How To Adjust Windshield Wiper Arm Tension?

How to adjust windshield wiper arm tension and park position will be possible in nearly any situation if something is wrong with the wipers, but you will need the proper instructions and some prior basic mechanical knowledge. While many might argue that the brakes or steering wheel are the most critical components of any vehicle, the wipers are essential to the overall car as well, and it is crucial to keep them maintained.How To Adjust Windshield Wiper Arm Tension

The use of wipers is the most prominent when driving through heavy rain or snow; if something is wrong with the wipers, you will not be able to drive with much ease or safety. To ensure that you know how to keep them flexible and stable, we have crafted the following article for you, and you will soon have no more problems with the windshield wipers!

How Can You Adjust the Windshield Wiper Arm Tension?

You can adjust the windshield wiper arm tension by getting the necessary tools and then turning on the wipers. After that, you must gradually remove the blades and adjust the pressure. Once you are done, be sure to test them.

– Getting the Tools

To adjust the wiper arm tension, you must get all the required tools before you begin. The tools you will need will be a piece of plastic, some insulator tape, and PVC. If you cannot get PVC, it is also suitable to use a carton tube. It has to be something cylinder and should not be so hard that it scratches the windshield.

– Turning on the Wipers

After you have the tools, you can move on to the next step. To begin the procedure, check if the ignition is in the “ON” position. Then you have to turn on the wiper blades of the car.

When the wipers reach their highest, you must turn the ignition off. It is vital to be quick to keep the wipers in the mentioned position. If you need to be faster, their position will change automatically.

– Removing the Wiper Blade

Moving on, you must remove the wiper blades after stopping them. Firstly, you will have to remove the wiper blade from its position. After that, you will have to get your insulator tape. Now, using it, you will have to cover the upper arm of the wiper. Doing this will prevent the car window’s glass from getting scratched or damaged in any other possible way.

– Adjusting Pressure Gradually

Next, you will have to adjust the pressure. This will be done according to the feeling, so tiring yourself or overdoing the work is no use. If you overdo it, it will cause the wiper blades to jump on your car’s windshield.

Adjusting Pressure Gradually

To start, you have to find the spot from where the base of the arm finishes and the thinner part begins. Once you have found it, slowly place the tube beneath the arm. Ensure that around one inch of it is higher than the merging point.

After that, you must put your palm over the top of the arm and slowly push it down. When you push it, you have to make sure that you do it towards the window’s glass. It is essential to check the tension every time you push the arm.

– Attaching and Testing the Wipers

Next, you will have to attach the wiper blade, and then you have to test them. You can try them by spraying the washing fluid onto them. If you notice that the wipers are leaving any stains, you will have to repeat this procedure a few times.

However, when you repeat it, you have to make sure that you raise your tube a bit higher every time you do so. This process will take up little of your time and is guaranteed to fix the tension issue. However, this issue can occur again while you are driving suddenly. Nevertheless, it is best to use this method whenever this problem occurs, as it will solve it quickly.

How Can You Adjust the Wiper Arms’ Park Position?

You can adjust the wiper arms’ park position by getting the proper equipment and removing the nut cap. Then you will need to turn on the wipers without the arms, and from there, you can adjust their position. Make sure to handle all parts with care and caution.

Usually, after the wiper switch is turned off, the arms return to their normal parking position. However, sometimes this does not happen, and they do not return to the same position after the switch is off.

This could be possible because the motor is not getting sufficient power to finish its cycle, and it can cause the engine to glitch out randomly. Mostly, it happens when there is a battery failure when the car’s wipers are still working.

– Getting the Equipment

If you want this problem to be solved, you must have the required tools present with you when you are working. You only need a few tools during this process. All you need is a socket set and a screwdriver. However, you must make sure that the screwdriver has a flathead.

– Removing the Nut

To begin the procedure, you must go to the nut cap. Then you have to remove it by using your flathead screwdriver. After that, you have to get your socket wrench. Using the wrench, you will have to unscrew the nut carefully.

