How To Change the Battery in a Nissan Key Fob in Easy Steps

How to change the battery in a Nissan key fob, also known as Nissan intelligent key, is one of the topics that is explained in the manual for a Nissan car. However, with the number of machines and appliances we have in our homes, it’s difficult to keep track of each manual and easy to misplace them.

Change the Battery in a Nissan

This is why there are articles like this that’ll highlight and explain each step of the process to you. This article will also discuss questions related to changing the battery of the fob for Nissan.

What Are the Steps To Change the Battery of Nissan Key Fob?

The steps to change the battery of the Nissan’s key fob or remote car starter include releasing the mechanical key, opening up the key, and taking out the old battery. You’ll then have to replace the battery and the housing of the remote starter to get it working again.

Before we go ahead to the steps, take note that driving a Nissan with a dead fob can be done using the mechanical key, which is usually found inside the fob. Use that to open the car door and slot it into the ignition. Turn it to switch the car on or press the “Start” button.

If your key fob is missing, call a tow truck or a Nissan service center for assistance. Don’t try to tamper with the key fob as you may damage it and will have to replace it. Though the key fob is small, it’s quite expensive to replace it, with some devices going as high as $200.

1. Take Out the Mechanical/Spare Key

Key fobs usually come with mechanical keys that can be used to open the door, should the remote refuse to function. The mechanical keys of Nissan cars are located on the back part of the key fob and to access them you’ll need to pull down a catch that would release the key.

Put the Mechanical Key Back

The key would be out of the way and then you can proceed to the next step.

2. Open the Key Fob

With the mechanical key out of the way, the next step is to pry open the key fob to access the old battery. To do this, look at the top of the key fob and you’ll find two small gaps at the top. Place a flat between the two gaps and turn it clockwise to separate the fob into two halves.
This will give you access to the battery. If your key fob has grooves on the sides, don’t use them to open it, rather, focus on the two small gaps.

3. Detach the Old Battery

Now, take out the old battery with the help of the flathead screwdriver. Place the screwdriver in a small opening found underneath the battery and gently pop it out. For the avoidance of doubt, the battery is usually round with a shiny silvery color and writing on the surface.

Detach the Old Battery

Make sure to be gentle with the components of the key fob while doing this. Rough handling can cause breakage that would be costly to repair, or might even lead to your key fob needing to be replaced.

4. Add the New Battery

Add the new battery and ensure that the writing on the surface of the battery faces you and not the other way around. Make sure you push the battery toward the spring in the casing until it correctly clicks into its space. Note that if the battery is not properly inserted, the key fob won’t work properly.

5. Close the Key Fob

Once you change the battery, close the key fob by aligning both halves and push them against each other until they’re in place. You should hear a loud click, which is an indication that the two halves have clicked together. Be sure to do this with minimal force so that you don’t damage the key fob.

6. Put the Mechanical Key Back

Now that you’ve clicked the two halves of the keyfob in place, it’s time to replace the mechanical key you took out during the initial steps. Try pressing using the features on the keyfob to see if the battery is working.
If it is not working, go over the steps again to make sure you did everything right. Be sure to keep the key fob away from any magnetic source because magnets can interfere with some of its components.

How To Prolong the Life of Your Nissan Key Fob Battery?

To prolong the life of your Nissan key fob battery, make sure to keep the battery from extreme temperatures that can affect it. Also, keeping the battery away from magnets would increase its lifespan and remember to avoid pressing the key fob unnecessarily.

  • Keep the Battery Away From Extreme Temperatures

Protect your key fob from extreme heat and cold as they have a way of shortening the battery’s lifespan. The battery’s electrochemical reactions are affected by extreme heat; the hotter the climate, the faster the chemical reactions.

Keep the Battery Away From Extreme Temperatures

These faster chemical reactions increase the speed of battery degradation and cause it to die earlier than expected. Thus, if you live in hotter climates, keep the key fob away from sunlight as much as possible.
Key fob batteries are also affected by the extreme cold as well. The electrochemical reactions within the battery get weaker as the temperature drops, which results in a weaker battery power. The battery won’t produce enough energy to power the key fob and will eventually die. During colder seasons, store your battery in a warm place to prolong its life.

  • Don’t Press It Unnecessarily

This method is pretty straightforward because the more your press the key fob buttons, the more battery power it consumes. Therefore, save the life of your battery by pressing the buttons only when you need to. You can place it in your purse or bag when you don’t need it to avoid accidentally pressing the buttons.

Frequently Asked Questions

– Where Can You Buy Nissan Key Fob Battery?

You can buy Nissan key fob battery Walmart stores and other car electronic shops across the country. You can also get some at Nissan service centers, but if they are too far from your location, just call any car electronic shop around you.

– What Type of Battery Is Used By the Nissan Car Key Fobs?

The type of battery used by the Nissan car key fobs include the Cr225 or CR 2032 3V battery. However, you’ll still need to cross-check with your manual or call the Nissan center for assistance. A key fob with the wrong type of battery won’t function.


As we indicated earlier in this article, we set out to show you how to carry out a key fob battery replacement. Here are highlights of all the major points discussed in this article, arranged in a list to make it more comprehensive:

  • To change the dead battery of a Nissan fob, flip it to remove the mechanical key stored in it by releasing a catch at the back of the key fob.
  • Once the mechanical key is out of the way, open the key fob by putting a flat screwdriver between two gaps found near the top.
  • Now, take out the old battery and replace it with a new one, making sure that the surface with the writing is facing you or else the battery will refuse to work.
  • The final phase of the procedure involves closing the key fob and putting back the mechanical key to be used in times of emergency.
  • To prolong the life of the battery, make sure you keep it away from extreme temperatures and also avoid pressing the button of the key fob unnecessarily.

To drive a Nissan vehicle with a dead key fob battery, flip the fob, remove the mechanical key behind it, and use it to start the vehicle. If you can’t find your mechanical key, then you need to call the Nissan service center for assistance or call a tow truck to tow your vehicle.

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