Goodwood Festival of Speed Accommodation: Top Picks for Automotive Enthusiasts

The Goodwood Festival of Speed, held at the Goodwood Motor Circuit in Chichester, is a hallmark event for enthusiasts of motor racing and automotive innovation. Its prestigious legacy draws crowds by the thousands, eager to witness the blend of classic vehicles and cutting-edge engineering. With action-packed days, the festival offers a bustling agenda of races, showcases, and experiences for every motor enthusiast.

Goodwood Festival of Speed Accommodation: Top Picks for Automotive Enthusiasts

Securing accommodation for the Goodwood Festival of Speed requires early planning due to the event’s popularity. Options range from local hotels and bed and breakfasts, offering comfort close to the event, to on-site camping for those who prefer to stay in the heart of the action. Some accommodations also provide additional amenities like spa facilities to unwind after a stimulating day at the races.

When we consider staying over during the festival, it’s not just about finding a place to rest— it’s about enhancing the whole experience. Booking a place that offers easy access to the event, comfortable rooms, and perhaps a picturesque view of Chichester can turn a simple visit into a memorable adventure. It’s also a chance to indulge in the local charm and hospitality that the Chichester area is known for.

Planning Your Visit to the Festival of Speed

When attending the Goodwood Festival of Speed, comprehensively planning your accommodation, transportation, and local activities can enhance the experience. We aim to make your stay comfortable, efficient, and memorable.

Accommodation Options

Hotels and Camping

We have diverse accommodation choices varying from luxury hotels to camping sites. You can find a range of hotels with different star ratings and review scores easily accessed via the A27. For a more budget-friendly option, consider cheap hotels or set up tents at the designated camping areas near the event.

Booking Early is Key

Travel and Transportation

Whether driving or using public transport, planning how to get to and from the festival is crucial. Renting a car gives you flexibility and unlimited mileage. Event-specific travel packages may include private transfers and daily transportation to the venue. Remember to book your parking in advance if you’re driving, as spaces can be 🅿️ limited.

Local Attractions and Activities

Beyond the Festival of Speed, West Sussex offers a plethora of local attractions. If time permits, we suggest visiting historic sites and enjoying local cuisine, especially the classic English tea. After a day at the festival, a visit to a spa can be a relaxing way to wind down.

Attraction Distance from Festival Type of Activity
Historic Castles Within 10-30 miles Culture & History
Local Restaurants Within 5 miles Dining
Spa Facilities On-site & nearby hotels Relaxation

Where to Dine and Relax

Join us as we explore delightful dining and relaxation spots, ensuring your culinary experience at the Goodwood Festival of Speed is as thrilling as the events on the track. From refined restaurants to casual cafes, we have your cravings covered.

Best Restaurants and Bars

Indulge in Fine Dining:

For an experience that combines luxury with the charm of the Sussex countryside, the Goodwood Hotel presents exquisite options. Savor the flavors of British cuisine and raise a toast at the hotel’s acclaimed bar. Here are our top picks:

Restaurant Specialties
The Richmond Arms Classic dishes with a modern twist, locally sourced ingredients
The Bar & Grill Casual dining, hearty breakfasts, alfresco options

Cafes and Quick Bites

For those seeking a quick yet satisfying meal between the races, the festival is peppered with cafes and food stands that guarantee a rapid return to the action. Don’t miss out on these establishments for a swift and delightful bite:

  • Express Check-in spots offering grab-and-go sandwiches and coffees — a quick refuel to get back to trackside festivities.
  • Take pleasure in cafes around the estate providing free Wi-Fi, enabling you to share your experiences with friends online as you dine.

Whether it’s starting the day with a hearty breakfast or unwinding in a bar immersed in the beauty of West Sussex, our guide to Goodwood’s dining and relaxation ensures every taste is catered to with sophistication and ease.

Accommodation and Amenities

When visiting the Goodwood Festival of Speed, securing the right accommodation is crucial for an enjoyable experience. We’ll cover luxury and boutique options, budget-friendly stays, and unique accommodations, each offering distinct amenities and experiences.

Luxury and Boutique Hotels

We have a plethora of deluxe accommodations that promise comfort and class. The Inglenook Hotel is a Grade II listed Victorian building offering a blend of historic charm and modern amenities. Imagine staying in a place that echoes timelessness with the convenience of private parking and proximity to the event.

Hotel Distance to Goodwood Amenities
The Inglenook Hotel Within 10 miles Grade II Victorian, Private Parking
Swan Hotel Within 10 miles Modern 4-Star, On-site Dining

Budget-Friendly Stays

For a more economical approach without sacrificing quality, consider options like the Comfort Inn Arundel or the Navigator Hotel. Both offer essential amenities such as rooms with free WiFi and on-site parking. They are ideal for guests who prefer to spend more on the festival experience rather than on lodging.

Featured Budget Stays:

Comfort Inn Arundel – Practical choice with easy access to the South Downs National Park.
Navigator Hotel – Affordable rates with a homely atmosphere.

Unique Accommodation Experiences

For those in search of a distinctive stay, the Beachcroft Hotel, BW Signature Collection, offers Beach Hut Suites directly on Littlehampton East Beach. It’s not only about resting your head but also about gathering stories to tell for years to come.

⚠️ Unique Stay Warning

Booking the unique stays well in advance is advised as they can be quickly reserved during the festival period.

Exploring the Surrounding Area

In the vicinity of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, we’re spoiled with cultural sites, lush landscapes, and unique local shopping options enriching our stay.

Cultural Heritage and Museums

Chichester Cathedral: A historic marvel, this building has stood for over 900 years. Our visit immerses us in gothic architecture and stunning artwork, a tranquil oasis amidst the festival’s excitement.

Arundel: This nearby town is home to a grand castle and scenic gardens. Arundel offers a peek into ancient times and a chance to witness the splendor of historical estates.

Outdoor Activities and Nature

Activity Location
Walking and Cycling South Downs National Park
Watersports Prinsted Beach

We can enjoy hiking or cycling through the rolling hills of South Downs National Park or bask in the coastal charm with watersports at Prinsted Beach.

Shopping and Local Crafts


Midhurst presents us with a quaint historic Sussex market town vibe, where we’ll discover local artisans and shops to find one-of-a-kind crafts.


In Felpham, charming boutiques by the sea provide us a relaxed shopping experience, perfect for picking up memorabilia from our trip.

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