Ford Key Fob Not Working After Battery Change: Causes, Fixes

Ford key fob not working after battery change shows other underlying problems with the fob. A faulty Ford key fob is common with many causes, which is frustrating.

Ford Key Fob Not Working

Besides battery issues, we’ll look at the other common reasons why Ford key fobs don’t work, and we’ll suggest ways to solve this problem and get the fobs working again.

Why Does a Ford Key Fob Not Work After Battery Change?

A Ford key fob may not work after a battery change due to wrong battery installation, electrical issues, a worn button, a damaged remote, and broken car locks. Also, if you fail to program the key fob after installing a new battery, your key fob might not work.

– Wrong Battery Installation Can’t Power the Fob

Wrong battery installation will obstruct the function of the key fob, as the battery powers it to send radio signals to a receiver inside the car. If the wrong side of the battery is installed, the fob won’t send radio waves. Thus, your key fob won’t function. This problem is the easiest to solve; all you have to do is remove and install the battery, which we’ll come to soon.

– Electrical Issues After Servicing Your Vehicle

A more serious issue that could cause the key fob to fail is when the car has electrical faults. This problem usually occurs when you recently serviced your Ford vehicle and had the technicians change certain components in the dashboard.

The technicians may have exposed certain wires and needed to remember to fix them in their proper places or even mixed them up. Thus, if you just realized that your key fob is acting up after servicing your vehicle, your car may have electrical problems.

– Worn-out Buttons Due to Excessive Usage

The vehicle won’t respond to any input when your key fob buttons are worn out, even if you just changed your battery. When you press a button on your Ford key fob, it hits a contact that sends a signal to the circuit board inside the fob.


Over time, the buttons wear down, as do the contacts, and they won’t work properly. One of the best signs your contacts are faulty is when the plastic is broken and your contacts are exposed. However, if your plastic is intact, you can use context clues to check if all the key fob buttons work.

Faulty Ford Key

For example, when you press the lock button and the car refuses to respond but you press the unlock button and the vehicle’s door open, then the lock button is faulty. You can also use a spare remote to check if the buttons on the “original” key remote are functioning. Multiple key fobs not working means the problem might not be the buttons.

– Vehicles With Malfunctioning Door Locks

Sometimes the reason the Ford key fob isn’t working after the battery change might not have anything to do with the battery. The problem could be caused by a stuck door lock or a broken latch refusing to lock. One way to tell is by checking whether the other doors are opening and locking. Sometimes, two locks can malfunction simultaneously, but if it extends to all four locks, your key fob might not be the problem.

Also, if you try opening the car door from the inside and outside but it won’t budge, your key fob doesn’t need replacement. The locks are definitely responsible; therefore, try fixing them. You can test the key fob by pressing the buttons for opening and closing the trunk. If the trunk opens but won’t close or vice versa, then the key fob may be faulty. On the other hand, if the trunk won’t open even if it is operated manually, the locks are broken and need repair.

– A Broken Key Fob Won’t Work Even After a Battery Change

When a key fob suffers damage, either accidentally or intentionally, its functions will be hampered. This may cause  if you’re using a Nissan vehicle. The damage could be caused by a blunt force, water, fire or falling. Damaged fobs are common due to the fragile nature of their components.

On a few occasions, the key may be physically damaged but still work; thus, you need to check if the fob’s malfunction is caused by the damage. The extent of the total damage will determine whether the fob requires replacement or repair.

How To Fix a Ford Key Fob Not Working After Battery Replacement

To fix a Ford key fob not working after battery replacement, resetting it is the way to go if the fob isn’t functioning because it wasn’t properly programmed. However, if the cause is due to faulty wiring, you’ll need to trace the out-of-place wires and reconnect them.

A damaged key fob, worn buttons and faulty circuit boards will require total replacement of the fob. However, if the issue stems from the receiver in the vehicle, replacing it will solve the problem.

