How Much Does AAA Reimburse for Towing: Understanding Your Coverage Limits

If you’re a member of AAA and find yourself in need of towing services, you may wonder how much AAA will reimburse for the tow. As a collective, we understand that finding yourself stranded with a vehicle that won’t start or isn’t safe to drive can be quite distressing. Thankfully, AAA’s emergency roadside assistance is there to alleviate such troubles for its members. AAA coverage varies with each membership tier, offering different towing benefits. The Standard AAA membership, known as AAA Classic, generally includes towing services up to a certain number of miles, while AAA Plus and AAA Premier memberships extend this service to cover greater distances, often with additional perks.

A tow truck pulls a car onto a flatbed, while a AAA representative looks on, ready to reimburse for the towing service

AAA members can obtain reimbursement for towing services under certain conditions. For instance, if AAA roadside assistance is unavailable and you secure a tow from a non-AAA service provider, reimbursement is achievable. It’s crucial to note, however, that AAA stipulates a timeframe and specific documentation requirements for reimbursement eligibility. You have to submit the original receipt along with a completed reimbursement form within a set period after the service, usually 60 days. Moreover, reimbursement amounts are determined by what it would cost AAA to provide the same service under similar circumstances, and there may be adjustments or denials based on the club’s policies.

When seeking reimbursement from AAA, it’s essential that we maintain records of the service provided, including all relevant receipts and completed AAA forms. This attention to detail ensures a smoother reimbursement process and helps avoid potential setbacks. Membership benefits such as trip interruption and lost baggage reimbursements are also on offer, particularly for AAA Plus and AAA Premier members, highlighting the importance of knowing your specific membership’s scope of coverage. Keep in mind, the availability and conditions of these services can vary based on your residing state and local AAA club policies.

Comprehensive Overview of AAA Membership Benefits

AAA offers a range of memberships tailored to fit the individual needs of our members, each packed with valuable benefits and services. Our AAA memberships include a variety of roadside assistance options and lifestyle benefits, varying by the level of membership: Classic, Plus, and Premier.

Roadside Assistance
  • Classic: Essential coverage with towing, battery service, flat tire replacement, fuel delivery, and lockout service.
  • Plus: All Classic benefits plus extended towing distances and more comprehensive trip interruption benefits.
  • Premier: Top-tier services including one tow up to 200 miles, increased trip interruption coverage, and home lockout service.

Ensuring our AAA members receive more than just roadside assistance, we also offer an array of discounts and perks which elevate everyday living and travel experiences.

Membership Level Key Benefits Discounts
Classic Roadside Assistance Travel and retail discounts
Plus Extended towing, free fuel delivery Enhanced travel perks
Premier One 200-mile tow, trip interruption coverage up to $1,500 Highest level of travel and retail discounts

We believe in providing more than just a service; we’re a companion on the road, a savvy financial advisor, and a travel agency—all rolled into one. With AAA, expect a package that aims to offer peace of mind, convenience, and significant savings.

For specific and detailed benefits on how much AAA reimburses for towing and other services, we recommend reviewing the most current member benefit guide as benefits may vary by territory and are subject to change.

How Much Does AAA Reimburse for Towing?

When your vehicle breaks down, knowing what assistance services AAA covers can bring peace of mind. Our comprehensive roadside assistance includes towing, fuel delivery, battery, and lockout services; each designed to get you back on the road as promptly and safely as possible.

Towing and Roadside Help

We understand mishaps occur at any hour, which is why you can count on us for emergency roadside service 24/7. Here’s what you need to know about towing:

Service Call: Each AAA membership year, members are entitled to four service calls. If you need towing and have exceeded this allowance, a service charge is applied.

Service Details
Towing 🚗
Coverage up to a certain mileage or to the nearest service facility
Excess Mileage
Charges incur at current rates which vary by location

Emergency Fuel Delivery and Battery Service

Run out of gas or facing battery troubles? Our services are designed to get you moving without delay.

Fuel Delivery: A technician will deliver fuel to get you to the nearest station. Fees may apply depending on your membership level.
Battery Service: If your car won’t start, our AAA battery service includes battery testing, jump-start, or replacement at a competitive price.

Lockout and Locksmith Support

Locked out of your car? It happens to the best of us. Here’s how we can assist:

Car Lockout Service: If your keys are within reach, we’ll help unlock your vehicle. For key replacement or if you’re unable to gain access…

If a locksmith is required, reimbursement may be available based on your level of AAA service.

Costs and Reimbursements for AAA Services

When it comes to roadside assistance and towing, knowing the costs and how to get reimbursed is crucial for AAA members.

Understanding Your Coverage

Our AAA membership offers different levels of coverage. As AAA Plus or AAA Premier members, we have access to benefits like trip interruption and lost baggage reimbursements, which, importantly, are not available to basic AAA members. Getting to know the details of our specific plan is the first step in maximizing our benefits.

Pricing for AAA Membership:
  • AAA Plus: Additional costs apply
  • AAA Premier Members: Higher tier, more benefits

AAA’s policy states that if we use a non-AAA towing service when they aren’t available, we are entitled to reimbursement up to the amount AAA would typically pay.

How to Claim Reimbursements

To claim a reimbursement after receiving a tow from a non-AAA service provider, we must submit a reimbursement form. It’s essential to have the original receipt from the service provider, as this will need to be attached to our claim.

Keep original receipts for submitting claims.

It’s important to request service from AAA first. If we don’t, our reimbursement could be limited to the contract rate AAA pays for similar services under normal circumstances. Coverage is detailed in the membership handbook, and we must submit the claim within a specific timeframe, usually within 60 days of the service date.

⚠️ Important:

Claims must be made within the set time limit – check our membership handbook for specifics.

Additional Perks for AAA Members

Our AAA membership doesn’t just mean roadside help when we’re stranded. It’s a gateway to a suite of benefits that add value to our travels and daily life, especially when it’s about trip interruption and immediate roadside assistance from anywhere.

Trip Interruption and Travel Benefits

We can be at ease on road trips, knowing that our AAA membership provides financial protection against unexpected delays. If our trip is interrupted due to an eligible reason, we’re covered for non-refundable expenses up to a particular amount, ensuring that our budget isn’t thrown off course.

  • Travel accident insurance for peace of mind.
  • Lost baggage coverage to protect our belongings.

Roadside Assistance Beyond Your Driveway

Roadside assistance is where AAA really shines, including services that extend beyond simple towing.

Our safety is a priority

Roadside services are available whether we’re in our driveway or on the road. If our vehicle won’t start in the garage, AAA is there. If we run out of gas, AAA delivers fuel. Flat tire? No problem; AAA will change it.

Use of the AAA mobile app makes requesting these services quick and easy. We can track the service truck’s arrival for an efficient and safe experience.

  • 🔧 Mobile battery service: AAA technicians can test and replace batteries on the spot.
  • ⚙️ Lockout services: We’re getting back into our car, even when keys are inside.
  • Fuel delivery: Run out of gas? AAA will come to the rescue.

Every tow and service call is an opportunity for AAA to demonstrate reliability, enhancing our confidence in our membership every time we need it.

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