Honda Civic Cup Holder Replacement Guide: Simple Steps to Upgrade Your Interior

When we think about maintaining a Honda Civic, attention to small details can make a significant difference in the driving experience.

Cup holders, for instance, play a small but crucial role. Over time, they might need replacement due to wear, damage, or for a cleaning upgrade.

Whether it’s for a latest model or one that’s been reliable for years, finding the right cup holder is essential.

Each model may have specific cup holder designs and attachment methods, so choosing the correct part ensures a perfect fit and proper function.

A hand reaches into a Honda Civic's center console, removing the broken cup holder. A new cup holder is then placed into the console, securing it in place

Replacement cup holders for the Honda Civic are readily available, and the right fit can usually be found easily.

The years 2016 to 2021 saw several Civic variants, from the base LX to the sporty Si, each potentially with its own cup holder design.

An array of genuine Honda parts and aftermarket options are at our disposal, ensuring we can find the piece that matches the specific model and interior layout of our vehicle.

With free delivery options and easy installation, updating or replacing the Civic’s cup holder can be a simple and satisfying task, restoring the neatness and convenience to the car’s interior.

Design and Features

When replacing the cup holder in your Honda Civic, it is crucial to consider both its design and the features it offers.

The right cup holder not only enhances the interior aesthetic but also provides functionality suited to your needs.

Exterior Variants

Exterior compatibility is significant, as Honda Civics come in various body styles.

The coupe, for instance, has distinct interior dimensions than the 4 Door EX or the 5 Door Sport.

When selecting a cup holder, ensure it aligns with these specific models to avoid fitment issues.

The choice can range from Deep Black to Sienna Beige, matching the original color schemes like NH361L (Cashmere Ivory) and Gray-Interior options.

Interior Options

Interior preferences vary for each Honda Civic model, whether you drive a 2 Door LX (CVT), an SI, or others.

Interior features such as adjustable holders, built-in compartments for small items, and the material type, like leather-PU, are aspects to look at closely.
Model Design Options Feature Highlights
4 Door EX Adjustable, Standard Fit Compartment storage
2 Door LX (CVT) Fixed, Compact Design Easy installation
5 Door Sport Robust, Multi-Function Integrated technology holders
SI/Coupe Custom Fit Enhanced durability

Before purchasing, we suggest confirming the item’s compatibility with your specific Honda Civic model to ensure an ideal match and functionality.

Performance and Efficiency

When considering the replacement of a Honda Civic cup holder, it’s essential to understand how the core vehicle specifications contribute to the Civic’s overall performance and efficiency.

Different models, like the 2-Door Si and 4-Door Touring, offer distinct engine and transmission combinations, impacting the vehicle’s fuel economy and emission ratings.

Engine and Transmission

Each model of the Honda Civic is powered by a vigorously tested engine configuration and transmission system designed to balance power with fuel efficiency.

For example, the 2020 Honda Civic EX-T and Touring models feature a spirited turbocharged 1.5-liter engine paired with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), ensuring smooth acceleration without compromising fuel efficiency.

Conversely, the sportier 2-door Si model is often equipped with a more performance-oriented 6-speed manual transmission for a hands-on driving experience.

Fuel Economy and Emission Ratings

Honda Civic models, including the EX-L and LX, are engineered with a focus on environmental consciousness, aiming to minimize emissions while maintaining competitive fuel economy.

Take, for instance, the GX and MX (Hybrid) variants, which go beyond traditional fuel economy by integrating hybrid technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Model Emission Ratings Fuel Economy
4-Door EX (Turbo) LEV3-ULEV125 32 city/42 highway/36 combined MPG*
2-Door Si LEV3-ULEV125 26 city/36 highway/30 combined MPG*
MX (Hybrid) PZEV** 48 city/47 highway/48 combined MPG*

*Your actual mileage will vary based on how you drive and maintain your vehicle.
**Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle

Convenience and Accessories

In our discussion about Honda Civic cup holder accessories, we zero in on the functionality and storage upgrades that enhance the vehicle’s convenience.

Cup Holder Features

Holder Assembly and Prices

When considering a replacement for the cup holder in your Honda Civic, the holder assembly comes with features designed to provide both convenience and durability.

For instance, the OEM part numbers like 83430-S5A-A01ZE and 83430-S5A-A01ZD refer to specific holder assemblies for different Civic models, ensuring a perfect fit.

Prices for genuine OEM replacements are generally higher than aftermarket options, often reflecting the OE prices like those listed on official parts websites and range between $50 to $75.

Additional Storage Solutions

Options Beyond the Cup Holder

In addition to the cup holder, Honda offers various storage solutions that integrate seamlessly with your Civic’s interior.

If you own a 2018 Honda Civic 2 Door EX (Turbo), for example, there’s an option for a rear armrest with a cup holder feature.

This armrest provides the rear seat passengers with added convenience while maintaining the vehicle’s factory appearance.

The rear cup holder enhances the functionality of the rear passenger space, representing a thoughtful consideration for passenger comfort.

Replacements of these storage components are available through OEM (genuine) Honda accessories.

Prices for these added storage solutions can vary depending on the complexity of the design and the specific part’s integration with the car’s interior.

Pricing and Ownership

When considering the replacement of a Honda Civic cup holder, it’s important to consider both the initial purchase price as well as the ongoing maintenance.

Product quality and vehicle specifications, such as the model year and trim (e.g., EX-S, EX-L, 2 Door Touring Turbo), can influence both cost and care.

Purchase and Price Information

Item MSRP Our Price Compatibility Dimensions & Weight
Cup Holder Replacement $74.68 Starts at $15.99 2006-2011, 2003-2005 Honda Civic Models Standard fits, varies by model

Maintenance and Upkeep

Cleaning your cup holder regularly to prevent build-up of residue is key for maintenance.

The longevity of your Honda Civic’s cup holder largely depends on routine care.

Our parts meet stringent quality standards, and proper cleaning can help maintain this caliber.

For prolonged life, avoid harsh chemicals and consider using silicone liners for added protection against spills.

Should the cup holder become damaged or degrade over time, timely replacement is essential to maintain the integrity and functionality of the vehicle’s interior.

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