How To Fix Trac off and Check Engine Light Toyota Corolla

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How to fix trac off and check engine light Toyota Corolla is relatively easy, even for a car owner who is not very familiar with car mechanisms. The first thing you have to be aware of is that while there are several lights on the car to give warnings in different scenarios, there is usually not much reason to be alarmed in the face of a particular light flashing.

Trac Off And Check Engine Light Toyota Corolla

However, it would still be a wise idea, and one that will prove helpful in the future, to know what the TRAC OFF light stands for and the other warning signs relevant to car performance and engine health. If you need to know how to fix this warning light that is responsible for the traction of the vehicle on your dashboard, we have detailed the exact methods to do so in the article below, as well as the reasons it gets illuminated!

How Can You Fix the TRAC OFF and Check Engine Light in Toyota Corolla?

You can fix the TRAC OFF and check engine light in Toyota Corolla by switching it off manually when stuck in extreme snow or mud. If it doesn’t work manually, you can restart the engine. If nothing works, it’d be ideal to get the vehicle checked by a mechanic.

– Turning It off in Extreme Conditions

If you want to fix the TRAC OFF and check engine light in Toyota Corolla, it is best to turn it off in intense conditions. You must turn the VSC or TRAC off if your car gets stuck in the snow or mud on the roads. Being stuck will cause the systems to lessen the amount of power going from the engines to your car’s wheels.

When the power decreases, it is not good in any way for the system. When the systems have been disabled, it will be much easier for you to get your car out of the snow or mud where it is stuck. To disable it, you have to press the TRAC OFF button, and it will turn off.

Now, the TRAC OFF indicator will appear on your dashboard. It will be a symbol to show that you successfully turned the button off. The next thing you must do is turn the switch back on. To do so, you have to press the button again, and it will turn on immediately.

– Restarting the Engine

This problem can be fixed if you have mistakenly turned the traction control system. You can solve this issue by restarting the engine of your car. To resume the traction control, you will only have to press the button. You can usually find the TRAC OFF switch on the left side of the steering wheels of most Toyota cars.

Restarting the Car Engine

If pressing the button does not fix the issue, you should try to press the button once again. It is also a good idea to turn the engine off and back on if it is not working correctly. The issue has been solved if the traction light stays off and does not turn back on. However, if it does not remain out, you can try to read DTCs by using a scanner.

– Going to a Professional

Asking for help from a professional is one of the best ideas. It can be helpful if you need to learn what the given codes mean or cannot handle the issues. Making the problem bigger by trying to solve it incorrectly will be even worse.

It is important to remember that it will be costly if you go to a professional rather than setting it on your own. However, you will be sure that the issue will be solved permanently.

How Can You Identify Why the TRAC OFF and Check Engine Light Is On?

You can identify why the TRAC OFF and check engine light is on when you manually turned it off. It might also turn on if the vehicle is skidding or due to any newly replaced component. Issues with the ABS module or other internal systems could also be the cause.

– Manually Turning It Off

You might notice the “TRAC OFF” light turning on, which is most likely because you turned your system off by mistake. If you want to activate or deactivate your system, you can do so by pressing the button that allows you to do so. Whenever the light turns off, the dashboard will automatically inform you, and you can just turn it back on.

To turn it back on, you have to push the switch. It is important to remember that whenever the traction system turns off manually, the stability control of your vehicle switches off on it as well. You may get to see the VSC light on your dashboard. When you see it, it will come along with the figure of a car sliding off the road, and right in front of it, there will be words that will read “OFF.”

Sometimes there is an issue with the engine control system of your car. The case can also be present in the traction control. To know whether there is a problem, you must see whether the dashboard shows both the Check Engine Lights and the Trac Off. If both the mentioned lights are displayed, there is something wrong with your car system.

– Skidding on the Road

The lights may flash if you drive your car on a slippery surface. The vehicle could be getting slippery as well on such a surface. When this happens, the dashboard’s light does not turn on for a long time.

Car Skidding on The Road

It changes back as soon as the road’s condition improves. This usually happens due to the snow and ice on the roads. It is imperative to remember that even if there is very little rain, the traction will get reduced. Once it is reduced, it could even lead to a temporary failure in the vehicle.

Skidding might cause some damage to the vehicle. An example would be loosening the gas cap, which would prompt the warning light.

