Honda Pilot Keyless Start System Problem – Causes and Fixes

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What is the Honda Pilot Keyless Start System Problem?” is a common question asked by Honda car owners. The reason behind the problem is a faulty Honda key fob or a defective keyless system. Honda Pilot Keyless Start System Problem You can resolve these issues on your own or use the extended warranty. Read on to explore all the reasons and find out the solutions to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Why Does Your Honda Pilot Say Keyless Start System Problem?

Your Honda Pilot says “Keyless Start System Problem” because of an issue with the key fob or the Keyless system. The remote key may be damaged, or its battery might run low. Otherwise, the problem occurs due to faulty software, broken components, or a flawed engine start/stop button.

– Run-down Key Fob Battery

The keyless entry system utilizes a key fob instead of a usual key. This device runs on a battery that may run down with time. So, a low battery is a common reason for the Honda Pilot 2017 keyless start system problem. A battery problem is more likely if the car is used for 4 or more years. A weak battery would send low or no voltage to the fob. It would result in lower signal generation from the remote key. The signals are recognized by the sensor and the engine ignites the fuel, but a weak signal would not start the engine.

– Impaired Key Fob

An impaired remote key is a straightforward reason causing the 2016-2019 honda pilot push button start problems. You may end up damaging the fob by dropping it. It will break the device, and the keyless system would stop working. Other issues with the device, such as water entering inside due to cracks, are also common. Such problems are difficult to diagnose because there is no apparent damage. In such cases, you can temporarily use a different fob to rule out the problem.

– Defective Keyless System Sensors

If there is no problem with the fob, you should check the sensors in the keyless system. These sensors are responsible for catching the signals from the fob and starting the engine. The sensors can get contaminated or defective due to many reasons. Why Honda Pilot Says Keyless Start System Problem A dirty sensor would stop the system from functioning. You can inspect it to find dirt or dust and clean it. If it still does not work, you should observe the components of the keyless system to spot the damaged part.

– Faulty Keyless System Module

If you are still wondering yhy your Honda Pilot says keyless start system problem, faulty software may be the reason. The keyless system works through a module or software. The sensor is also connected to this module. Even if the sensor detects a signal, a faulty module prevents the engine from starting. The defect in the software can be due to a glitch in the software.

– Broken Keyless System Component

The keyless system has many components. If any of them breaks or stops functioning, you will receive the system failure message. The most common reasons include a blown fuse, poorly connected parts, and worn wires. Like all electronics, a fuse is present in the keyless system for safety purposes. If there is a high voltage on the ignition system end, the fuse will blow to protect the components from damage. It will disconnect the ignition system from the sensor. If the components are not connected, the car start signal would not reach the ignition chamber. Moreover, the wires wear out with time, which may also lead to similar issues.

– Problem With Engine Start/Stop Switch

Some cars have an automatic engine switch that quickly starts or stops the engine when you start or stop driving. It is a useful feature that saves fuel but causes problems in Honda cars. Problem With Car Engine Switch The engine switch problem is quite popular, and Honda has pointed out this issue itself. A defective switch would not let the system start the engine even though it receives signals from the key fob. It causes Honda Pilot and Honda Ridgeline keyless start system problems.

– Improper Force on the Brake

The keyless system works due to the signals from the remote device and the force applied to the brake pedals. It means you have to exert force on the brake through your foot when you start the car. Sometimes it might be difficult for the driver to exert the required force on the pedal. In such cases, a keyless system problem would appear on the dashboard.

– Low Car Battery

Car batteries usually drain out after 4 or 5 years. In such a case, the keyless system would fail to start the car. You can prevent this by replacing an old battery before it is too late. The keyless system fails to work because it requires power generated through the battery. If you doubt the failure of the battery, you can either ask a mechanic to check it or do it yourself. You would need a voltmeter to inspect the voltage. If it is below 12V, the car battery needs replacement.

– Engine Starter Flaw

A flawed engine starter will prevent power supply to the engine. The starter can stop working due to multiple reasons. A problem in the circuit, solenoid, or starter motor may fail the keyless system.

– Weather Changes

If everything seems alright and you are still wondering why your Honda Pilot has this issue, it may be the cold weather. Although not very common, cold weather can create keyless system problems. Vehicles need more power to start in cold weather. The batteries work with low efficiency, but the ignition system requires a specific voltage to start the car. Thus, it can be a reason for a car not starting in cold weather.

How Can You Fix the Honda Pilot Keyless Start System Problem?

You can fix the Honda Pilot keyless start system problem by replacing the old battery in the remote. You can also reset the keyless system module to fix the problem. If the engine switch is the culprit, you can replace it or contact the manufacturers for an extended warranty.

– Replace the Old Battery in the Keyless Remote

Start with the easiest and most inexpensive repair method, i.e., remote battery replacement. It hardly takes 5 to 10 minutes, and you only need a screwdriver and a new battery for replacement. Fixing Honda Pilot Keyless Start System Problem   You can buy a CR2032 battery to fix the 2018 Pilot or 2018 Honda CRV keyless start system problem. Also, you can replace the battery after some time to avoid such issues.

– Reset the Keyless System Module

If you suspect a problem with the software, you can reset it. Use the car manual to figure out how to reset keyless start system problem Honda Pilot. The system can be reset easily with the help of a keyless entry. It only requires you to leave the car and enter again, so the system detects new signals.

– Substitute Engine Switch

If there is a problem with the engine switch, you can fix it on your own. It is an easy process that only requires a screwdriver. You can follow the steps mentioned below.
  1. Detach the dashboard cover on the passenger side.
  2. Disconnect the trim panel on the same side of the dashboard.
  3. Detach the connector by removing the center panel.
  4. Find the screws on the middle trim by lowering the dashboard cover.
  5. Unscrew the temperature sensor and middle trim.
  6. Detach the engine switch assembly from the middle trim.
  7. Replace it with a new switch and install all the parts back in place.

– Contact the Manufacturer To Use Warranty Extension

Honda offers an extended warranty for the keyless system issue in most models. If you cannot fix the 2018 Honda Pilot keyless start system problem on your own, you should contact the manufacturers. It will save you the cost of hiring a mechanic. Why Does My Honda Pilot Says Keyless Start System Problem Conclusion

Are the Reasons and Fixes for Honda Pilot Keyless Start System Problem Similar to Acura MDX?

The reasons and fixes for Honda Pilot keyless start system problem are not necessarily similar to Acura MDX. Each vehicle model may have its unique issues. However, it is worth noting that both Honda Pilot and Acura MDX are manufactured by the same company and may share some similarities in their keyless start systems. If you are experiencing acura mdx starting issues, it is advisable to consult with a professional mechanic or contact the nearest Acura dealership for accurate diagnosis and appropriate solutions.


Understanding what does keyless start system problem mean in a 2016 Honda Pilot or other models is easier now that you have read this article. You are informed enough to take the right measures to fix the problem, but before that, let’s have a quick overview of the important details.
  • A low battery, broken remote key, and damaged engine switch are the main reasons why your Honda Pilot says keyless start system problem.
  • A problem with the module, insufficient force on the brakes, and weather conditions can also cause the problem.
  • You can replace the battery and engine switch, reset the module, or use the extended warranty to fix it.
After reading all the possible reasons behind the keyless system problem, you can quickly diagnose and fix it, so what are you waiting for? Get your Honda Pilot fixed and enjoy the keyless engine start feature!
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