Ford Financial Assistance for Repairs: Navigating Your Options with Ease

Owning a Ford vehicle comes with the assurance of reliable performance and dedicated service. However, unexpected repairs might arise, and that’s when financial assistance options can become a vital resource for Ford owners.

Ford Motor Company may not directly offer financial assistance for repairs, but they do provide options that can ease the financial burden associated with vehicle servicing and repairs.

A mechanic receives financial aid from Ford for repairing a car

We understand the importance of maintaining your Ford in top condition and how costly it can become. That’s why options such as Ford Protect Extended Service Plans come in handy.

These plans help cover the costs of various repairs and offer interest-free financing up to 30 months for many service-related expenses.

Not only do these plans cover repairs, but they also include 24-hour roadside assistance, ensuring peace of mind during unexpected vehicle issues.

Moreover, for times when the cost of auto repairs is higher than expected, partnering dealerships may offer service financing.

By contacting a local dealership like Westway Ford in Irving, Texas, you can learn how to apply for an auto repair loan.

By taking advantage of these plans and services, we aim to help you manage the expenses of keeping your Ford vehicle running smoothly, without the additional stress of financial strain.

Ford Protect Extended Service Plans

Ford Protect Extended Service Plans are tailored to offer financial assistance and peace of mind for vehicle repairs. Through these plans, we ensure that your vehicle is protected against unforeseen repair costs as key components like the engine, transmission, front suspension, seals, and springs are covered under the plan.

Let us walk you through the highlights of PremiumCare, the comprehensive assistance of Roadside Assistance, and the assurance provided with Ford Authorized Parts.

Understanding PremiumCare

PremiumCare is our most comprehensive service plan, offering coverage for over 1,000 components of your Ford vehicle.

It’s designed to ensure that even the smallest parts are protected, from the engine and transmission to the air conditioning and safety features.

PremiumCare is a reflection of our commitment to your vehicle’s longevity and your satisfaction with its performance.

Examples of Covered Components:

  • Engine parts
  • Transmission components
  • Front suspension
  • Electrical systems
  • Seals and gaskets

Benefits of Roadside Assistance

We stand by our promise to assist you whenever the need arises. Roadside Assistance is another gem in our service plans, ready to serve you 24/7 in cases of emergency.

Flat tire on a deserted road or an unexpected breakdown? Worry not, as our assistance is always a call away, assuring help including towing, battery jump start, and even fuel delivery, making certain that you’re never left stranded.

Rental Vehicle Benefits:

In case of repairs requiring your vehicle to stay overnight, you can count on us for rental vehicle coverage up to 10 days at a rate of $60/day, ensuring you remain on the move.

Coverage for Ford Parts

When it comes to repair, we use Ford Authorized Parts to give you the best quality and fit for your vehicle. All repairs are performed by factory-trained technicians, ensuring that your vehicle gets the expert care it deserves.

We guarantee that every replacement part will be an exact fit and function as intended, keeping your Ford running smoothly.

Benefits Description
Authorized Parts Guarantee on Ford Authorized Parts ensures reliability and performance.
Expert Technicians Service performed by trained experts familiar with your Ford vehicle.

Maintenance and Repair Services

When it comes to maintaining your Ford vehicle, we understand that comprehensive service and repair options are critical. This section covers the essentials of scheduling vehicle repairs and the cost and financing options available to you.

Scheduling Vehicle Repairs

Scheduling regular maintenance is streamlined with Ford service centers. You have the option to book appointments online or through a dealer.

Flexibility is key, and we ensure services are tailored to your schedule including pickup & delivery details for convenience.

We maintain a thorough inventory of Ford parts to address repairs without delay.

Cost and Financing Options

Financing Assistance Service Costs and Deductible
Options like interest-free financing are available to manage repair costs over time. You may apply for assistance directly through Ford Credit. Repairs handled through Ford Protect mean you only cover the deductible. Specific coverage assists with costs of towing, rental vehicles, and more.

Warranty and Assistance Programs

Our Commitment to You

We understand the importance of keeping your Ford vehicle running smoothly. That’s why our warranty and assistance programs are designed to provide you with peace of mind.

New Vehicle Limited Warranty

When you purchase a new Ford vehicle, you are covered by the New Vehicle Limited Warranty, which includes:

  • Bumper-to-bumper coverage
  • Powertrain warranty
  • Safety restraint system
  • Corrosion protection
24-Hour Roadside Assistance

Our 24-hour roadside assistance is there for you in case of emergency. This service includes:

  • Battery jump-starts
  • Tire changes
  • Towing services

Should you require these services, simply call us at 800-392-3673 or contact the Telecommunication Relay Service by dialing 711 for hearing and speech impaired assistance.

Warranty/Assistance Type Contact Information
Extended Service Plans 800-392-3673 (Mon-Fri: 8 AM – 8 PM EST)
24-Hour Roadside Assistance 800-392-3673 or 711 for Relay Service

We stand behind our vehicles. For added protection, you may opt for the Ford Protect Extended Service Plan. This plan offers coverage for over 1,000 key components and includes rental benefits and more. Too often, the cost of repairs can be worrisome, but with our extended service plan, you pay only the deductible and we cover the rest, adding an extra layer of financial assurance for you.

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