– Pulling off the Wiper Arm

For the next step, you must disconnect the windshield cleaner hose. You only have to follow this step if it is necessary. Moving on, you must take the wiper arm off the assembly.

Pulling Off Car Wiper Arm

This same process will be repeated for the other wiper arm of your car so that it is removed as well. It is best to use this technique as it will not damage any of the components of your vehicle.

– Running the Wipers With the Arms Off

Now, when both arms are off, you can turn the engine on. You must run the arms for at least two to three minutes before doing anything further. Doing this will allow the motor to adjust once again.

After that, you can turn the wipers off. It is important not to turn the ignition off simultaneously with the wipers. You also have to wait for around 10 to 15 seconds before turning it off.

– Positioning the Arms Appropriately

Next, you will have to position the arms accordingly. For this, you can use two of the ways that are given. First, you can leave a light mark on the windshield if you want the process to be simple. Secondly, you can use Google to help you find a suitable reference for the model that you are using.

– Finishing Up and Checking Results

Lastly, you have to place the screws back in their original positions. After that, you must put the protective caps in the right place. Testing the wipers to ensure the parking position is fixed now would be the final thing you need to do.

How Can You Adjust the Windshield Wiper’s Spring Tension?

You can adjust the windshield wiper’s spring tension by removing the nut cap with a screwdriver. Then you need to remove the wiper arm and compress the C-clip while maintaining a light pressure. Finally, test the spring tension when you are done.

– Using a Screwdriver

If you want to adjust the wiper’s spring tension, you must get a screwdriver first. After that, you must use the screwdriver to remove the nut cap. You have to unscrew the nut and to do that, you can use a socket. If you do not have one, using a classic wrench to help you do the work is also suitable.

– Getting the Wiper Arm Off

After that, you must move on to removing the wiper arm. To start the process, you have to first disconnect the hose. You have to do this for the windshield cleaner.

Getting Car Wiper Arm Off

However, it is important to know that this must only be done if it is essential. Once you do this, you can easily pull the wiper arm off.

– Removing and Compressing the C-clip

Once the wiper arm is out, you have to turn it over. You will notice a C-clip attached to the spring on the back and must remove it. To remove it, you can use the vice. If you do not have it, using a pair of pliers is best. Now, with the tool, you must compress the C-clip by just a tiny fraction of around an inch.

– Keeping Light Pressure on the C-clip

Even though the C-clip is made of spring steel, it is essential to remember that it can also break. If you use a lot of pressure on it, it will cause it to break. For this reason, it is best to compress the clip at most one-tenth of an inch at a time. Squeezing it too much will only break it since it will be under much pressure.

– Testing the Tension

Once compressed, you must put the C-clip back in the wiper arm. After that, you can check the tension by simply using your hand on it. If the tension level is good, you can return the wiper arm to its original place.

Testing Windshield Tension

After you have reassembled the wiper aznd feel a lack of tension, you must check on it. You will have to figure out whether the arms of the wiper are causing it or not. If it is, you can use the steps above to help you solve it.

Do I Need to Adjust Windshield Wiper Arm Tension in Order to Use Temporary Car Window Coverings?

To ensure a secure fit, it is essential to adjust the windshield wiper arm tension when using temporary car window coverings. By doing so, the coverings will stay in place during windy conditions, proving to be effective car window coverings tips. Keep your windshield protected while on the go!


There is not much you need to repair your car’s wipers, which is a good thing because such issues can cause major inconveniences to the vehicle’s performance. Our article detailed every possible method you could utilize to adjust the position of your wipers, which

you can review by looking at the summarized points here:

  • You first need the proper tools before working on the arm tension of your wipers.
  • You must remove the arm blades before applying light pressure to adjust them.
  • Similarly, adjusting the parking position requires you to get the arms off.
  • Check if they are working by turning them on, and then gradually position them as you see adequate.

It might require some patience if you are new to the world of car mechanics, but hopefully, we have explained everything so that you can solve the problem without needing to see a professional. Since windshield wipers are an essential part of the car, all you need to do to get them working in top condition again is follow the instructions given, and everything should operate fine in no time!

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