How Much Does Mavis Charge to Install Tires: Your Comprehensive Pricing Guide

Determining the cost of tire installation is critical for vehicle owners who seek to maintain their vehicle’s performance and safety.

At Mavis, the installation and balancing of new tires can range from $15 to $35 per tire.

As we assess our tire needs and pursue regular maintenance, understanding these expenses becomes a vital aspect of responsible car ownership.

Mavis charges for tire installation. Show a tire being mounted onto a car wheel by a mechanic in a garage setting

The installation service includes mounting the new tires, balancing them for a smooth ride, and checking the torque specifications to safeguard against improper fitting that can lead to vibrations or outright wheel failure.

Balancing the tires is a crucial aspect not to be overlooked, as it ensures even tire wear and prolongs tire life. In turn, this supports better fuel efficiency and safer driving conditions.

Meticulous attention to vehicle maintenance doesn’t only enhance the longevity of the tires but also contributes to the overall health of the vehicle.

Therefore, when we are seeking services for our tire-related needs, it’s essential to consider the full spectrum of services offered by the installation center.

These services can include wheel protection plans and ensuring that lug nuts are tightened to vehicle-specific torque levels as part of the standard tire installation process.

Tire Installation Costs at Mavis

We know that proper maintenance of your vehicle’s tires is crucial for safe and efficient driving.

Let’s dive straight into the key aspects of tire maintenance.

Selecting the Right Tires

Choosing the correct tires for your vehicle ensures optimal performance and safety.

The tire type should suit your typical driving conditions, vehicle type, and performance requirements.

Always pay attention to the tire code on the side of your tire, which reveals its size, load index, and speed rating.

Tires should also match the recommendations outlined in your vehicle’s owner manual.

Tire Installation and Balancing

Once you’ve selected the right tires, proper tire installation is paramount.

This usually involves removing the old tires, inspecting the wheels, mounting and sealing the new tires, and then inflating and balancing them.

High-speed balancing is essential as it helps prevent vibrations and reduces tire wear over time.

Our tire service also includes tightening the lug nuts to the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure safety.

Service Cost Estimate
Tire Installation (Per Tire) $15 – $35 (depending on tire and vehicle type)
Tire Rotation Varies by location
Tire Balancing (Per Tire) Included with installation

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

A well-functioning Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is critical for tire maintenance.

It continually monitors the pressure in your tires and alerts you if it falls below the recommended level.

Maintaining correct tire pressure is essential for tire longevity, fuel efficiency, and your safety on the road.

We ensure TPMS is working correctly with every tire installation and service.

Ensure that you get your tires serviced regularly, including rotations, to evenly distribute tire wear and extend their lifespan.

Remember, well-maintained tires mean a smoother, safer ride and can help prevent unexpected disruptions to your travels.

Comprehensive Brake Services

When it comes to safety, brakes are arguably the most critical component of your vehicle.

We offer expert brake services that ensure your car stops effectively.

Proper maintenance of your vehicle’s brake system not only contributes to the safety of your vehicle but also prolongs the lifespan of your brakes.

Brake Inspection and Repair

Key Points of Brake Inspection and Repair:
  • Thorough examination of the entire brake system.
  • Replacement of pads or shoes, if necessary.

We understand the importance of thorough brake inspections and precision repairs.

It starts with examining your brake pads and shoes for wear.

If replacement is needed, we provide a full suite of brake parts and ensure everything is installed to meet stringent safety standards.

Ensuring Wheel Alignment

Effect of Wheel Alignment on Braking Performance.

Wheel alignment plays a crucial role in the performance of your brakes.

Misalignment can lead to uneven brake pad wear and potentially hazardous driving conditions.

During service, we check your vehicle’s alignment and adjust as needed to ensure your wheels are set to the correct position as per your vehicle’s specifications.

Accurate wheel alignment is integral to braking efficiency and overall vehicular control.

Correctly aligned wheels help maintain proper torque on lug nuts and ensure everything remains securely fastened and operational.

We use precision tools to measure and correct any misalignments, prolonging the life of your tires and supporting optimal brake function.

Locations and Convenience

When choosing Mavis Discount Tire for your tire installation needs, one of the standout advantages is our accessibility.

We are proud to inform you that with over 2,000 locations, finding a Mavis store near you is generally a breeze.

Our extensive network is designed to provide customers with both convenience and reliability no matter where they are located.

Accessibility Across Multiple States:

We understand that time is valuable, and proximity is key when it comes to car maintenance.

That’s why our Mavis Discount Tire stores are strategically situated to serve as many customers as possible, ensuring that quality tire installation services are never too far out of reach.

Comprehensive Services Near You

Beyond the mere presence in numerous locations, we strive to make each visit satisfactory by offering a full range of tire-related services.

These include tire fitting, balancing, and the essential torque specification checks to ensure your safety and the longevity of your tires.

We understand how important it is for customers to access these services conveniently, and that is why we maintain a presence in so many communities.

Value for Money

When considering tire installation services, value is not only measured by the price of the service but also the quality and perks that come with it.

Mavis provides a well-rounded installation package that aims to offer customers more than just the essentials.

Competitive Pricing Practices

At Mavis Tire, we understand the importance of competitive pricing paired with exceptional service. Customers can rest assured that we strive to provide the best value.

Promotions and Additional Services

Service Benefit
Free Tire Rotation Extends Tire Lifespan
Selection Largest Selection of Name-Brand Tires
Price Assurance We’ll Beat Any Competitor’s Price

Besides competitive pricing, we continously offer promotions and additional services to enhance the customer experience.

Our commitment to being a leader in the industry is reflected in our promise to beat any competitor’s price. We also offer the largest selection of tires for various vehicle types. Additionally, we provide perks like free tire rotation services. This is a significant value add considering the maintenance cost saving benefits in the long run.

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