– New Brakes

Another reason could be replacing your old brakes and getting newer ones. This will make the TRAC OFF light turn on at once. The system of Toyota anti-lock braking, which is also called “ABS,” might not be able to function in the right way once you place in new brakes.

When this seems to happen, the traction control light will turn on by itself to warn you. It is essential to state that the sensors of the traditional control system are incredibly close to the car brakes. In that case, the light could also turn on if they are faulty.

– Problematic Wheel Speed Sensor

The TRAC OFF light turns on when there is some serious issue with the wheel speed sensor. You can find these sensors on either side of your car wheel. These sensors are pretty significant, as their job is to help the ABS, anti-lock braking, to tell the particular speed of each wheel’s rotation.

Problematic Wheel Speed Sensor

In that case, the TRAC OFF light often turns on as soon as one of the sensors stops working accordingly. The wheel speed sensors in your car are helpful in many other ways. They provide you with the data for the engine control section and the traction system.

Moreover, they have the job of determining the rotational speed of each wheel. It is important to remember that if the sensors do not work accurately, the system will receive the wrong information.

– Steering Rack System

If you are driving your vehicle and want to turn your wheel, it is best to pump the hydraulic fluid inside the steering rack. It is imperative to control your steering wheel if you want to maintain traction. When using a modern steering wheel system, you have to use several types of sensors to keep it working accordingly.

However, it is different for all the cars since they are different models. It is important to remember that if any sensor or the steering rack stop working, it will cause you to lose traction control skills at once. If you want to stay safe, keeping the traction system off is best until and unless the issue is completely fixed.

– Broken ECU

When the ECU is broken, the TRAC Off light of the car can also turn on. It is important to remember that the ECU controls all of your vehicle’s electronic systems. Furthermore, it is also a crucial part of the vehicle. When the ECU does not function properly, the light of the TRAC Off can turn on.

– Malfunctioning ABS

Suppose you are wondering why your TRAC Off light has turned on, on its own. It could be because your ABC is malfunctioning. It is essential to know that how you handle your vehicle on the road is affected highly by your ABS. The complete form of ABS is the anti-lock brake.

If your ABS is not working effectively, it is best to turn the traction system entirely off. The mentioned system could be a part of this issue as well. However, it is also possible that the wheel speed sensors of your car are a big part of it all. To be sure, check both of the mentioned parts of your vehicle.

– Issues with the ABS module

When the TRAC Off light is on, there are often issues with the ABS module. The module may be badly damaged or broken. The module’s job is to take care of the ABS in the car. If the ABS does not operate properly, then the light could turn on. It would turn on to warn you.

– Malfunctioning Computer System

As you must know, almost all modern automobiles have been prepared by using many different types of computers. Every computer that is used has tasks that it has to perform. It is vital to know that sometimes the computer does not function properly.

When this happens, it can cause the traction control system to shut down by itself or act strangely all of a sudden. Usually, if there is a computer error on your computer, it does not only affect one system on your computer. For this reason, this is one of the easiest possible things to happen.

However, it stands out from the rest since all the other symptoms are present simultaneously. Lastly, you should protect your computer system from any harm and not damage it in any way. When your car’s computer system does not work accurately, the mentioned light switches on at once so that you get to know.

– Problems With the Brake Light

There could be problems with the lights of your car brakes. When there is this issue, the TRAC Off light turns on itself. If you press the brake pedal, the light will turn on by the light switch.

Problems With Car Brake Light

The light switch of the brake is located close to the pedal itself. Another reason the light turns on will be if the light switch is thoroughly broken.


You will find plenty of warning lights on the dashboard of your Toyota Corolla, and it is always a good idea to know what each one stands for. This way, you will always be aware of what is wrong and causing a particular light to flash, as you would have learned in the guide sections

above and can review once more here:

  • The TRAC OFF light might turn on if you toggled it by accident or if there is any issue in the car’s internal system, such as a loose gas cap.
  • You must turn off this light, especially in extreme conditions like intense mud or snow.
  • If clicking it doesn’t work, then you should restart the engine.
  • If that doesn’t work for you, consider going to a mechanic to resolve the issue immediately.

Once you know why the TRAC OFF light is going off, you can fix the very thing causing it to behave this way. Our article has detailed the exact steps you can follow, and this problem should be fixed in no time!

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