum is the next step. When you do this, it will strengthen the seal and secure it more. Once it has dried up, the extra layer of epoxy will create a strong coating on top of the previous patch.

For this reason, it is almost impossible for the patch to leak again. If you wrap the patch over the pipe, you can use hose clamps to keep it secure. It is important to remember that adding layers will provide you with many benefits.

How Can You Temporarily Make the Exhaust Quieter?

You can temporarily make the exhaust quieter by using exhaust paste, a heat-resistant material that is ideal for being applied to the cracks in one of the pipes. Once you have applied enough of the paste, you can cover the patch with sturdy bandages.

– With Exhaust Paste and Bandages

You can make the exhaust quieter temporarily with exhaust paste and bandages. When there are loud sounds from the exhaust, that is because one of the pipes is either pierced or cracked. However, you can fix this issue quickly by using exhaust paste. The exhaust paste is a compound which is heat-resistant, and it can hold onto everything quite typically.

Car Exhaust Paste and Bandages

To simplify it, it does quite a similar job to glue. To start the procedure, apply the mentioned paste on the pipe. After doing this, you have to use some bandages to wrap the exhaust pipe completely. Using the applications will stop the paste from moving around while it is getting dried.

How Can You Identify the Reason for a Noisy Exhaust System?

You can identify the reason for a noisy exhaust system if there is a hole in the rear muffler. It could also be that the resonator isn’t fitted correctly, the catalytic converter is too old, or there is something wrong with the engine itself.

– Hole in the Rear Muffler

A noisy exhaust system could be due to a hole in the rear muffler. Most of the time, there are high-pitched noises when there is a hole in the muffler. It is crucial not to waste time and quickly find a solution when something like this happens.

Exhaust fumes may get inside your car if you do nothing after figuring this out. When this happens, you will breathe in carbon monoxide, which is not suitable for your health. It can cause you to get sick and harm you in many different ways.

– Poorly-fitted Resonator

It could be that way if there is a poorly-fitted resonator. The resonators in the car have a particular shape. Their shape helps to prevent the sounds that are coming from the exhaust. However, it is possible that the resonator needs to be appropriately fitted if there is a sound when you begin the accelerator.

It is important to remember that this only happens when you are driving a car. This could also occur if the car’s dealer could not install the resonator accordingly in your vehicle.

– Malfunctioning Engine

When the engine is not working correctly, you will most likely hear piercing sounds coming out of the exhaust. You might even hear a popping sound with them.

Malfunctioning Car Engine System

This issue can be easy to solve according to the engine’s condition. On the other hand, if the engine’s condition is not good, it might be slightly complicated to solve the problem.

– Worn-out Catalytic Converter

Another reason could be due to the worn-out catalytic converter of your car. The noises coming from the exhaust resemble the noises of the converter. Keep in mind that the converter is a section of the exhaust system.

It connects the muffler and the engine. The main task that it does is that it transforms all of the harmful gasses into breathable compounds.


After thoroughly studying this guide, you will have realized why it could be essential to lessen the exhaust noise from your car’s system. While all the techniques have been detailed in the article,

you can still take a look at the summary below for the sake of review:

  • Replacing the current muffler with a quieter one will help reduce the sounds from the exhaust system.
  • Another thing you can do to decrease exhaust noise is seal the leaks with epoxy and aluminum.
  • Using exhaust paste and bandages on the leaking cracks can also decrease the noise.

Although we’ve tried to compile a list of all the possible methods you could use to make the car exhaust quieter, there could be more solutions you may still come across on the internet. Still, we hope you will try the given fixes and hopefully have a quieter exhaust without any further issues!

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