Does Triple A Cover Towing? Understanding Your AAA Benefits

When it comes to roadside emergencies, knowing what services are available can make a stressful situation more manageable. As AAA members, we have access to a comprehensive roadside assistance program that includes towing services. The specifics of the towing coverage depend on the type of AAA membership we hold. Generally, every member is entitled to up to four free service calls per membership year, which can include towing, subject to the member’s plan’s restrictions.

Does Triple A Cover Towing? Understanding Your AAA Benefits

The standard towing distance covered varies among the different levels of AAA membership. Basic membership typically includes towing services up to a certain number of miles, which suffices for most short-distance requirements. For longer distances, Plus and Premier memberships increase the towing coverage distance significantly, which can be a lifesaver if we find ourselves stranded far from home. Moreover, AAA provides options for immediate service for a fee, allowing new members to have access to roadside assistance without the standard 48-hour waiting period.

It’s important to note that limitations apply, and services like offshore winching or extraction from certain non-public areas may incur additional costs or may not be covered. We should always review our membership benefits to understand the extent of coverage and how to efficiently use the AAA’s 24/7 roadside assistance, ensuring that help is just a phone call or digital request away when we need it.

Does Triple A Cover Towing?

When considering AAA for roadside assistance, it’s essential to identify which membership plan suits your needs. Each offers varying levels of towing coverage, and understanding the specifics will help ensure you’re never caught off guard.

Classic Membership Features

For our AAA Classic members, we provide towing services for up to 5 miles. This coverage is more than adequate for short distances and quick assistance back to safety. Apart from towing, the plan includes:
  • Emergency fuel delivery – Fuel to get you to the nearest station. We charge for the fuel, but delivery is free.
  • Locksmith services reimbursement up to $50 for car and home if you ever get locked out.

Plus Membership Advantages

Our AAA Plus membership elevates your protection on the road.

For Plus members, we provide up to 100 miles of free towing. Members under this plan can also enjoy:

  • Free emergency fuel delivery – We’ll cover the fuel cost and deliver it at no extra charge.
  • Up to $100 coverage for locksmith services, both for vehicles and homes.

It’s designed for those who travel farther and appreciate the additional security of extended towing mileage.

Premier Membership Benefits

Feature Premier Benefits
Towing Mileage Up to 200 miles for one service call and up to 100 miles for additional calls
Locksmith Service Coverage Up to $150 for both cars and homes
Emergency Fuel Delivery Free delivery and fuel

The Premier membership is our pinnacle of roadside assist plans, providing the highest level of vehicle care we offer. This includes one tow for up to 200 miles, and if needed, additional tows up to 100 miles. Additional benefits for AAA Premier members include:

  • Complimentary rental car for one day in conjunction with a tow.
  • Free windshield repair or replacement once a year, subject to a maximum value.

This plan is tailored for extensive travelers seeking comprehensive roadside assistance and additional benefits for peace of mind.

Roadside Assistance and Emergency Services

We provide comprehensive solutions to get you back on the road safely and swiftly. Our services encompass a range of emergency roadside assistance to meet your needs.

Towing and Winching Services

Towing Services: If you find yourself stranded due to a breakdown or accident, our towing service has you covered. Here are the essentials:
  • Service available 24/7 across the U.S. and Canada.
  • Tow to the nearest service station or location of choice.
  • Includes cars, motorcycles, and small trailers.

Winching Services: Should your vehicle become stuck in mud, snow, water, or sand, winching is available as part of our emergency services:

  • Expert use of winching and recovery techniques.
  • Response times aim to be prompt to reduce your wait.

Battery and Fuel Solutions

Our roadside assistance includes essential battery and fuel services to address common vehicular issues:

Battery Replacement and Jump-Starts:
  • If your car battery dies, we can provide a jump-start.
  • On-the-spot battery replacement is an available option if necessary.
Fuel Delivery Service:
  • Run out of gas? We deliver fuel directly to your location.
  • Enough fuel provided to reach the nearest gas station.

Lockout and Flat Tire Assistance

Our team is equipped to handle a variety of lockout and tire-related emergencies:

Car Lockout Service: Locking keys inside your car can happen to anyone. We offer quick responses to unlock vehicles and, if necessary, locksmith services to ensure you regain access to your car.

Flat Tire Assistance: A flat tire shouldn’t deflate your day. We provide timely flat tire changes, using your spare tire, to get you back on the road.

Exclusive Member Benefits and Discounts

As a AAA member, we enjoy a wide range of benefits that enhance our experiences on and off the road. These perks not only save us money but also provide an added layer of convenience and safety.

AAA Approved Auto Repair and Reimbursement

When our vehicles need maintenance or repair, we can visit AAA Approved Auto Repair facilities. We receive a guarantee on work for 24 months or 24,000 miles. Additionally, if we can’t make it to a recommended facility, reimbursement options are available for covered repairs.

Travel and Insurance Services

Travel planning becomes effortless with our exclusive member discounts on hotels, cruises, and vacation packages. Our access to AAA travel services offers personalized travel resources and bookings through AAA offices or online portals. Plus, we secure ourselves with AAA insurance products, including identity theft insurance for peace of mind during our travels.

Convenience and Safety Features

From the convenience of managing (🚗) our membership online to the safety features available through the 🔥 AAA mobile app, we’re covered. We have 24/7 access to roadside assistance—a core component of our membership—right at our fingertips. Combined with free towing for certain distances based on our membership level, we are assured help is always on the way.

Moreover, we can expect fuel delivery if our tank hits empty and enjoy battery service and 🔑 lockout assistance when unexpected situations arise.

These benefits are designed to make our travel experiences as worry-free as possible, providing us with support, savings, and certifications that stand behind the services we receive.

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