How To Find Lost Mercedes Benz Key: Best Tricks

How to find lost Mercedes Benz key” is a very common query among Mercedes Benz owners. You can replace your lost key through an authorized dealer, buy a copy online, or use a mobile locksmith’s service at a cost ranging from $300 to $500.

Replace Lost Mercedes Benz Key Fob

We have discussed these factors in detail in our guide below. You’ll also discover why sometimes going the dealer’s way is your only option.

How To Replace Your Lost Mercedes Benz Key Fob?

To replace your lost Mercedes Benz key fob, buy a copy online and have a car key programming services provider code the blank key. If your Mercedes Benz has a smart key, visit an authorized dealer for a replacement. You can also seek help from a reliable mobile locksmith.

Losing a Mercedes key fob is an unfortunate experience that can cost you hundreds of dollars. Losing a Mercedes key can also be frustrating for many drivers because it’s not easy to find a replacement.

Another reason why you would require a Mercedes Benz replacement key is if your original key is worn out. Mercedes key remotes are constructed using plastic, which can break or crack over time. The original key may also malfunction and fail to operate your vehicle.

Whatever your reason, you want to know the most reliable and cheapest way to replace a Mercedes key. Generally, the Mercedes key replacement cost averages from $200 to $350. Expect up to $500 for a fob replacement on high-end Benz cars.

As mentioned, you have three options to replace your lost Mercedes-Benz key affordably. Check them out in detail below and choose according to your needs and convenience:

– Visit a Licensed Mercedes-Benz Car Dealer

Do you own one of the latest Mercedes Benz? If yes, your fob probably doesn’t have a physical key. People refer to the fobs using different names such as keyless type key, keyless entry, or smart key. The only way to get a replacement for these kinds of fobs is through an authorized dealer. The dealer will communicate with the manufacturer and assist you accordingly.

The key prices vary, depending on your model and manufacture year. For example, you’ll pay more for E-Class keys than C-Class keys, and so on. Once you visit a dealership, the professional must deactivate your lost keys to ensure the vehicle’s security. After the procedure, they will offer a brand-new set of keys programmed to your vehicle identification number (VIN).

Visit a Licensed Mercedes Benz Car Dealer

Take note that you’ll first need to provide proof of ownership to replace your Mercedes Benz key through a dealer. You’ll then provide the dealership with the original title or current registration receipt and your authentic photo ID. Also, they will require your vehicle for a verification process and programming to the new key. Depending on your vehicle model year, the entire cost will range from $300 to $500.

Take note that a licensed Mercedes Benz dealer will help you get a Mercedes replacement key regardless of the year of manufacture. You only need to consider other methods if you want to save money. Dealers are more expensive, but they are very reliable.

– Buy a Replacement Online and Have It Programmed

The other option is to purchase a replacement for your lost Mercedes key online and have a specialist program it to your car. Buying your Benz smart, remote keyfob, or transponder key from Amazon can save you a lot of money.

You need to go to Amazon and create an account for free (it’s good if you already have one). Once your account is ready, navigate to the “Your Garage” section. While in this section, search for your Mercedes key. You can use filters in the search bar to get the most relevant results.

Ensure you get the right key with all the features your vehicle requires. Once you find the key, place an order and wait for the product to be delivered to you. When you get the blank key, you must get it coded to work with your Mercedes.

Your local dealer or mechanic can help you with the programming part at a fee. Using this method, the entire replacement key cost (buying the key plus coding it) will range from $200 to $300. The dealer will require proof of ownership to help you.

Mobile locksmiths can program your key cheaper than a dealership. They will also charge less to code non-transponder chip keys.

– Get in Touch With a Local Locksmith

If you own an older model of Mercedes (manufactured before the year 2000), you have a physical metal key. You must insert this key into the ignition at the steering wheel column and turn it twice to start the engine. In that case, your locksmith can help by duplicating the original.

Get in Touch With a Local Locksmith

However, the specialist requires the key code for your car, which is on the car’s registration or title. A reliable locksmith will cut the key for you in a bit of time. After that, the key must be programmed – the locksmith will also handle that.

The secret is to find the right locksmith who repairs car keys or remote key fobs, offers replacement reservices, and fixes remote car keys. Your ideal locksmith should also be able to reprogram car key fobs or deploy an expert in the trade to handle the coding part of the key. That is usually a complex task that requires one to master specific technical program functions.

Programmers will use special tools or scanners to program your Benz keys. They may need to remove the ignition switch as part of the programming. The new key plus coding cost will range from $150 to $300.


1. Can Anyone Duplicate a Mercedes Benz Key?

No, not anyone can duplicate a Mercedes Benz key, especially on the latest models. If your original key is lost or damaged, visit an authorized local Mercedes dealer for a replacement.

Duplicate a Mercedes Benz Key

The dealership will require you to present essential documents, including the original copy of your vehicle registration.

2. How Long Do the Mercedes Key Fob Batteries Last?

The Mercedes key fob batteries last anywhere from 3-5 years. Once your fob battery becomes flat, the remote won’t work until you replace the battery. A new battery costs less than $10, and installing it is a straightforward task for anyone.

Can the Tricks to Find a Lost Mercedes-Benz Key also be Applied to Identifying if a Car has a Kill Switch?

When searching for a lost Mercedes-Benz key, specific tricks can come in handy. Similarly, when it comes to identifying the presence of a car kill switch, certain steps to check car kill switch can be applied. It’s essential to inspect the steering column, check for any installed alarms or remote starters, and consult the vehicle’s manual for any information related to a kill switch. By following these steps, one can determine if their car is equipped with a kill switch.

Can the Tricks for Finding a Lost Mercedes Benz Key Also Work for Unlocking a Nissan Altima Without a Key?

Can the tricks for finding a lost Mercedes Benz key also work for unlocking a Nissan Altima without a key? While the process may vary depending on the model, there are methods to unlock Nissan Altima without key. However, it is crucial to note that these techniques should only be used in emergency situations and with lawful intentions.


This was our complete guide on replacing a lost Mercedes Benz key fob and the costs associated with it.

Here’s a full summary:

  • There are three options to find a lost Mercedes fob: a dealership, buying online, and a local or mobile locksmith.
  • The only way to replace a keyless key type is by visiting an authorized dealer.
  • Buying a copy key online and then having it coded to your car is one of the cheapest ways to replace lost keys.
  • The replacement cost, on average, starts from $300 to $500, depending on your vehicle model year.

You now know how to get your lost key back, so choose one of the methods above and resolve your Benz lost-key problem!

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