Does Lincoln Have an Electric Car? Exploring Lincoln’s Electrified Vehicle Options

As a luxury brand rooted in a heritage of craftsmanship and innovation, we at Lincoln are carefully navigating the electric vehicle revolution. Our brand’s global strategy includes a significant investment in electrification, reflecting market trends that increasingly demand eco-friendly and efficient luxury vehicles. Lincoln has responded to this trend by announcing plans for electrification across its lineup, reaffirming its commitment to blending performance with environmental responsibility. Our initial foray into the realm of electric vehicles (EVs) comes with the introduction of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), providing a bridge toward a fully electric future.

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Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed a shift in consumer expectations, leading us to prioritize sustainability without compromising the driving experience. In response, Lincoln has integrated plug-in hybrid variants alongside traditional models, appealing to customers who seek the versatility of choosing between electric-only driving and traditional fuel use. The Lincoln Grand Touring models offer this flexibility, allowing drivers to select modes that utilize electric power exclusively or conserve it for later use.

Looking ahead, we are preparing to embrace a future where luxury and electric propulsion are synonymous. We plan to unveil our first fully electric vehicle soon, joining the ranks of our plug-in hybrid Aviator and Corsair SUVs. This commitment not only aligns with evolving consumer preferences but also with a broader responsibility towards the environment, setting the stage for a full suite of electrified vehicles by the end of the decade. We’re excited to continue this journey, enhancing the Lincoln experience with advanced connected services and creating a seamless transition into an electrified era.

Lincoln’s Electrification Vision

As we forge ahead, our focus is clear: transforming Lincoln into a leader in electric vehicles (EVs) by the year 2030.

Transition to Electric Vehicles

We are committed to leading the EV market with zero-emissions vehicles, aiming for a fully electrified lineup by 2030. The journey begins with the all-new Lincoln Zephyr, setting the stage for our future offerings.

Financial Commitment

At the heart of our transformation is the $30 billion investment as part of the Ford+ plan, funneling resources into the development of electric technologies and infrastructure.

Portfolio Expansion

We seek growth by diversifying our portfolio. The Aviator and Corsair plug-in hybrids are just the beginning, as we aim to introduce more EVs across North America and China. Our focus on these markets strengthens our global sales strategy.

Global Reach

Market Focus Strategy
North America Expand EV offerings; Invest in Electrify America
China Tailor models for local preferences; Increase EV lineup

This targeted approach in regions with robust growth potential, such as China, complements our North American stronghold where we also partner with Electrify America for expansive charging solutions.

Advancements in Vehicle Design

Our exploration of Lincoln’s leap into electric vehicles reveals a nexus of innovation, particularly in vehicle design. We focus on the architecture, interior, and aesthetics of these next-generation automobiles, demonstrating Lincoln’s commitment to luxurious, efficient, and forward-thinking advancements.

Revolutionary Architecture

The Lincoln Aviator, a beacon in luxury SUVs, is steering the brand towards a future with all-electric counterparts built on a Battery Electric Flexible Architecture. This transition allows for multiple powertrain layouts, including rear-wheel-drive (RWD) and all-wheel-drive (AWD) configurations, enhancing the vehicle’s performance and driver experience.

Interior Innovations

Lincoln’s interior design philosophy, Quiet Flight, creates a sanctuary for passengers, ensuring a tranquil and luxurious commute. Both the physical and digital elements coalesce within the cabin, powered by the Lincoln Intelligence System, to offer a seamless interface that elevates the in-car experience.

The Grand Touring editions blend power and whisper-quiet performance, underlining a commitment to sanctuary and peace.

Exterior Aesthetics

Lincoln’s design language evolves with its electric vehicles, embracing a minimalist yet striking look that resonates with modern sensibilities. While holding true to the brand’s signature aesthetics, these vehicles integrate functional elements such as improved aerodynamics to enhance efficiency and performance.

Design Element Innovation
Constellation-inspired lighting Emphasizing the vehicle’s premium feel
Streamlined silhouette Reflects efficiency and a nod to futuristic design

Technology Integration and Connectivity

Lincoln’s shift towards electrification brings not just cutting-edge electric vehicles (EVs) but also an advanced suite of connectivity and technology features. We focus on ensuring a seamless integration between your device, vehicle, and the wider charging network.

Intelligent Driving

Our electric vehicles are equipped with the Lincoln Intelligence System, a cloud-based platform that delivers a suite of advanced driver-assist features. One of the highlights in this domain is the Lincoln ActiveGlide hands-free highway driving technology. It provides a driver with hands-free driving capabilities on prequalified sections of divided highways.
  • 🅿️ Parking Assistance: Driver-assist features extend to parking with intelligent guidance systems.
  • 💡 Safety: Our EVs are designed with safety enhancements through sensors and cameras that feed data to the intelligence system.

User Experience Enhancements

We provide a user experience that’s continually refined via over-the-air software updates through the Lincoln Enhance platform. The integration with digital assistants, such as Alexa, ensures that connectivity and convenience are at the forefront of the Lincoln experience.
  • 🛠️ Personalization: The highly customizable user interface adapts to driver preferences.
  • Efficient Charging: The Lincoln Way app optimizes your charging schedule and locates nearby charging stations within the Lincoln charging network.

Software and Updates

The Android operating system lays the foundation for our infotainment and connectivity modules, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices and applications. Over-the-air updates facilitate real-time enhancements and new features, creating an evolving driving experience.
Updates are rolled out regularly, improving aspects like the Quiet Flight dynamics and adding latest functionalities without a visit to the dealership.

Sustainable Growth and Market Expansion

In our commitment to sustainability and market growth, we are matching the evolution of market trends with strategic investments and competitive positioning. This includes deploying next-generation technology in our vehicles like BlueCruise and broadening our luxury electric vehicle (EV) offerings.

Investments in Infrastructure

We are actively investing in the necessary infrastructure to support our growth in the EV market. This includes our collaboration with Electrify America to enhance the Lincoln charging network across the United States, ensuring our customers have access to efficient charging solutions. Further, our global strategy encompasses investment in battery technology and production to keep pace with the expected surge in EV demand.
Entity Investment Detail
Lincoln Charging Network Collaboration with Electrify America
Battery Production Advancing technology and infrastructure

Competitive Positioning

To maintain a competitive edge, we have drawn from our partnerships, like those with Rivian, to innovate and progress our EV lineup, which will soon include the highly anticipated electric Lincoln models. These initiatives are part of Ford’s broader Ford+ plan, focusing on enhancing customer experiences with electric vehicles such as the Ford Explorer and the Ford F-150 Lightning, redefining the market for luxury vehicles.

Through these deliberate actions, we are crafting our niche in a competitive landscape, lauding the likes of Cadillac and GM, while elevating the Lincoln brand to be synonymous with luxury electric driving. We understand that to lead, we must excel in delivering not only superior luxury vehicles but also a seamless EV ecosystem that meets the high standards our customers have come to expect from us.

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