– Resetting a Deprogrammed Key Fob

On how to reprogram key fob after replacing battery, first, get into the car, insert the key into the ignition and lock all doors. Next, remove the key and insert it back into the ignition about 6 times within 10 seconds. On the sixth time, don’t take out the key; rather, turn it to the “on” position, press the “lock button” on the car key fob and release it. Now, turn it to the off position and take it out of the ignition and get out of the vehicle.

Fix a Ford Key Fob Not Working

Press the “lock” and “unlock” buttons to test whether the reset is complete. If the vehicle responds to the signals coming from the key fob, your reset is complete. However, if the problem persists, try the other solution we’ll discuss in this article.

– Replacing the Battery in a Ford Key Fob

Knowing how to change the key fob battery is important because inserting it the wrong way will cause it to act up. Fortunately, replacing the battery is a simple process that requires a small flathead screwdriver and a new battery. First, turn over the key fob and remove the cover with the help of the flathead screwdriver. You’ll see the shiny round battery in its socket, which you should take out as well.

Now, insert the new battery in the same socket, ensuring that its positive side is facing you. Replace the battery cover and test the key fob by pressing on the buttons to see if the car responds. If the key fob works, your work is done. However, if the Jeep key fob not working after replacing battery, try other means to determine the exact cause of the problem.

– Repairing Jammed Car Door Locks With WD-40

One method you can try is lubricating the car locks. Car locks are made of metals that could corrode or rub against each other and increase friction when there’s not enough lubrication. Thus, pouring some penetrating lubricants on these parts would facilitate their movements and prevent corrosion in the future. You can use WD-40, an all-purpose lubricant and cleanser, to remove and prevent the formation of grime inside the lock.

To lubricate the door lock, poke the keyhole open with the help of a flathead screwdriver and spray your lubricant into the keyhole. Some lubricants, like the WD-40, have a straw that extends from the top. Thus, poke this straw into the keyhole and spray the lubricant all the way into the locking mechanism. Remove the flathead screw or the WD-40 straw and stick the key into the hole.

Now, wiggle the key inside the hole to loosen the lock, then try opening the lock with the key. If the lock doesn’t open, don’t try to exert force, as you might end up breaking the key. Repeat the lubrication process until the car door unjams.

Frequently Asked Questions

– Can Your Ford F-150 Start With a Dead Key Fob?

Yes, your Ford F-150 can start with a dead key fob. There’s a mechanical key inside the key fob that you remove by pulling the fob’s handle. Open the door with the key, insert the key into the fob, and place the fob in a hole under the cup holder.

– What Is the Cost of Replacing a Ford Car Key Fob?

The cost of replacing a Ford car key fob depends on whether you take it to the dealership or replace it yourself. Taking it to the dealership should cost between $80 and $120. However, doing it yourself could cost between $30 and $70.

Battery in Ford Car

Is a Ford Key Fob Not Working After a Battery Change a Common Issue?

If you are experiencing a Ford key fob not working after a battery change, you’re not alone. This can be a common issue that many Ford owners face. To resolve it, try resetting your RV AC unit. This might help in re-establishing the connection between the key fob and the vehicle’s electronic system, getting it back to working condition.


So far, we’ve learned what causes Ford Fiesta key fob not working after changing the car battery and how to fix it.

Here is a summary of all that we’ve discussed:

  • Some causes of Ford Focus key fob not working after battery change includes wrong battery installation, worn-out buttons, damage to the fob and electrical issues.
  • If the vehicle has electrical issues after servicing or the door locks are failing, the key fob might not function even if you change the battery.
  • One way to fix this issue is to reprogram the battery, which involves inserting the fob into the ignition about six times and then turning it to the “on” position.
  • You can also pour lubricant into the keyhole on the door handle to lubricate the metal parts of the locking system and get rid of grime.
  • If the key fob is damaged after suffering blunt force or falling into water, the only solution is to replace it with a new one.

The proper way to replace an old battery with a new one is to ensure the positive side of the battery is facing you. Doing it the wrong way will cause the fob to malfunction.

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